IGN News – Gal Gadot Doing 3 Wonder Woman Films

When it was announced that the Superman vs Batman movie had got delayed for a year it looked like the Curse of Wonder Woman had struck again. If you recall there hadn’t been a successful version since Lynda Carter competed against Bill Bixby in Battle of the Network Stars. Adrianne Palicki was cast in a Wonder Woman pilot by David E Kelly. He was the creator of Allie McBeal, so without him Harrison Ford wouldn’t have a wife now, or at least he might have a different wife. So the Allie McBeal deal worked out well for Calista Flockhart! Kelly’s Wonder Woman with issues didn’t work out too well and didn’t get picked up. The pilot did make the rounds of the black market, plus the peer to peer sites. It wasn’t as bad as everyone said and might have even gotten better over time, like Three’s Company back in the 70’s. That is unless I mean Dallas. Kelly hasn’t been able to do anything for George Clooney either who still remains single and the but of Tiny Fey’s Jewish mom type “George settle down already” jokes. So George, if you’re reading, Palicki might be an interesting, Clooney dating Wonder Woman match up for you, for awhile.

After that the next near miss involved Peter Jackson’s big Justice League extravaganza. He was set to start filming down in Australia or New Zealand. He even had Ozzie suipermodel Megan Gale signed on as Wonder Woman,as  well as Common as Green Lantern. Everyone liked the look of Gale and were excited to see the finished product. Then negotiations with the NZ, or Australian, government fell through. Jackson didn’t get the tax waivers he wanted so he scrapped the project. Big Meggers had already stepped down from her regular paycheck with Ozzie designer David Jones. So that was bad news. She eventually recouped, dumped boyfriend Andy Lee, took up with footy stud Shawn Hampson (looks like Steve Trevor), and then got herself knocked up. Last word on Gale, from a few days back, had her 5 months expecting and in a fairly serious car accident.She had to go to the emergency ward but was otherwise fine.

That brought us up to the very latest Wonder Woman Gal Gadot. She’s a former Miss Israel and former fitness trainer with the Israeli Army. Apart from that she’s best known as Gisele Habaro in the Fast & Furious films. When it was announced that she had got the coveted Wonder Woman role people once again liked the look of her, and were excited. That is apart from some fanboy concerns about the size of her breasts. Mandy Caruso can tell you how fanboys are on the ticklish breast issue. When the delay was announced some thought “here we go again”. It looked like there would be an indefinite delay ending with either the flick getting scrapped, or the Wonder Woman role getting written out. It’s as if some one out there didn’t want anything involving Wonder Woman getting made.

Anti Wonder Woman witchcraft aside, it looks like Gal Gadot is good to go. It’s recently been announced that not only is Wonder Woman’s appearance in Affleck vs Cavil a lead pipe cinch, with a $300 000 pay check, but she signed for a 3 picture hat trick deal! She’s not only doing Wonder Woman in Affleck vs Cavil, but she’s gonna be transporting the Amazon Princess in a Justice League flick, and then in her very own Wonder Woman film! So the studio has made a big commitment to this. So Gadot & Wonder WOman fans alike can relax! Now here’s the word from IGN.

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Bauhaus’ Peter Murphy Arrested

Murphy’s Law

Peter Murphy of Brit Goth Rock Band Bauhaus has been arrested for suspicion of causing injuries while driving under the influence of drugs, for felony hit and run, and for possession of methamphetamine. His tale starts down in Glendale, California. Murphy was driving his Subaru Forrester on the intersection of Central & Goode when he nailed as Mercedes at about 11:48 AM. Murphy then managed to make his way around the Mercedes onto Ventura Freeway.

Unfortunately for Murphy he did not make a perfect getaway. For one thing the driver of the Mercedes managed to get his license number, which she passed on toe fire personnel before being hauled away on a gurney. A near by window washer got pictures of Murphy’s vehicle leaving the scene and showing some significant front end damage.Plus eye witnessed followed him from the scene because they were afraid his driving would kill some one. Eye witnesses like the driver of a pick up who followed Murhy from Glendale and eventually managed to cut him off once they reached LA. LA police then detained Murphy until Glendale police arrivced

Murphy had an explanation for his poor driving. He informed Police that he had not been drinking, but was jet lagged from having recently taken a long plane flight. That combined with the effects of his anti depression medication had left him feeling a little under the weather. Police could tell that much already because Murphy seemed unsure of where he was and of the time of day. The police were more interested in the bag of what they suspect is meth amphetamine that he was carrying around with him. So the poor man got hauled in,. booked, and is currently being held on $500 000 bail.

