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Before we get onto anything else let’s get to first things first with the latest transmission of the View From space with Gary Bell. Gary had to take a little break last week, while the royals were in town, because he really is that dangerous.
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“who are they?”

Many people ask me “What do you mean by Illuminati?” Here’s what I tell them:

The Illuminati is like the mafia for rich people. “Membership has it’s privilege’s” is kind of their motto. This group is not only privileged, but exclusive. It’s exclusive because not everyone can get in. You have to be rich, but not just any million dollar bozo can walk up and sell their soul. They can try, and the Illuminati will be happy to take their soul, but the million dollar bozo won’t get anything back on the deal. So if you‘ve just won the lottery and want to buy into the conspiracy forget about it. You’ve got a better chance of joining the Sopranos.

To qualify for Illuminati membership you’ve got to be born rich. As a matter of fact the more of your ancestors who were born rich the better. That’s called a pedigree, or being in on the ground floor. The better your pedigree the more of a stake in the game you have. The game is the matrix of money and power; and how money and power get exchanged. If you don’t have a stake in the game then you’re a sucker. Like in most games suckers are there to get taken, if they try to play.

Over the past several thousand years the Illuminati have managed to corner the market on money and power. That leads to another favourite questions – usually right after “who are they?” – and that’s “If they’re in complete control then why are there wars and conflicts? Why so much stage managing?” That’s because the Illuminati fight amongst themselves. Once again the Mafia is a good comparison. In the Mafia there might be a half dozen or so major organized crime families. They divide up territory amongst themselves and then go on to exploit their piece of the action. They shake down legitimate businessmen, buy local authorities, corrupt the local political systems, and ruthlessly crush anyone who gets in their way; while stealing as much as they can grab.

Every so often, and that’s more often than not, Mafia families will start fighting among themselves. Someone will start eating into some one else’s territory – basically sticking their finger into some one else’s pie. When that happens there’ll be a power struggle. So they’ll fight it out until things go too far. Then a Mafia council will get called and the law will get laid down. A treaty will get decided for who gets what. Everyone agrees and signs in blood. Then they go out and start to cheat on the deal straight away. It’s about power and competition – so business as usual is the way that the game gets played.

With the Illuminati this happens on a global scale. Instead of fighting over crime action in a few New York city blocks they fight over the world – entire nations. Each major Illuminati family gets the concession for a major territory: North America (the Rockefellers), Europe (the Rothschilds), the Mid East (the Saudi bin Ladens – who’ve supported the recent Bush concession in the USA), &c. They’re the generals and field marshals. Then it breaks down to their seconds, or “captains”. A secondary family with get a territorial division, like Canada (the Thompsons – whenever a Canadian business family gets a Brit peerage you know that they’re big), The United States (run directly by the Rockefellers), the UK (the “Firm” – who use constitutional monarchy as a cloaking device for power), etc.

Then there will be further divisions into “lieutenant families” & “associates” – like the Kennedys used to be in Boston. The Bush Family have taken over many local concerns and are currently America’s most successful Illuminati franchise – like the Kennedys used to be. Then it breaks down right to your local autocrat. He’s the guy who owns the local plant and backed the governor’s campaign. He may not know the big picture, but who knows who to take orders from, and who to fear. That’s how conspiracies work. If he wants government contracts for his business, if he wants to get his son into a good school or make a good marriage for his daughter, or get into one of those exclusive networking clubs, then he knows to kiss ass and play the power game. It’s called “1000 points of light” (a cell structure of power subdivided into multiple centers), so no one needs to see the whole playbook. Still in the big picture your local town tyrant is like the guy who rents a stall in the mall.

Naturally they have feuds and in fighting. Just like the Mafia. People driven by power become very competitive and like to push the limits hard. So they constantly try to improve their position. They’re constantly trying to steal a piece of another Illuminati family’s action. Or they’re trying to knock each other down a bit to build themselves up, relatively. On national scale this is the pay off or sex sandals you read about in the papers.

