MEGAN FOX Welcomes Baby #2!

Did you know Meggers was preggers?

English: Megan Fox at the 2010 Toronto Interna...
Megan Fox at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For those of you wondering whatever happened to Megan Fox, she’s still hot. She also got an extra special Valentine’s Day gift! Now this gift is the gift of love, but it’s not the kind of love you can buy with chocolates and flowers, or even diamond rings, because it’s a mother’s love! Schmaltzy enough for you? Then take a look at the following video from our very good friends (only kidding, they’ve got no idea who I am) CelebTV .

Foxy Mama

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Happy VD

Happy VD (Valentine’s Day) from Wondertrash! Now here’s a Valentine’s Day treat. Since everyone’s is so worked up over Miranda Kerr here’s a picture of her sans make up.

More make up less models over @ Trendland!

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