Michelle Shocked recently


Michelle Shocked is a singer who lives up to her name. She might not be living up to her billing because a bunch of her shows have just got cancelled. The reason is because  Michelle Shocked recently went Westboro Baptist Church on her fans while performing in San Francisco. Michelle is a born again Christian and decided to share some of her beliefs with fans during a concert. Michelle was especially concerned about gay marriage. So Michelle told her audience that “You can go on Twitter and say, ‘Michelle Shocked says God hates (anti-gay slur).’”

The result of this outburst is that Michelle Shocked has lost some work. Evanston’s SPACE has cancelled Michelle Shocked’s May 5th performance. SPACE general manager/talent buyer Jake Samuels said he confirmed with the San Francisco promoter that Shocked’s comments were “ugly in nature and not meant to be artistic or satirical in any way … It wasn’t a very hard decision for us.” SPACE’s website goes on to say that “After speaking with the promoter of that show about the nature of the remarks, it’s clear that this is no longer a show we’re willing to put our name on.” SPACE will is offering refunds to ticket holders.

Michelle Shocked may be out of work but Tom Cruise has a full dance card. There’s another Mission Impossible set to go with Christopher McQuarrie directing. Cruise is also set to reprise his Jack Reacher role. The last Jack Reacher cleared about $215  million world wide for Paramount & Skydance. He’s got Oblivion with director Joseph Kosinski coming out soon. Now he can add The Man From Uncle to the list.

The Man From Uncle was a popular 60’s spy TV show. Robert Vaughn and David Ireland played secret agents Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin, who worked for United Nations Command for Law Enforcement. Warner Bros wants to bring the idea back for a possible franchise. They even had Steven Soderbergh lined up to direct and George Clooney set to star. Clooney dropped out because of neck and back issues. So now the studio is pushing the project with Guy Ritchie directing and Tom Cruise as the lead.

Now this is great news for Mr. Cruise but I can’t help feeling a little discouraged about it. With The Man From Uncle getting big screen treatment is means that almost every successful TV show from the past 40 years as been pillaged for possible script material. Yet there hasn’t been a live action full length Wonder Woman movie! Fans did get an idea of what a Wonder Woman motion picture might look like recently when a ‘fan made’ teaser by Jesse V Jackson hit the net. It feature’s Nina Bergman as Wonder Woman, and she shows her action chops while taking on  a group of Nazi’s. Let’s have a look at Wonder Nina as she Dances With Nazis.


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George Clooney’s Sister Confirms His Sexuality

Confirmed bachelor

When you’re good looking, successful famous,unmarried and over 50 people tend to talk. If you’re an Episcopal minister in some small Maine fishing village then the jury would’ve come back with a verdict by now – even though you probably wouldn’t be either rich of famous. When you’re super star George “Mr Cool”  Clooney then the questions stays in suspense for years and years and years. What would possess a swinging bachelor to go on dating cocktail waitresses when he could throw away have of everything he’s ever achieved in alimoney alimony payments for perhaps one bad decision? Could George reeally be that smart, or is something amiss?

George is one sexy mystery

Well the question has now been answered officially, although probably not finally, by Big George‘s sister. She’s some out in a recent interview and ‘confirmed his sexuality‘. Now exactly what kind of orientation she confirmed is something that you’re gonna have to find out for yourselves – by watching the following short video from the good people over @ TMZ!

Does anyone remember LeAnn Rimes?  You should because she’s got one hell of a life. She was the youngest person to ever win a Grammy. She also has what’s considered to be the best female country voice in the business. She’s got another woman’s husband to call her own and hew brought his 2 kids along for the ride so she gets to be bonus mom for them. When she’s not being a Wonder Woman she takes time out to get photographed looking great in the kind of skimpy skin tight bikinis most women only wish that they could get away with. Naturally that’s a lot of pressure. When you combine it with a ton of public animosity spewing her way from social networking sites like Twitter (where she’s a popular target) sometimes it’s gets a bit much. So LeAnn recently had to take sometime off for rehab. Which is why you haven’t been seeing as much of her as you usually do. The good news for LeAnn fans is that she’s back out of rehab and on the loose! Here’s a little video to keep you updated.

