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After her mother's death in 2003, Stella Vine ...Image via WikipediaRemember when Princess Diana said that Prince Charles was gonna have her bumped off? No one paid too much attention at the time. That’s just what people going through a bad divorce say. Still Diana was pretty insistent that something bad was gonna happen to her. She told a number of people – including her butler, made a number of semi public statements about it, and even put it in writing several times. Diana said that she would be gotten rid of possibly through some kindof car accident. When she actually died by in a car accident, while vacationing in Paris with fiancee Dodi el Fayd, it seemed like one hell of a coincidence.

secrets in safe keeping
It was even more of a coincidence that a few weeks after her death, Lady Diana’s lawyer Lord Mishcon handed Scotland Yard chief Lord Condon a note in which Diana predicted her death by auto accident. The highly-respected lawyer’s document records the line: “Efforts would be made if not to get rid of her (be it by some accident in her car, such as a pre-prepared brake failure or whatever)…at least to see that she was so injured or damaged as to be declared unbalanced.” That note took some time to get to light. That’s partly because it spent at least three years locked in Condon’s office safe. I say that it spent at least three years in Condon’s safe because the safe was only Condon’s for three years. After he stepped down Lord Stevens took over the office and the safe. The note stayed on as a long term resident of the office strong box.
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This is where things get sticky. There were separate Diana Inquiries in both France and Britian. The British one clued up by concluding that it was a damned shame that Princess Diana allowed herself to be chauffeured around by a drunk, pill popping, mentally unstable Frenchman. The drunk unstable Frenchman would have been Henri Paul, who was taking medications for depression and was allegedly drunk on the night of the crash. Some reports had him 5 to 10 drinks under the weather and not up to a high speed chase with the paparazzi. Add those crazy French drivers into the equation and it was a recipe for disaster.
those French sure do things different
Not surprisingly the French see things a little differently. The current head of the French inquiry – Judge Gerard Caddeo, is concerned about the ‘murder note’. Specifically he wants to know why something relevant to the investigation, and possible evidence of foul play, had been kept under wraps for so long. To that end he’d like to have a little chat with the particulars Lord Condon and Lord Stevens; those two fine English gentleman who kept Diana’s death memo in the office safe for so long. In fact he’d even like them to take a little jaunt across the channel so that he can ask them some simple question while they enjoy some French hospitality.

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Now neither of these fine and illustrious gentlemen seem to have any plans for a French vacation anytime soon. Lord Condon said only the other day, in regards to the issue, that “I have not been asked to go to Paris,” he said. “There was discussion of all these things at the inquest and if there is anything else, you will have to speak to the legal affairs department at Scotland Yard. This is not the time or place for this.
noblesse oblige, or something like that
Meanwhile Judge Caddeo has been in contact with Sylvie Petit-Leclair – a French Judge attached to the French Embassy in London. Petit-Leclair specializes in cross channel legal issues. Judge Caddeo has also been in contact with the Home Office – busy fellow – demanding their help in getting interviews with the rogue gentlemen. Now these letters aren’t freindly “how do you dos” but ‘International Letters Rogatory’. Those are formal requests, and they name Condon and David as suspects. Caddeo especially wants to speak to Condon, to ask him why a note reporting that the Princess had been “informed by sources worthy of her trust” that an attempt was being made to “eliminate her in an orchestrated automobile accident” was withheld from French investigators by the British Embassy & Scotland Yard. So the Diana issue is heating up!
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