The Talk about The Talk

Daytime Bitchfest – fussin’ fightin’, ‘n feudin’!

Leah Remini was best known as the bitchy wife on King of Queens, and for her active involvement with the Church of Scientology. These days she best known, like former MSNBC anchor Contessa Brewer, for getting fired. Leah was the co host of a the View type rip off called Talk. It featured some semi heavy hitters like Holly Robinson Peete, the chick who played Roseanne’s daughter, uber bitch Julie Chen, and Sharon Osbourne. With that much estrogen together in one place there’s bound to be explosions (it’s a very unstable substance that’s been known to become volatile in the presence of criticism or when mixed with alcohol).

So when hosts started getting fired people assumed that some vicious hen on hen pecking was going on behind the scenes. You know how the ladies can get when it come sot fightin’. Originally it was assumed that Julie Chen was behind the hatchet work. Her husband is some kind of high powered network executive(CBS President and Chief Executive Les Moonves – just be thankful she ain’t married to a John Gotti!). Julie like to remind people about that on the set, especially when they disagree with her or anything. So the working theory had been that Chen had gone off her head after going mad with power. She then decided that she wanted thewhole show for her self and started systematically getting ride of the other hosts the way a queen bee clears rivals out of a hive. Women can be a little like Highlander in the movie – “There can be only one!”

A new spin has been put on that theory from an odd direction. Ever since Howard Stern (his name spells ‘Wondertrash‘!) moved on to Sirius people assumed that he would get lost int he satellite radio wilderness like Dr. Laura Schlesinger. Dr Laura used to have an entertaining and provocative phone in radio show until she came over all Tourette’s Syndrome on the air and said some things that ought not be said. At first she claimed that she’d done nothing wrong – “you hear that kind of language all the time on cable TV!” She also claimed that she’d stick to her guns. BY the end of the week she claimed that she immediately knew she’d been wrong the moment the offensive words left her sharp little lips. Though she was in full apology mode by that time it didn’t help. She stepped down from her popular radio stop and over to Sirius – without taking many Twitter followers with her. She had about 6000 last time I checked. Upshot is Sirius is where you go when you go away – it’s like heaven for shock jocks. So it could be Rush Limbaugh’s next stop on the slut walk of shame.

So imagine the surprise of not only hearing from Howard again, but hearing that well known people do his show and talk about shit! In this case the well knowner was Sharon Osbourne. Back in December Osbourne did Stern’s show and the subject of the firing came up. Mizzy Ozzy could’ve taken the diplomatic route and claimed she missed Remini, wished her well in her future projects, or some other such shit. She might have even blamed the economy and called cut backs. Instead she said “Some people don’t really know who they are. You have to know who you are when you’re in something like this. You can’t pretend to be something you’re not.

Shar -O really shouldn’t have said that cause it lead to the last thing we need – another celebrity on Twitter. When Remini caught wind of this (Osbourne probably figured she was safe cause it was Sirius but surprises! – people not only do Stern’s show, they listen to it too!) she went on a Twit fit! Remini tweeted recently on the whole brouhaha – “Sharon thought me and Holly were ‘ghetto'” she tweeted. “We were not funny, awkward and didn’t know ourselves. She has the power that was given to her.” Now when one celeb starts tweetin’ another is sure to responding, like annoying noisy little birds. So Shar-O had to get her comeback in. Ms Ozzy tweeted – “In response to Leah Remini’s continuous comments that I had her fired from “The Talk,” let me just go on the record to say I had absolutely nothing to do with her departure from the show and have no idea why she continues to take to Twitter to spread this false gossip.” Now you know that wasn’t gonna be the last word. Remini responded – “I will not respond to Sharon BUT only to say this, IF she wanted to clear it up she has my number & has had ALL this time and didnt use it.not even to say she was sorry. so to Sharon I say… Well done Sharon, you won. I will move on now as you suggested. And so should u. Be at Peace.

I wonder if she means the “be at peace” crack? You can’t fault Leah for being touchy. Apart from the woman’s pride issue there’s the fact that it’s good to have a job in this economy. The Talk has been picked up for a 3 rd season. It also snags more than 2 million dollars. It’s a nice gig to have. Without it Remini might have to fall back on TV pilots & mid season replacements – or fighting Contessa Brewer for part time air time (she’s helping out at he local New York NBC affiliate). Naturally the little spat has taken an ugly turn. If any of the ladies are on hormone replacement therapy or this could get hard core! We can only hope that the potential nastiness & cattiness doesn’t deter any impressionable young men from doing their duty and knocking up the women their gonna have to support until well after their productive years are long gone! It would be a shame for romantic illusions to die in a daytime chat show setting, instead of on Reality TV!

BTW Wondertrash is now on Tumblr – so check out out for frequent updates!

Former MSNBC anchor going over to the dark side

PS: Contessa Brewer fans shouldn’t be discouraged cause CB ain’t Though she got canned off of her MSNBC anchor spot sometime back in August, the lovely lady does have a come back plan in the works. Based on the principle that broadcast news has descended to the level of pro wrestling Contessa plans to have a ‘political conversion’ and market herself to FOX News as a ‘reformed liberal‘.

If they think she’s some kind of door mat like Keith Olbermann then they’ve got something else coming!

She thinks that it will be an irresistible angle and allow her to deliver such lines during interviews as “don’t give my that liberal editorial line crap cause I worked at MSNBC and I know how that works!” Plus she’s hoping to get signed up for some FOX sponsored neurolinguistic programming course of the kind that have made FOX commentators such verbal terrorists! Wish her luck folks!

