Lindsay Lohan: The Cos Has Got Your Back!

recovery vs discovery

Lindsay Lohan
has been attracting a lot of attention with her high spirited life style. She’s not only captured the imagination of the public and the tabloids, but even become a person of interest to notable quacks like Dr Drew Pinsky. Quack sounds a little harsh to say about a guy who’s very harsh, but when you publicly state that you’d plant drugs on some one to get thenm arrested, in order to further your personal agenda for their recovery; then you’re quacking like a duck.

Both TV Docs, only one’s any good

Well fortunately there are some cooler wiser heads out there. One comes in the form of American Entertainment’s Grand Old Man, and a Mark Twain medal winner – Bill Cosby. Now Bill and Pinksy have some thing in common: they’ve both played doctors on TV. One bog difference between the 2 TV Drs. is that when asked about the Lindsay Lohan situation, Bill Cosby is the first one to actually make sense. Here’s what he had to say by way of MSNBC:

Tamer by taser: “ECT has an established history as a valid medical treatment!”

Now you can’t argue with that. Well you can but for one thing there’s very little to argue with in the statement. For one thing he’s not plotting radical Dr Drew style interventions “Now you hold the gunny sack and get ready to throw it over Lindsay’s head after I taser her silly! Then it’s off to our little rehab show of horrors where everyone gets what they signed on for – publicity!

fatal prescriptions

For another The Cos makes a valid point: Lindsay ain’t the only partier in Follywood, and is not even the most extreme. She’s merely the most public. While her ups and downs were well documented it was the apparently stable types like Heath Ledger who surprised us by cashing in their chips with prescription medications. Now Lindsay is backed into a corner and has only the prescription meds to fall back on. You know, the kind that killed Anna Nicole Smith, Michael Jackson, Cory Haim, Britteny Murphy, etc. Well never know how many celebrity close call OD’s were never found out about – but Mischa Barton blindsided many. Most of these people passed while professional meddlers were pulling their hair and demanding “what’s to be done about Lindsay Lohan?

a very simple 3 step plan

Cosby makes a good point. Problem No 1 is the constant scrutiny which has made the young actresses life unlivable – but kept sites like this in material. No 2 is get the whole issue in proportion. Why focus on Lindsay when there are a dozen celebrities out there who are easily worse./? Is Lindsay Lohan really that much more interesting than the competition? Probably. No 3 the young woman needs some space and some support in getting it together, and not constant intrusions and interventions in her life. If this is Dr Huxtable’s prescription, I like it alot better than Pinsky’s (I’d have used the term doctor for Drew, but you know…) “Frame her up better than the Mona Lisa” tactics. The problem with the Dr Drews of the world is that even when the operations are successful, the patients might still die.

Speaking of giving young talent a boost the Wondertrash blog pick of the day goes to another Torontonian who authors “A Tale of Toronto“. Her name is Aliana Iharosi, and you can find her by hitting the linked banner below. Tell her Wondertrash sent ya. That won’t mean anything to her, but it’s good to get some hype when possible.

With summer almost upon us, and the Mercury rising with a vengeance, here’s a little reminder from Wondertrash to keep cool, but stay hot!

got it made in the shades!

Going blonde helps – reflects more light while black absorbs the heat! I hope that pseudo scientific explanation comes in handy!


What happened to Gary Coleman?

Gary Coleman story heating up

So what happened to Gary Coleman? That’s what his parents want to know. Now the parents haven’t wanted to know about Gary for over 20 years, ever since they had that nasty spat about embezzlement, or misappropriation. Gary claims that about 18 million – the sum total of his Different Strokes earnings, went missing while it was under his adoptive parents’ care. The parents were very hurt by those accusations, even though they did splash around cash on limos and the like.

Anyway Gary’s a hot property again. Death has a funny way of reviving a defunct career. So there will be a big market for Gary bios, documentaries, unreleased film and TV projects. The next of kin gets to call the shots on that, and reap the financial rewards. So naturally the parents want to make sure that wifey passes the stink test.

Wifey may have already flunked that, since the couple had a history of domestic violence and Gary was giving away a lot of weight to the missus. So questions about whether or not Gary had any assistance getting from the top of the stairs to the bottom are reasonable, under the circumstances. It’s more than reasonable since the parents realize there’s more money to be made off of the kid they didn’t have anything to do with for over 20 years. So that might make getting away with murder (or benefit of the doubt, accidental homicide) more difficult then cynics might expects. The system works, sort of, and especially when there’s a financial incentive for getting to the truth!

So far the only thing we can say conclusively is that Ms. Coleman was the one who pulled the plug. So Gary’s fate was probably sealed from the moment he said “I do”. Love is never having to say “Do not resuscitate.” Whatever happened to Gary remains to be seen, but he story is developing with a vengeance!

more persons of interest

Speaking of fame and “murder” there’s a certain Survivor producer who’s now adamantly denying that he had anything to do with his wife’s untimely passing. As you may recall her body was found stuffed into a dumpster out side a Mexican hotel. Naturally the husband fell under suspicion. What with mutual infidelity and constant heated divorce talk it seemed a reasonable assumption.

Hubs was pretty tight lipped on the whole affair up till now. Probably on the advice of his lawyers. It’s advice he might have wanted to continue practicing since he has now entered the media spin with a vengeance. As said he swear that he didn’t do it and that he is outraged that he has been officially suspected. About the only thing he hasn’t become vocal and outraged about so far is finding his wife’ s real killer. So I guess that even savvy media insiders learned nothing from OJ Simpson. Bruce Beresford-Redman will be coming soon to a golf course near you!

Introducing a brand new online experience!


Megan Fox Leaving Show Business

the  Lord whips ass in mysterious ways

actress renounces her Faustian deal!

She’s got herself a back up plan too. Just look and see.

Just think that this is happening when Hollywood was about to offer her the role of Zatanna in the upcoming movie based on the DC Comic character. Oh well, I guess that the world will have to miss out on Megan in a top hat and fishnet stockings.

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It’s really for the best. Beneath the facade of every day life a battle is being waged; and Hollywood has a greater incidence of deals with darkness per capita than anywhere else on Earth!

If only Britney Spears had renounced her Faustian deal before she went full blown morlock!

Sorry Britney –Alanis Morissette is the one who went full blown morlock. Alanis has made her Faustian deal – how do you think that she went from being a teen dance queen to releasing her pathetic but critically acclaimed Jagged Little Pill. You remember, that was the album where Alanis had some difficulties with the concept of irony. As comedians pointed out, rain on your wedding day isn’t ironic but only unfortunate. That is unless the wedding party had a sunshine theme or something.

GvsE is Your BS in Religion!

Headslap therapy!

Do what you can to help reduce the demon population of Los Angeles, read wondertrash!

good vs evil g vs e that's what it is

The only thing hollow about the entertainment industry is the music business

Of course it goes without saying that American Idol Simon Cowell is a morlock. His whole record deal angle is a give away. He offers people the world, or at least a chance at it. In return he only asks for a little passion. Morlocks are drawn to people with strong desires! In fact I hear that he’s the morlock who helped broker the whole Britney Spears Faustian deal. Maybe that’s just something you hear on the Internet.


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