Damon in the details

Matt Damon has been getting some flack lately, perhaps because he’s taken some kind of a political stand. Now that’s just asking for it because politics is one of America’s great team sports. It used to be about the nation’s business before people learned to stop taking it too seriously. That opened it up for celebrity involvement and FOX News!

Anyway Damon started making statements and that got him attention and drew some fire, like from Glenn Beck and others. Here’s Glenn Beck deconstructing some of Damon’s comments!

So the gist of that seems to be that the rich should pay more but be careful about getting sidetracked on details or Ronald Reagan could get hauled into it. For kids who don’t remember Ronnie is the man who made it okay to be rich in America again. He also inspired Michael Douglas to invent the 1% in the original Wall Street! Reagan is also the guy who came up with the less government regulation idea that today’s neocons don’t like to take too literally. For instance more government spending on the military makes it possible for a government to intervene in almost anything! The free market may be more of a metaphor for “too big too fail”.

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