LeAnn Rimes Wears Skin-Tight Mini

Fuck Twitter- – it’s when it hits Tumblr that you gotta worry!

You might say that anyone who pays serious attention to anything written about themselves on Twitter is just asking of mental health troubles. Then again the public can be kind of rough on their idols. So can the regular entertainment media and even those half assed bloggers! So when the pressure starts building up I can only suggest that LeAnn fall back on a few sage words by celebrity guru Andy Warhol – “Don’t pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches.” Also be thankful that you don’t have the kind of troubles that get you talked about on Tumblrlike this!

Is it normal for my cat to lick my eyelids?
I think it probably is.  Cats have a totally different attitude to others bodies than we do, and seem to see nothing wrong in standing on our heads, climbing our legs, etc.  It’s all fair game, and eyelid licking, I would think, is covered under that general rule.
Cats do a lot of intimate face activities to claim family, like rubbing cheeks, sniffing each others noses etc.  They are greetings saved for only their closest and dearest.  I’m thinking the licking is a part of this, like little kisses.
I’ll feature it in a Cat Behavior post and see if anyone else has a kitty that does the same.

That was a real humdinger. It gets worse. because sometimes those weird problems come with pictures! Then you’re in a real bind.

Latest Gossip = Slap Egotists

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Back Together?

That fork in the road was almost a stake through the heart!

lovey dovey dopey

They’re back! So that should come as a relief to the millions of Twilight fans who seemed to be on the edge of some kind of collective nervous breakdown. It was rough there for a while with Kristen Stewart wearing Rob Pattinson‘s old clothes and Rob running off to hide out with Reese Witherspoon. The news that Kristy was cheatin’ with Rupert Saunders – her Snow White director – can as something of a shocker to Rob, and to the whole Twilight Netherverse!

girls just wanna have fun

There was major blow back too. Kristy got herself some major slut shaming for people who thought the idea of a 22 year old having a fling was history’s greatest tragedy. You’d think that she’d violated Sharia law by baring her ankle or something, the way twitter went into overload. Kristers was even chased down in the street, according to one report carried in the National Enquirer. She hide out in her car as a couple of young women menaced her from out side. It was a bad experience that caused her to hire a body guard.

stoned & sorry

Anyway the whole thing went onto shit overload. Kristy seemed concerned about her career future. Now you gotta understand that this is a girl who loves the whole process of acting so much that she forgets to pee – unless that’s a marijuana side effect. Kristy “allegedly” enjoys nature’s finest – so don’t go calling her Lucy Stoner cause you read something here. Anyway the idea that the fandom that supported her career might turn on her must’ve been a little unnerving. So there was plenty of incentive for sorry.

abandoned & betrayed

So it was a fascinating situation involving two otherwise low key people (when once asked what he did for excitement Pattinson replied that he liked hanging out in hotel rooms alone and getting drunk. He then went on to explain that he’s shy.). At the break of the fuss Pattinson even claimed he wanted a face to face show down with Rupert Saunders, the many who tarnished his dark gothy love. It wasn’t revealed whether Rob was gonna sort Ropert out, or maybe ask for work or something. Then the reports came about Kristy approaching a the emotional breaking point and Rob feeling lonely and betrayed. That was while the rest of the world was contemplating their career futures.

dark shadows & silver linings

So naturally the pair eventually patched it up. Who know’s why. Cynics say that this is just part of a PR stunt. Valuable studio assets need protecting. They’ll be lovey dovey for awhile. Then Pattinson will cheat. He’ll be justified cause of what Kristy did, but she’ll be off the hook too cause he paid her back. That balancing the PR books & people can go back to liking them on a “Team RPatz” & “Team KStew” basis. Meanwhile it’s reassuring to know that if the Twilight series isn’t getting anymore sequels, then at least Pattinstew is!

pathetic single men

Then there’s the possiblity that Rob forgave her so he can get some of his stuff back. In addition to some of his old dirty T Shirts it seems that when Kristy got kicked out she also took Patz’ dog Bear with her. Then there’s the possibly that Rob feared growing old single and alone in Hollywood without his one true love beside him. You know how single men can sometimes get stigmatized, like George Clooney. Who’d wanna be George Clooney? So something had to be done! That means taking back the girl who helped him become the vampire heart throb he is today! It was either that or Dancing With The Stars. Look at it this way, there’s a good woman behind every successful man so Stewie must have something going for her. if she’s occasionally a little hot to trot, mark it down to her being born in the Chinese Year of the Horse! Next time Rob, keep a firm hand on the reins!

