Erin Moran Gets Ugly

where’s Fonzie when you need him?

Erin Moran has been having Crappy Days, according to the National Enquirer. She fell on hard times and wound up living in a  trailer park. Then she fell on worse times after she fell out with her mother in  law, who kicked Joanie out of the trailer park! That left Moran and her husband bouncing back and forth between the Holiday Inn and various other truck stop motels.

If you can’t calm down then clam up!

Things took and ugly turn recently. Moran’s husband moved back into mom’s trailer. Then he tried to sneak his wife in after mom went to bed. Mom caught on and confronted the former Happy Days star – ordering her out of the trailer and threatening the cops on her if she didn’t comply. So Erin hi tailed it on out with mom hot on her heels. The disputed carried over to the road side with mother in law, in house coat and curlers, shouting and screaming with Erin. That is until the man in the middle – Erin’s husband – managed to get in between the feuding ladies and restore some kind of calm. Considering what we’ve heard about Erin and her situation I’m not sure how you could restore calm with out a tranquilizer gun, or a mallet!

Anyhow the moral of the story is that if you think that you are having a bad day then at least it isn’t as bad as this, probably.

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