The thing going on in NYC now with the French politician and the maid is an example of this. Major players in France are jockeying for position in the run up to a crucial election. This could get ugly. Sarkozy recently got grabbed during a walk about. When a politician gets grabbed by some bystanders then they’re usually getting a message. The message is “you’re not bullet proof” or “we can get to you”. It’s an intimation technique that’s meant to rattle their cage and make them feel vulnerable.

Usually some bozo never gets close enough to a VIP to pull a stunt like that. The situation is too controlled. Security screens everything for days in advance and controls access just to make sure cranks and crack pots don’t get close enough to pull anything funny. When William and Kate recently visited Quebec – a hot bed of anti Royalism – the public appearances were highly set up. Events were screened days in advance and people in the front line of spectators were selected. Many bystanders who got to meet them even had Brit accents. This was to make sure some joker didn’t try to make some “vive Quebec libre” point by hitting the Duchess of Cambridge in the face with a pie. When some one does get that close it’s usually because the security screen has opened up and left a deliberate gap. The VIP becomes aware of how dependent on his minders he is, and feels a lot less powerful and full of himself. So the gloves are in the French Election.

Anthony Weiner is another example – believe me the Intenet has brakes in place to keep political sex tweets & porno e mails from getting loose (as well as even more sensitive info). That’s why so many politicos are stupid enough to do it. They think that they won’t get caught because most of the time they won’t. They’re covered. In Weiner’s case some one just cut the brake lines – so to speak. Tony was tapped for promotion; he was touted as the next Mayor of NYC (a very significant position – Giuliani got a Knight of the Garter honour from the Queen), and was married off to Hillary Clinton’s top assistant Huma Abedin. So he was on the fast track. Then he pissed off some one, and got deep 6’d. Fortunately Tony’s smart enough to know the score so he stepped down quietly instead of trying to fight it out. He knows when he’s done so he might get off easy. Former Illinois Gov Blago recently got 300 years. That’s 75 times more than Casey Anthony got – so you tell me these guys don’t play for keeps! Basically Blago’s been buried under Shit Mountain.

On an international scale these Illuminati power struggles lead to wars. We’ve seen that over the past ten years. Oil was the big deal there. Then there’s been a lot of talk about a New World Order. That means that the Illuminati is redrawing the borders and doing some house cleaning. Territory and resources are being redistributed among the big players. Also people who’ve outlived their usefulness, like Saddam Hussein and now Mumar Gaddafi, are put out of the way (Power has always been a blood sport – read the history of Tudor England). Meanwhile new power players, like Kharzi and Barack Obama are getting a trial run with a piece of the action.

The new arrangement is supposed to lead to some temporary stability. The last time we had a major power and wealth redistribution was World War 2. That lasted for 50 years. An arrangement is exactly what it was too. The fact that the USA was pretty good at getting rid of people they didn’t want around but never got around to Castro should tell you something. If they wanted him gone he’d have been gone. Kennedy wanted him gone and Castro out lived Kennedy. Castro also outlasted the Soviet Union, which should tell you something too. Castro’s favourite game is baseball, and if the guy knows anything it’s how to play ball. How do you think that the CIA found out about those missiles anyway? The CIA also did Fidel the great favour of getting rid of his popular rival Che Guevara after Castro’s office tipped the CIA off to Che’s whereabouts.

The arrangement eventually broke down when too many major players malfunctioned. The USSR collapsed for instance. South Africa also had a major government change at about the same time. That put too many valuable prizes up for grabs, as the game board radically changed, and led to a lot of infighting as power players competed for access to what was now lucrative common territory. So like a “Mafia sit down” where some new understandings about who has what had to be reached, a New World Order was dreamed up.

This is the answer to that second question -”Why all the conflict if the Illuminati are in charge?” It’s because they’re not fighting us; they’re fighting each other. It’s not us vs. them, but them vs. them. It’s like those medieval turf wars between feudal barons who were trying to cut themselves a bigger piece of the action. We’re onlookers, bit players, and part of the stakes in the game. The Illuminati are the ones who are really in on the game, and the real players.