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Momma Mia

a little tittle tattle Gawker has caught everyone’s attention with a salacious bit of tittle tattle posted earlier today. According to their blind gossip item a major celebrity – barely an A Lister in their words – is a very sick customer. When they say sick they mean well beyond the usual Hollywood standards. This guy isn’t just content with anal sex, or to crap in chicks’ mouths, like the rest of those Walk of Fame perverts. This guy’s into a whole other ball of wax!

Don’t take my word for it. The exact piece posted went like this:

He calls his mates “mom” and sucks his thumb after sex. This famous ladies’ man’s girlfriend got knocked up to snag him and this pregnant celeb is having a test tube baby. Everyone has mommy issues!

1. “According to an ex-girlfriend of this A list movie actor (barely A list by the way), our actor likes to call the person he is having sex with, “mom” and also sucks his thumb after sex. Can you say disturbing?” [CDaN]

Man that’s some awful stuff! Though we might have expected this kind of stuff from Ronald & Nancy Reagan, we expect something more dangerous and exotic from our professional actors! Strangely not many people are asking who it could be. It’s as if folks already have some pretty strong ideas about who the Hollywood Mama’s Boy might be. Now Hollywood is spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting among deviants, however there’s just one name that shoots ahead of the rest when it comes to these sort of shenanigans.

The name of course is David Arquette and he was vocal on Howard Stern’s Sirius Radio about the mommy angle in his Courtney Cox relationship. He told Howie that Courts dumped him because she was tired of being his “Mommy“. Now we all took that to be figurative. You know the sort of thing; Dave was an immature and irresponsible oaf – like Homer Simpson – and Courts got tired of playing Marge. However as the following CNN video confirms, he did cry after sex.

No wonder Courtney dumped his sissy ass! That must’ve just gotten way too creepy after awhile. That’s so far beyond creepy that waking up post coitus on Dexter’s dissection table would be a relief in comparison to the crying and thumb sucking. Many people cry after sex, and even during and before. Also sucking is not an unknown occurrence. However what if this points to some kind of deeper issue. There’s a very short step from crying to thumb sucking. So could Mr. Arquette by the Gawker Mystery Weenie? Like we say here @ Wondertrashcelebrities are fucked up people!“. I wonder if Dave made Courtney spank him during sex, and if this sis something he picked up off of Brit Celebs? I hear that they’re all into that shit over there! Why couldn’t he be into normal kinky stuff, like every other pervert not on a sex offenders’ registry?


I have seen the future and it’s a rerun!

Conan O Brien’s gone and nearly forgotten, Jay Leno’s back with Lindsay Vonn to help him warm things up, so the only real question is how NBC will fill that hour of network prime time every week night at 10 PM. My guess is reality TV pilot after reality TV pilot after reality TV pilot. At least that would give them a real shot at winning their time slot – although with the new guy still in charge @ NBC I guess that they don’t do that anymore. If you’ve had an idea for a TV series floating around in the back of your mind now might be a good time to pitch it to NBC!

BTW Jay Leno isn’t the only bug big name who’s back. Harrison Ford is back again in a new film called Extraordinary Measures. Everyone knows who Harrison Ford is, but for those under the age of 18 Ford is the 80’s movie icon who didn’t fuck up on Oprah or get busted for DUI. This isn’t an action film even though the title sounds like one. What it is is as explained by Mr. Ford in the following short video promo:

The Oscars are back too but that’s not news since they come back around every time this year. What is news is that Woody Harrelson is back with them. He was the guy who played Tony Danza on Cheers. His new flick is getting some good buzz.

Speaking of the 80’s Corey Feldman is back and attracting a lot of attention. He was recently at La Vida – where he may or may not have been valet parking – it’s not clear from the video clip, & and getting a lot of young women mildly excited. Getting a lot of young women mildly excited is what he used to do best!

It’s good to see that he’s still got it. I was afraid that the Fonz might be losing his cool for awhile. Splitting with his wife and palling around with Cory Haim again really seems to agree with him. Haim has really put on quite a little bit of weight since trying to kick prescription pills I hear. Corey mentions having a lot of projects in the works like The Goonies 25 year reunion, so he may have been joking about having work.

Some one who’s going rather than coming is Simon Cowell. He’s leaving American Idol to start up an American version of X Factor with Paula Abdul. While Simon is leaving he has tapped Howard Stern (who’s name re arranged spells ‘wondertrash’!) to replace. So welcome back to Howard too. He hasn’t been a household name since he moved to Sirius satellite radio.

That pesky paparazzo might have been on to something with his Perezhilton idea! Meanwhile Simon is getting married – I hope this isn’t anything rash. I really hope it works out better for him than satellite radio did for Stern. Then again Stern should’ve known that talk radio listeners are gonna avoid anything called Sirius, on the basis that it might be a front for the Illuminati! If it doesn’t work out, Simon can always come back to TV! I’m sure that Howard would offer him his old spot back – just like Conan with Jay Leno!


Artie Lange Stabs Himself in Suicide Attempt?


Michael Jackson on the loose in London – Howard Stern does black face in the 80’s

Now from the frightening to the disgusting. Footage has emerged of shock jock Howard Stern parading around in black face like he was Ted Danson at the Friar’s Club. It was from the 80’s but should still be powerful enough to end what’s left of his career (that is what switching to satellite radio didn’t finish). In fact he might go the way of colleague Don Imus! Here then, by way of Jezebel, is the smoking gun! So long Howie, it was good to know ya! Michael Richard’s can give the guy some post career guidance?

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