For more on Stigmatized single men here’s The Young Turks!

If your’re in this predicament remember that it pays to have some good excuses lined up. Not the old “never met the right girl” line. Men aren’t that picky, so people will wonder what’s up. Try something more plausible and  believable like “I’ve taken a religious vow”, “New World Order nanobot technology rendered me sterile”, or even “old sports injury”. That ought’a hold ’em!

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Jason Kony Russell’s naked public meltdown video

March Madness

From the good people @ TMZ.

Needless to say it’s been a wild day for celebrity arrests. George Clooney got arrested earlier during a protest at the Sudanese embassy. Big George got handcuffed and carted off for some brief jail time, after which he got to break out his stand up routine at a press conference.

When in doubt, whip it out!

That was nothing compared to Jason Russell. Jace was the brains behind Kony 2012. Russell was spotted going berserk on the side walk around 11 AM. The poor man was naked as a jay bird and screaming his head off while he pounded the pavement. He was originally arrested for public masturbation, but he doesn’t appear to be masturbating in the video. He doesn’t appear to be masturbating in the video cause for one thing he’s beatin’ the street and not the meat.

naked aggression

From the looks of it he’s trying to channel his chi energy – to defend himself against psychic attack. So my guess is that some kind of witchcraft is involved; maybe even some kind of MK Ultra Monarch Mind Control mishap (sometimes the programming goes haywire!). Either that or the poor man was wasted on drugs or something. On the up side Russell has had 2 videos go viral in about a month!

Reversal of fortune: Is Angelina Jolie the next Megan Fox?

One thing that can be taken from this is that it’s a bad month to be Angelina Jolie. First there was that dreadful Oscar dress stunt. Now there’s this whole Kony masturbation mess she’s linked herself to by hyping the cause. Not that being linked to incidence of masturbation is bad for a Hollywood actress – it kind of keeps ’em in business as Megan Fox might say. It’s just the whole scandalous backfire angle of it.

bad ass blues

The thing was there was a time when Jolie could do no wrong in the eyes of the world. About ten years ago she was everyone’s favorite beautiful bad ass with the lips that wouldn’t quit. That was back when she was Lara Croft. In those days if she had been caught cooking babies in a caldron people would’ve said “cool”!

there’s a fine line between cool and fool

Somewhere along the way she seems to have lost her connection with the general public. People identified with her wild edginess because it represented a part of them that got broken through the taming process. So supporting Jolie was a way of “preserving wild life“. Somehow she seemed to make the transition from bad ass to needy and desperate. Probably something to do with the way she hangs on to Brad Pitt like Linus with his security blanket. So she went from cool to fool. People just started wondering whether she was ever really the person that they thought that she was.

Jolie next year? Crashing Oscar parties with Sean Young?

So now it looks like the tide has turned. These days Jolie can’t put a foot right. Especially when it’s on the end of that over hyped leg! So what can the future hold? I dunno. Hopefully she’ll hang in there – though she does seem to be more flighty and emotional than she seemed. Just as long as she doesn’t’ get busted for public masturbation!

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Angelina Jolie – smoking, drinking, crying

Beautiful people are the most miserable people on earth. They make everyone else miserable too.
~Carlos Castaneda

From a Hollywood Pegasus to a Million Dollar Minnie Mouse!

The Academy Awards is a little like the Oil Barons Ball on Dallas – it seldom goes off without incident. The last one was a doozy. There was Sean Young‘s bizarre gate crashing and arrest. Then there was Angelina Jolie. She wasn’t nominated for anything despite her ambitious Blood & Honey film. She still got some stage time as a presenter – so she decided to make a meal out of it. She showed up in her notorious black dress and with her right leg stuck out at a 90 degree angle. If she’d replaced the leg with a wooden peg and had a eye patch and parrot on her shoulder she couldn’t have made more of a spectacle of herself. Then there was that little shampoo commercial head flick she gave as she began her presentation. Most people thought that it was too much and many thought that it was ridiculous. So the mockery started with a vengeance.

