Is Wonder Woman under MK Ultra mind control? Just ask to feel up her boobs and find out!

Wonder Woman strikes again

You have to like Gal Gadot. She’s gone from fast & furious to good naturedly controversial! She’s done that by becoming Wonder Woman! After that she experienced a series of lightening strikes!

Strike 1 was the fanboy outrage over Gadot’s boobs. Not that there’s anything wrong with them. On the contrary. They are a stunning feature on a generally stunning young woman. It’s just that fanboys were expecting Dolly Parton or something. So her boobs became a big deal on the internet!

Strike 2 was a TV commercial she did a couple for years back for Castro’s where she gets into an elevator naked though discreetly pixealted! People thought that was a bit too extreme for the religious sensibilities of veiwers!

Strike 3 was a recent commercial for Castro’s where she’s fully clothed but twerking. No one likes twerking – which is wiggling your ass around for spectators – since Miley Cyrus gave it a bad name at the MTV VMA’s or what ever it was.

Here’s strike 4! Gadot was on another TV interview show and got her controversial boobs felt up! Now the interviewer did ask politely. So it’s not like Wonder Woman was ambushed or anything. Also the interviewer was a woman. So that make sit better, or worse, depending on your religious sensibilities! Now here’s that playfully controversial interview!

Wonder Woman’s a handful, gets taken by surprise

Now here’s a blow by blow account of that!

Host: “Can I touch your boobs?” 

Gadot: “Yes.” 

Host: “I’m cupping Wonder Woman right now. That’s what I’m doing.” 

 Gadot: “Oh, no. Oh no [laughter].” 

Host: “I just cupped Wonder Woman.” 

 Gadot: “I don’t know how I let that happen. I can’t believe you cupped me. How did I let that happen?” 

How did she let it happen? My guess is mind control. Or possibly some kind of hypnosis. It happened to Wonder Woman in the comics back in the old days on a semi regular basis. However it must be said that she never got cupped. She often got tied up with her own magic lasso instead. Now that would be a perfect opportunity for cupping Wonder Woman, except super villains always got distracted when they had her tied down. They’d turn around and go back to their control console to continue with their plans for world domination. So Wonder Woman would have to squirm loose and then kick their asses in disgust.

In this case starting the interview with “Can I touch you?” seemed to lead to trouble. Now maybe that was one kind of MK Ultra trigger phrase that got implanted in Gadot during her stunt in the Israeli army. Readers of Fritz Springmeier will be well aware of the use of mind control, especially in the military. Fritz’s own journey began with his West Point experiences of sleep deprivation and and fudge brownie feeding frenzies. The combo  of low melatonin and hi sugar can really trip you right the fuck out! Gadot has done some time in the armed services so she was just ripe for some kind of mind control brainwashing programming experiments.

Justin Bieber vs the Starwhackers

Now one of the points that Fritz makes in his numerous writings is that every celebrity in Hollywood is under Monarch mind control. Monarch is when a combo of trauma drugs and disorientation is used to shatter the human ego into numerous fractions, each of which can then be developed and groomed to play various parts (They are often unaware of each others’ existence)! Eventually, as Robbie Williams says in Monarch video “Madonna” when the personalities get together it’s one hell of an after noon! Robbie Williams was  a sad case of an MK Ultra programming breakdown (just like poor Justin Bieber, who’s gone completely rogue and fled his controls to Canada. Perhaps seeking refuge like Randy & Evi Quaid).

more princess programming

Fritz further goes on to say that once a celebrity has been brainwashed then they are cast in movies that reinforce the programming script. Just like poor Anne Hathaway who’s been in one mind control movie after another – from Princess Diaries (hidden bloodline scripting, Ella Enchanted ( magical mind control scripting), right up to Batman (she was Cat-woman so no explanation need for those familiar with Fritz’s work), and Le Mise (sex slave scripting). The idea is that acting out the programming in highly staged scenarios – like moves – reinforces the brainwashing. Now that Gadot is Wonder Woman, complete with a Diana Prince secret identity, looks like she could be getting some Hollywood MK Ultra! That would explain how a relative unknown bags a plumb role and bags a 3 picture deal!

