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X-Men Origins: Wolverine Movie Trailer
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It’s an X Men without the X Men. It doesn’t even have Halle Berry as Storm. It does have Hugh though, fresh of his multi million dollar international flop Australia (I hear that Russell Crowe passed on that one back when it was still in development and called Eucalyptus!). Well that could happen to anyone – as Aishwarya Rai pointed out when her husband’s mega bomb Dhrona hit the dirt. In other words Hugh needs this one to do well. Nicole Kidman no doubt got the blame for Australia because she’s over 40, she’s a chick, and she’s mired ion the whole Tom Cruise Scientology fiasco. That means according to the Hollywood pecking order we might not be seeing more of her in the near future, but Jackman still gets to make major motion pictures. Unless Wolverine flops. Then he’s seen as screwing up what should’ve been a slam dunk – and his career goes into a new context (free fall?). Well his performance would have to be better than this recent youtube outing by Steve Guttenberg. We hadn’t seen anything of him till this, in which we saw more than ever.
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