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Kris Kardashian as Wonder Woman

What’s Wondertrash without celebrity super heroics? Celebrity superheroics often involves thrills chills spills & pills. Kardashian mom Kris gives us the spills with her Halloween costume Instagram pic in which she wears a Wonder Woman costume while having a nip slip. Let’s take a peep at that!

Kardashian mom Kris has an instagram nipple slip while wearing her wonder woman cosutme

Now that’s what you call Pop o Matic Trouble! If Kris had read the Oct 15th Wondertrash she’d have realized that she’s courting disaster by boobing out in a super heroine costume. Mandy Caruso showed up at Comic Con bursting out of her Black Cat cosplay gear and got harassed by a pack of geeks!  While Kris wasn’t hounded by creepy nerds she did get razzed by her daughter Khloe who tweeted after posting the pic on her Instagram “Hi nips. That’s my mom,” Kris tweeted back “do something to encourage someone today!

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Scary Resemblance: Lindsay Lohan & Fergie

No one has said anything about Fergie – from the Black Eyed Peas – for a while. But clever Fergie has found away to get back on the public radar and without having to resort to political short cuts either (or getting busted in Sierra Blanco Texas). Halloween is coming up and Fergs merely gave folks a special sneak peek at her trick or treat gear via Instagram, the social networking app that celebs like as well as Twitter!

In case ya missed it Fergs will be impersonating Lindsay Lohan this Hallowee.

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