So there’s one possibly explanation of that incident  of on air cupping. Is she really under mind control? If she’s had back up amnesia installed then there’s no way to know for sure. That’s because she’s forgotten that she’s forgotten what she’s forgotten. Then the next thing you know a pair of strange hands are on your bosoms! However and whatever the cause of Gadot’s on air friendly feeling – you still have to like her. She’s a handful and possibly a real live wire – in the nicest way of course!

BTW Wonder Woman was created by Harvard psychiatrist William Moulton Martson and contained many mind control and occult themes.

now here are a few words from Fritz Springmeier.

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Reel Love will only get ya so far, even in the movies

Rumor has it that RPatz dumped Kristen Stewart at the Golden Globes. They showed up together and hung out at an after party, but were not officially dates. Now they are apparently going their separate ways. That’s because, sources say, Patz was getting pressure over taking Stewart back. Basically he was a laughing stock and Stewart was hurting his career & image. Meanwhile Stewart has accepted the split and decided that it’s okay for them to go back to being really good friends.

the shimmy sham show – Stewart & Pattinson leave em wondering

looks like there are more Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson break up rumours this time involving the Golden Globes they say it's good bye's ville for the pair after that which will have conspiracy theoriests saying I told you so
Stewart leaves em wondering

The thing is that this is exactly what all those Twilight conspiracy theorists said would happen, that Stewart & Patz would patch it up for the premiere, to get everyone interested & talking, then once the ticket sales are in they will quietly go their separate ways with the usual believable explanations that are heart felt and right from the publicist’s pen. Of course these are the same people who claim that Stewart and Pattinson were never a really a couple and that the relationship was a sham to hype the movie. For some reason paranoid types think movie goers will be more interested in a film if they think the stars are screwing in real life because they don’t know the difference between fantasy & reality. So the illusion has to be protected with tons of make believe. Now that the show is over the players merely need credible excuses so they can exit gracefully and move on to others acts.

Celeb gossip don’t answer question –  it’s just spreads shit around!

Now obviously that’s delusional thinking. The question is how many delusional thinkers run Hollywood studios? That is a question beyond they scope of celebrity gossip blogging’s ability to answer. However for the questions that we can answer take a look at the following short and informative video from CelebTV where they discussion the whole developing Pattinson Stewart break up story.

Now it may be true that Kristen may be through with Twilight. Who can say. They important thing that in Hollywood there are no shortage of ambitious and beautiful women waiting for any available void to be filled. So the show goes on. If some one can ‘t play the part then another person will. So I can not confirm the rumors that Angelina Jolie is currently trying to talk former co star Johnny Depp into an on screen rematch where they play the Pattinson and Stewart characters in a future set story line. Just because she has a human blood fetish is no reason to jump to conclusions. I will just say that Jolie is currently considering any and all offers from her undisclosed location – possibly the Bat Cave or the Fortress of Solitude.

could Angelina Jolie be considering the role of Wonder Woman in an upcoming movie?
Wondering Woman – Angelina Jolie has kept people guessing for years!

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Rihanna Posts Chris Brown Bed Pic

This is how you know that Chris Brown and Rihanna are officially back together – Rihanna Tweeted this pic of Chris Brown in bed. It’s nobody’s business but she shared it with us anyway! While Chris face isn’t seen int his picture you can see his tattoos plus the Bart Simpson jacket that he was pictured wearing only hours early that evening. Chris has a strong Bart Simpson theme going on in his life as you can tell by the comforter on his bed.

 From EOnLine.

Milla Jovovich playing Natasha Romanov in Black Widow movie? Now that’s not what I said!