You’re supposed to make the scene, not make a scene!

Angelina Jolie – like many beautiful women – doesn’t take mockery kindly, and certainly not like a good sport. Maybe that’s because they are more accustomed to being worshiped than teased. Angelina Jolie is apparently no exception t this unwritten rule. New reports say Sexy Mamma is on the verge of a total nervous breakdown in the wake of her notorious Oscar Night Fiasco. Total nervous breakdown might sound like tabloid overstatements but she’s giving off some definite danger signals.

Jolie sticks out her leg and trips herself up!

For one thing she’s hitting the booze to cope. That started on Oscar night. Angelina supposedly got sloshed at one of the Oscar parties to cope with the whole public humiliation thing. Now alcohol works great when it comes to dealing with public humiliation but it has side effects, like even more public humiliation. In this case Killer Lips got her self so inebriated that her partner Brad Pitt had to carry her out to the car cause she was too drunk to make it under her own steam. That happened at Craig’s restaurant with George Clooney and Stacey Keibler. George is Brad’s No. 1 bud, and Keibler is some one Jolie allegedly disliked – so she shamed herself in front of an enemy and Brad in front of a friend. Could that have turned out worse? Ironic that she ended the evening without a leg to stand on!

Shes’ not a crazy cat lady – yet.

The plot thickens. In addition to boozing it up Jolie has opted for a few other coping mechanisms, like smoking and bursting into tears. The smoking has gotten so bad that InTouch – now predicting an imminent Jolie meltdown – is claiming that she’s replaced food with cigarettes. They should’ve added an alleged to that cause the jury is still out on whether Jolie actually eats.

Her panic button is stuck!

So with Jolie rapidly turning into Patsy Stone off of Absolutely Fabulous that has Brad getting impatient with her. He’s supposedly already pissed off with her for upstaging him at the Oscars, or just making an ass of herself while she was there with him. Now he has to deal with her boozy weepy unraveling. InTouch is reporting that Brad is telling her “is urging her to get over the embarrassment and grow up.

The Awkward Age

InTouch is claiming that the misconceived Oscar stunt has really blown Jolie’s cool. “Her weird, look-at-me pose while presenting screen-writing Oscars proved how insecure she really is – and ironically, she fell apart when it backfired.” explains the tabloid. So she’s allegedly “smoking, drinking and bursting into tears,” says the magazine, adding that she showed up for costume prep on a new film “rail-thin and raspy-voiced,” looking like “a shadow of her old self.” The thing is that it’s been 10 years since she was Hollywood’s most beautiful bad ass. Middle age is a rough transition for a beautiful woman to make, & it come son early for a movie actress. Hopefully she’ll pull it together. It would be a shame for her to fall to further extremes – like plastic surgery. With her features and bone structure too much of that could have her looking like Wayland Flower’s Madame! Hang in there, kid!

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Elisabetta Canalis & Steve-O Dating?

George Clooney ex shameful out of control down ward spiral continues!

Can it be true that Elisabetta Canalis is dating that Jackass guy? If the name Elisabetta Canalis sounds vaguely familiar it’s because she previously dated Gorgeous George Clooney. Then she got caught up in a drugs and prostitution scandal in which George Clooney almost had to testify – there were some hi profile types in on that. So Lizzie had to go.

She went to Dancing With the Stars. Now she’s moved on! Of course this may not really be trading up. No shame Lizzie, cause Georgie’s a notoriously hard man to pin down. better women than you have tried and failed – I’m talking cocktail waitresses and Vegas showgirls!

another mag’s Angie is a one man Armie

In other news Angie Harmon is covering Vogue – no wait it’s Armie Hammer; not that those two are easily mistaken for one another. It’s just that there are so many celebrities today that they start to bleed together.

Aguilera is juicy – & messed up worse than a shit house rat

So it might be a rough day for Angie and Lizzie but there are those worse off, like Christina Aguilera. She’s still over weight, and in the following pic something seems to be trickling down her right leg – at least according to Tyler Durden. Whatever the mystery fluid is it’s the wrong colour for urine.

Some people think that fame if glamorous – but it’s not all rehab and eating disorders. Basically it’s like wearing your underwear on the outside. Wearing your underwear on the outside is a stunt best left to professionals and superheroes! That might be okay on any other day, but on the wrong day it’s bad news!

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