Now here’s a little more on the New World Order with Ralph Epperson and America’s Secret Destiny.

The Illuminati Card Game & Stem Cell Transhumanism!

Remember that Illuminati card game that came out in the early 90’s and supposedly predicted the World Trade Center bombing? It got a lot of talk on the conspiracy radio show circuit among people who thought that it was some kind of predictive programing mind control tactic. Well here’s a glimpse at some of those little cards from the Infowars forum site, in the Gary Bell/View From Space thread.

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BTW Jones is very well informed. He’s just referenced Aubrey de Grey – the trans-humanist, on the show. Not many have heard of Grey but he’s the guy who’s seriously into Trans-humanism, which is the buzz word of life extension, or vice verse.

Transhumanisn is a major part of the Illuminati agenda, since they think they’re gonna live for 100’s of years, with Biblical pre flood life spans, after they get rid of the rest of us. this is why stem cell research is being hyped up. It’s supposed to be the key to DNA renewal that will allow the kind of cellular regeneration odometer role back that will allow aging reptilians to go from 80 years back to 25, then live and extra 300 years or so – just like Zardoz!

The idea is: your body cellularly regenerates every 7 years. Every cell gets broken down and replaced. So your body is a little like George Washington’s ax. The joke being that the guy goes into a museum, curator says “This is Washington’s original ax, with which he chopped down the cherry tree. The handle has been replaced 7 times and the blade 5 but it’s still the same ax!”

Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence SENSThe down side of the process is that the DNA degrades each time it get’s copied. Just like when you try to photocopy a photocopy. By the 3rd or 4th generation the image becomes a blur. In fact science has determined that human life span can’t go much past 120 years at most. The DNA just starts dissolving! This “replication decay” also posed a problem, with Illuminati cloning techniques – until the discovery of stem cells!

The question was “If DNA breaks down through copying then why doesn’t this happen in populations, through sexual reproduction?” For years people believed it did and that people were naturally more degenerate then their parents and grand parents. It’s the Hesiod and the Iron Age sort of thing. Eventually the race would go down hill.

The catch there was that the women carried the original seed cells. At birth a woman already has as many eggs as she ever will. By adulthood that’s 416, after some spoilage. She can’t produce more, like a man. The male however carries a kind of “second rate” DNA in his sperm. While he can keep popping put more sperm, it’s not the premium building material. It’s just the mortar between the bricks.

The ‘seed cells’ are the original copying template, & women are the seed carriers. That’s why all races from Jews to Vedic Indians have have been matrilineal. Women determined race & caste. They were the seed bearers and as long as your breeding base of women were intact your tribal group survived. Men were ‘expendable’, and so were allowed to go off on risky heroic exploits like war. Women were to valuable to their racial tribal group to risk. “Women and children first” as the saying goes.

That brings us to the stem cells. The stem cells are most directly derived from these original seeds (the seed cells form the DNA template from which everything else gets copied in cell division). So they contain the prime DNA, not the kind that rapidly breaks down. So you can use these magic seeds to make premium clones that don’t contain the usual coding defects or start falling apart after 7 years.

It also means that if you have your own stem cells you can theoretically reinforce your own DNA – sort of like overwriting decayed code with the original pattern. as long as you have good stem cells you can regenerate to your prime and keep rolling back the odometer. There’s no decay problem since you can keep over writing broken down code with the fresh source material! Theoretically a person could live a Biblical 1000 year life span, and stay youthful & healthy for most of it. 400 year olds might look like 30 year olds!

So the Illuminati have been hungry to push the stem cell thing. The problem being that they want to keep the benefits for themselves – among the elite. They don’t want us cattle benefiting. So the whole thing has to be brought along carefully, and not to fast. So much of this research is slow, and down out side of North America. That keeps the break troughs under wraps. Plus it allows some risky research to get done on 3rd worlders that might not be gotten away with here in North America. Then when the whole genetic witches’ brew is done, the Elite will be ready to live as virtual immortals in a depopulated new world. That’s the deal on transhumanism!

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