MILLA JOVOVICH – NATASHA ROMANOFF/THE BLACK WIDOW: Milla Jovovich is Russian, looks like Natasha, and is a good actress. As seen in Resident Evil, she can be a badass. Milla Jovovich is ideal for Black Widow,

 More of the news in pictures – Natalie Portman is hard at work filming Thor over in London.  The full name fo the flick is Thor: The Dark World, and it’s out in about 1 year. Actually it’s out on Nov 8th 2013, but there’s really no point in telling you that because you’ll have forgotten what I posted and a bunch of other bloggers and entertainment reporters will have reminded you. In journalism 1st isn’t always as important as latest! It would be as pointless as reminding you that it’s called The Dark World instead of simply Thor because it’s a sequel to one of the numerous films in the whole Avengers related franchise that includes 2 Iron Men and counting, the aforementioned Thor, an Avengers film, and they also have a couple of Hulks. In fact they’ve done everything except a Black Widow flick, which Scarlett Johansson likes to remind people about. She may have a point since this would be another opportunity for Samuel Jackson to pick up another pay check for playing a Nick Fury cameo.  Of course if they hired Milla Jovovich to play Natasha Romanov in the film it might teach Scarlett something about running her mouth in public about Hollywood related business. Anyway the point is that anything I tell you hear could get lost in a lot of unrelated detail before it eventually becomes relevant again – so if you take only one thing away from this then it might be this picture of Nat looking all scruffy and smudgy, like a cat that got lost on a dark & stormy night! That’s more picturesque but less representative than saying hot bag lady in training. 

NAtalie Portman reports for service in London looking like a hot bag lady

Hot BAG Lady of the Enternet

Speaking of hot bag ladies we move on now to the entertainment world’s No 1 Hot BAG Lady and that is BAG’s old lady Megan Fox. AS you may or may not be aware Megan burst forth into public attention by starring in a couple of Michael Bay flicks called the Transformers. She then went on to take over the internet like a computer virus. That’s largely because single men like to look at her – a lot. Other men’s girl friends won’t let them – protecting them from unrealistic expectations. 

Megan’s big mouth

Just when it looked like Firefox might go Skynet and take over the planet in some unintentional form of world domination, Megan’s big mouth stepped in to save the world. People had already had so much of her that they wanted to scream if anyone even mentioned the name “Megan Fox” so the powers that be booked her onto one of those late night chat shows that were so popular a few years back, before Jay Leno allegedly stabbed Conan O Brien in the back, and David Letterman got caught getting friendly with the staff. Those scandals ruined late night talk and Dave’s popular satirical commentary routine (Dave either had to tone the act down or change the name of his show to The Glass House).

“That oughta shut her up!” – Bigfoot in her mouth

The point is that back then late night chat was still relevant and Megan was way over exposed so the two had to get together. Besides Meggers had a picture to promote. Megan made her famous comment “I’m not gonna sit hear and blow smoke up your ass” – Transformers isn’t about the acting”. She also called Michael Bay Hitler. The next time we say Miss Megan in a flick she was gagged and awaiting human sacrifice in Jennifer’s Body – which goes to show that you gotta watch what you say in Hollywood even if you got a mouth on you like Megan’s! Either way she was out of the Transformers franchise. Everyone thought that Bay got ride of her but he swears it wasn’t him and that Steven Spielberg called him up and told him to get ride of Foxy over that Hitler remark. No one was sure what to believe except we did start seeing a lot less of Foxy right after Jonah Hex tanked out at the box office.

post preggers Meggers

Megan Fox was almost briefly Wonder Woman in addition to her other duties a a fan boy dream girl

Megan did go on, so it’s not like she’s sharing a career with Katherine Heigl or anything.  She was briefly almost Wonder Woman! She did some roles in films that got mentioned  but which no one talks about having seen. She also recently had a kid – young Noah Shannon. Meggers was pretty sneaky about that one since the child was a month old before anyone knew she had delivered. That left folk wanting to know how motherhood had changed Megan Fox. She did post a very gracious letter to her fans on Facebook in which she expressed her gratitude for participating in the miracle of motherhood. That’s probably not what people meant  and were more interested in “how does she look?” meaning “has she still got it??” Well you can see for yourself by clapping your eager little peepers on the following post preggers Meggers pic posted here below. 

