Hunger Games gets nasty

Not your parent’s teen slasher flick

Hunger Games is the story of a dystopic future where children hunt and kill each other for sport and for the amusement of TV viewers. So it seems like some one, maybe the author, has been watching Survivor. Survivor might have made more sense if they dispensed with the Machiavellian scheming and just armed the contestants with rifles and let them go at it! Like Survivor, HG has made stars out of some previously unknown young performers – who will now go on to hunt and eat each other, virtually, in the Hollywood Games Grid (That’s what made an alcoholic out of Daniel Harry Potter Radcliffe, though it can’t be blamed for Emma Watson being slightly snotty. I think that’s how she got cast in the first place. A Hogworts girl has to have spirit, even of some American Ivy League colleges won’t stand for it!). That’s where cannibalism takes the form of ‘psychic vampirism‘ via mean little mind games. So where do these hi powered movie makers get their ideas? Also like reality TV, Hunger Games is stirring up some controversy. In this case it’s in the form of a vein of latent racism that got exposed via Twitter – misspellings, bad grammar, & all! Sure Twitter could use a spell check option but who could’ve anticipated that with a 140 character limit? it’s not like blogging!

spring is sprung the grass is ris, Twitter’s where the outrage is

In this cause the source of the fuss is a character called Rue. In the film she’s black. Some followers of the book aren’t keen on that. So naturally they took to Twitter to air their grievances. Some of those highlights have gotten picked up on Tumblr, in a Tumblog called Hunger Games Tweets. The blog author has waded through the racist blurbs and selected some of the ‘highlights’ for reports. Reposting other people’s posts ain’t an original Internet idea, but this one has worked out so well that it might be worth stealing, for the higher cause of raising consciousness about what’s going on, of course. You mihgt be surprised, shocked, or merely outraged by some of the comments that have got made. Comments like those below:

No one made this kind of fuss over Green Lantern!

& there’s plenty more where that came from. While these kids ain’t armed and dangerous, except in the virtual sense, they do seem to have a strange sense of fun, & no problem with cruelty. So that’s where HGT comes in, by playing spoil sport. Now don’t get me wrong. I think everyone can agree that watching teenagers in peril is the kind of fun that has entertained movie goers for 50 years. It bridges the generations by giving kids and adults something creepy that they can both enjoy. The racist response is tainting the fun. So if the sport is getting spoiled it’s only cause there’s so much sport in the world that needs spoiling!

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Scandal Saturday

livin’ la vida Lohan

Lindsay Lohan was wasted at Harvey weinstein chateau marmont party and is suingNext to Catwoman with a loaded can of pepper spray, and twitchy trigger finger, and a drunken Capt. Jack Sparrow impersonator in her sights; the next best tabloid story involves Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay has had a long career of being Lindsay and the latest chapter involves another law suit. The difference between this lawsuit and the oodles of others she’s been involved in is that this time Lindsay is doin the suin’! You see some stories have been circulated about her again lately, and you just never get used to that.

The source of the beef seems to be a party that Lindsay recently attended. It was at the Chateau Marmont – Lindsay home away from where ever. According to the story Lindsay’s attention was attracted by a Harvey Weinstein party being held nearby. Lindz wasn’t invited, and the group were roped off, so Lindz sat just outside the rope section peering over at the happy party goers. She also looked desperate and bedraggled despite wearing a wearing a plunging v-neck black dress (with no bra).

Lindz didn’t spend the whole night looking forlornly over at the Weinstein group. She also sipped water. Water can catch up with you so maybe that’s why she made so many trips to the washroom that evening – allegedly. Shew as accompanied by some men friends and usually emerged from the facilities red nosed – like Rudolph! An eye witness, who isn’t helping the whole law suit deal, said that Lohan “was definitely on something. She was slurring her words, and needed help walking at one point in the course of the night.”

Hey any one can go a little green at the gills during a trip to the can!

You try doing Wheel of Fortune for 20 years sober!

Lindz gets a lot of shit for her alleged substance reliance. The way people carry on you’d think that she was the only celebrity who ever knocked a couple back. According to Pat Sajak only recently, he and Vanna White did the Wheel of Fortune drunk more than once. They’d used to go over to a near by restaurant on taping breaks and knock back a half dozen margaritas. Then they’d go back and finish taping. According to Pat sometimes they were so out of it that they had trouble keeping track of the alphabet. Makes you appreciate Vanna White’s consummate professionalism in being able to walk and turn letters at the same time most of the time. Then again it’s easy to appear on the ball when some of the contestants set the bar so low.

Harry Potter hit the witches’ brew – stewed on the set

Nor were Pat and Vanna the only highly paid pros who showed up for work drunk at the switch. According to Daniel Radcliffe not everything at Hogwort’s School of Sorcery for Young Gentlemen and Ladies everything that we might have thought it was. Danny Boy played Harry Potter in the film adaption of the JK Rowling novels – but I don’t need to tell anyone that. It was the role of a life time that should have left him typecast for the rest f his career, as well as rich enough never to have to get out of bed again. Yet everything was not as hunky dory as you would think.

According to Radcliffe in a recent interview some where along the way he turned to drinkin’. Radcliffe says :

“I went into work still drunk. I can point to many scenes where I’m just gone. Dead behind the eyes. I have a very addictive personality. It was a problem.”

Stressing that he didn’t drink at work, Radcliffe adds that, “People with problems like that are very adept at hiding it. It was bad. I drank a lot and it was … nightly.”

The actor has said that he no longer drinks. “You either have to change something, or give into that shame.”

Hopefully the whole child star thing won’t work out for him the way it has for so many like such as Ms. Lohan. Then we might have to feel fleeting guilty before we upbraid him for messing up. Besides I think that the real problem was Emma Watson. She’s was a bad influence and is probably the one responsible for messing him up!

trouble for Taran

Finally that brings us to Taran Noah Smith. He was one of those Home Improvement kids. These days he’s branched out into other things, like DUI. Smith, who played youngest Taylor son Mark for 8 years on the sitcom, was out and about in Los Angeles County during the wee hours of the morning about a week back when he got into some trouble. Seems Smith was driving under the influence of of marijuana. He also had some hash along for the ride. So that got him his DUI plus a drug possession charge.

It hasn’t only been Home Improvement and arrests though. He’s had some other irons in the fire. He recently appeared in Home Improvement reunion photo shoot, and most notably sued his parents for squandering his trust fund. Apart from that he’s done a fairly good job of keeping to himself, which is no mean feat given his life experience as a child actor. One day when we become a just society we’re gonna get around to outlawing that, the way we outlawed other less inhumane forms of child labor.

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