Post preggers Meggers shows up at the Writers Guild Theater on Wednesday to support This IS Forty looking fantastic

As any fool can plainly see Foxy is one hot mama! Meggers showed herself off Wednesday night in Beverly Hills @ the Writers Gould Theater during a party held for the cast and crew of This Is Forty – her new flick.

Meantime keep checking the Trash where no body’s business is everybody’s business!

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Lindsay Lohan is still dodging bullets

Lindsay Lohan might be in serious shit. Back in June while she was filming Liz & Dick Lindz nailed an 18 wheeler on the Pacific Coast Highway. This was a major f up on many levels because for one thing she wasn’t supposed to be driving. The studio had sent some one to make sure that she was up and ready to get to work, and also to drive her. Lindz went on to claim that her assistant was driving when the accident occurred, even though multiple witnesses put Lohan behind the wheel.

Lindz has an answer for that. She’s been telling her friends that the cops are out to get her. Apparently she’s the target of some kind of legal vendetta. Now Lindsay is terrified of lanbding back in the pokey, & is afraid that one strike could blow things for her. That’s because she’s still on probation from her jewelry heist!

The jewelry heist was that misunderstanding a while back in which Lindsay walked out of a shop with some pricey bling. According to Lindsay the shop assistant was totally cool with her borrowing a necklace to wear to some event, as long as she returned it the next day. That sort of thing happens in Hollywood. You ride the red carpet in some borrowed jewels and then bring them back the following morning.

The shop owner said that they knew nothing about it and since the security cam showed Lohan breezing out with the necklace some legal problems ensued. One probable scenario is that the assistant let Lohan have the rocks on loan – after which shop keeper realized what had happened and panicked. You would too if you realized that an employ let Lindsay Lohan walk out wearing $18 000. Lohan got charged and put on probation by Judge Stephanie Sautner.

This is wear it gets complicated. Lindsay says she was driving when her Porsche hit that truck. However her assistant is saying that in fact Lohan was behind the wheel. That confirms multiple witness reports from the scene – police vendetta or not. Cops interviewed the fellow at the hospital where Lohan was being treated post crash and he confirmed that he was in the passenger seat. This also corroborates the truck driver‘s claim that Lindsay was behind the wheel – incidentally he’s currently got a law suit against Lohan. Not surprisingly Lohan swears that she was in the passenger seat.

So this puts things in a mess. For one thing Lohan is now suspected of lying to police. That’s a probation violation on her jewelry charge. The Santa Monica City Attorney is filing criminal charges against Lohan. That has the L.A. City Attorney’s Office gathering info on probation violation in the jewelry thing. Worst case scenario for Lindz is that she gets slapped with a probation violation and goes to jail. Lying to the cops can result in serious jail time. Since the cops took Lohan’s statement at the hospital right after the crash they’ve got it in writing, in their report. So this one could be a tough bullet to dodge.

BTW police also found a plethora of pills in Lindsay’s purse after the crash. Lindsay lawyer – the hardest working gal in her profession – Shawn Holley, has provided a doctor’s note for all of them! So any pill related charges have been dropped. As for Lindsay she’s already working on her cover story, claiming that she would never ever tell a lie, but was merely confused following the crash. Maybe Holley can get the same doc who signed off on the pills to cover the confusion angle. In the meantime bullet dodging has made legal drama Lindsay’s new job!

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Joaquin Phoenix calls Oscars total utter bullshit

Joaquin Phoenix is still the new Charlie Sheen

According to Phillip Seymour Hoffman his co star Joaquin Phoenix is a life force. He is also a mighty voice of Wondertrash. That’s because Phoenix has been nominated, yet again, for an Academy Award and has been pretty vocal in his opinions about it.

cosplayers without a cause

Now Phoenix has been pretty vocal in his opinions period. That actor seems to have some doubts about the acting profession. He might even share Robert Mitchum‘s view that acting isn’t a suitable job for  an adult. Bob wasn’t alone in his sentiments. ‘We play dress up for a living, just like tardsJennifer Aniston said to Reigs Philbin during a daytime TV interview. Phoenix went farther than either with his mockumentary I’m Still Here (well worth watching!) which seemed to be mildly disparaging of an industry that claims creativity but treats actors like meat puppets. Once again “meat parade” was the phrase George C Scott coined to describe the event he was reluctant to participate in. Now with all that meaty dressing up and parading around these negative Nellies are making the Academy Awards sound like Comic Con or something – except that Comic Con has gained a surprising amount of credibility lately!

hoopla out of proportion

So that brings us to the latest occurrence of Joaquin Phoenix. As mentioned Phoenix just got Oscar nominated for his latest movie. Now in Hollywood everyone acts like the Academy Awards are the annual second coming or something. It’s about shiny chrome phallic looking statuettes, pretty dresses, great hair, fake smiles, credible silicone & incredible botox, mutual admiration, and all the other things we use to define what’s important in life – & don’t forget really eye catching shoes because that’s what separates the winners from those who only show or place!

So now you know why they wish ’em – “Break a leg

So the Awards can get blown way out of proportion – like Angelina Jolie almost divorced her leg last year after it made a fool of her at the Awards. She was eventually talked down to amputation, and then to the even less drastic option of a tattoo, placed on some other part of the body. So with some other body part getting the attention the leg should get the hint and realize it was way out of line. Of course unnamed sources close to the actress say that there were other issues between Jolie and The Leg, like when it got it’s own twitter account. Then there were the rumors that the Leg was cutting an independent deal with People Magazine of lucrative picture rights. Maybe she was only jealous after the leg got it’s own stalker. So with everything getting so blown out of proportion that’s where Joaquin Phoenix comes in, by trying to put all this hoopla into proportion.

it’s always trick or treat in Halloween Hollywood

So he naturally had some colorful things to say about the awards – like it’s retarded. Now that’s not what he said, I’m paraphrasing to give you the gist of it. What he said was that the Oscars are complete bullshit that pit people against each other. He also described them as a big stinky carrot. Well he didn’t say stinky, but he did call ’em a carrot. He then went on to say that they’re the worst tasting carrot that he ever tasted. I think what he’s trying to say is that Hollywood success has a slightly shitty flavour. It’s alright if you have a taste for it. It might be rough trying to acquire a taste for it though. Now his statements might sound a bit rough. Perhaps he just meant that they should change the Awards ceremony date so that it falls on Halloween? It would be even more incentive to dress up, but wardrobe malfunctions and fashion faus paxs would be less noticeable in a general trick or treat atmosphere. Let’s just say that Joaquin was slightly irritated.

If you wanna heart more about what Joaquin had to say, then just watch the following brief video!

Jolie and the Leg still not talking

By the way for those waiting for some closure on the Jolie vs Leg story the two are still together, though Jolie say that the Leg is “dead to me!”. So then they’re estranged, rather than separated – like the relationship with her father Jon Voight. Jolie is also threatening to leave the Leg home this year – but that’s probably just an empty threat to keep the Leg in line. The Leg saga is a typical Hollywood story where some one forgets where they came from. Next thing you know the Leg will be doing it’s own good will missions for the UN. Now that might be an exaggeration but I could definitely see the damned thing endorsing a presidential candidate or pitching a reality TV pilot – possibly even releasing it’s own sex tape! So Jolie just wants to remind her leg to dance with the person that brought them to the party.

PS. The subject of Oct 15th’s Wondertrash Comic Con’s brashly shameless Mandy Caruso has made the Daily Mail. Seems that her  Tumblr post – a strong & well written piece – on comic con creepiness has gone semi viral. now Ms Caruso has made the Daily Mail! hit the link to read the article Mandy @ the Mail.

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Miley Cyrus & boyfriend swap heads!

Ever since Miley Cyrus gave up her career for her boyfriend – well that’s not exactly true because her career sort of petered out on it’s own – she just hasn’t been able to get enough of the big lug. It’s like she’s developed some kind of clingy needy co dependent attachments to the guy. For instance she’s posted a number of annoying tweets about their relationship to the effect of “why doesn’t he love me like I love him“, “I guess I have to accept he can never love me like I love him“, “I can’t take the fact that he doesn’t appreciate me personally“, “I guess I have to learn to love myself but I can’t cause I love him too much” etc. Boyfriend finally put his foot down and told her to knock it the fuck off and stay away from twitter  She did a for about 2 days and then started posting more passive aggressive shit. Lets face it – it would take the talent of a Taylor Swift to turn those tweets into a successful career!

Basically Miley resents the fact that her boyfriend has a life of his own or any independent existence apart from her. That can pose relationship problems for a ferociously needy person. Fortunately Miley is determined & has hit upon a solution. She and her guy have had their heads surgically swapped! It’s anew technique originally developed in Hollywood to give over the hill actresses a new lease on life by harvesting the heads of younger up and coming actresses (just imagine Kristen Stewart head glumly frowning away from atop Julia Roberts during some Vanity Fair interview and insisting “now we’re practically Bette Davis! “), but is now being offered as an option for impulsive celebrity couples who want to take it to the next level. So far there have been few takers but Beverly Hills surgeons believe that if they can get Brad & Angelina to go for this then it might catch on. Here’s the Miley results!

Latest Gossip = Slap Egotists

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Mila Kunis Goes Topless for "Esquire"

Mila Kunis Goes Topless for “Esquire

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Modern Masters: Andy Warhol – Documentary – Artist

The Art of Celebrity is Teasing a Sluttish Muse

No one is still sure whether Andy Warhol put culture into pop, or pop into culture. He did make his mark, & a shit load of money. Hugh Grant, who’d been working in Hollywood for years playing shy cute English gents, before getting blow jobbed and scandalized in LA, has Warhol to thank for finally becoming independently wealthy in Hollywood. Back when he was starting out some one persuaded him to buy a Warhol print of Liz Taylor for about $250 000. Grant probably thought it would be a cool thing to do and a possible hedge against inflation. He eventually turned that over for about $18 million. So Hugh doesn’t need to work much anymore, which is good since he came out of that whole BJ thing a lot worse than former President “Bull” Clinton! Whether or not Warhol actually quipped “Who’s Art? I’ve never heard of him.” he did reputedly say that making money was the highest form of art. So let’s take a look at Andy: his life & times & his pretty freaky pictures!

Latest Gossip = Slap Egotists

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Jayne Mansfield Interview: American Actress in Film, Theatre, and Televi…

Jayne Mansfield was a gal with a 163 IQ (probably where Sharon Stone got the idea from. Stone claimed to have a 162 IQ and be a member of MENSA. Then MENSA announced that there was no record of her ever being a member. There was no record of her IQ score either)who played the violin, married a body builder, and hung around with satanists. She also made it in Hollywood as a plus sized Marylin Munroe. So she had quite an impact. Let’s have a listen to Mansfield in her own words, through the following interview.

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Rod Serling – American Masters – PBS – Documentary

The heady world of Hollywood seems a little like a Twilight Zone – what with those sad faces and painted on magazine smiles. Behind the plastic surgery and designer duds hides some very funky stuff indeed. Maybe that’s why one of the entertainment industry‘s most successful products has been the Twilight Zone. Long before Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were riding the Twilight franchise train, a writer named Rod Sterling made twilight a household word. Here’s a little glimpse into the world of Rod Sterling.

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