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Happy days are here again?

Henry Winkler is a real life fonz as he tries to get erin moran on arrested development

While America is still wondering why Mitt Romney has women in binders – perhaps some sort of restraint? – Henry Winkler was busy being a real life Fonzie. He did that by coming to the aid of down and out former Happy Days co star Erin Joanie Cunningham Moran. Things have gone from bad to worse for Moran as she moved into a trailer park with her husband and his mother, & then got kicked out by mom for her hard partying ways. That left her and hubby bouncing back and forth between motels. When hubs moved back in with mom and tried to sneak Erin in after dark mom caught on and the shit hit the fan. Mom chased Moran off the property and out into the street while threatening to get the law after her.

News of Erin sad plight has reached Winkler. Now the man who came to her rescue so often on the Happy Days TV series is reaching out to save the day once again. Winkler has a reoccurring role on critically acclaimed sit com Arrested Development (and before you say that went off the air hit this link, short answer is that they’ve got 10 episodes in the bag for Netflix, and they’re maneuvering for a movie deal). Winkler plays a bumbling lawyer. So Winkler, who is “absolutely shattered over what’s become of Erin,” & who “desperately wants to help get back back on her feet” is pushing to get her a part on the show. So hopefully there’ll be some happy days for Moran in the not too distant future!

Megan Fox has a son

Mean while the girl who brought foxy back – Megan Fox, recently gave birth to a son named Noah Shannon Green. She kept it under her hat to because she only announced it today on her facebook page, but young Noah was born back on Sept 27! Megan posted “We are humbled to have the opportunity to call ourselves the parents of this beautiful soul and I am forever grateful to God for allowing me to know this kind of boundless, immaculate love,” Fox continues in her post. “Thanks to those of you who wish to send your positive energy and well wishes. May God bless you and your families abundantly.

angry sexy love triangle

After a reunion and a birth we move on to a bust up. This bust up happened a while ago. It’s Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore.  However there are some new developments. After the split Ashton moved on to former that 70’s show cast mate Mila Kunis – currently the voice of Meg on Family Guy. Now the new developments are that Moore is “jealous & frustrated” over her husband’s (they’re not yet officially divorced) blossoming romance with the newest “sexiest woman alive“, & sources say she’s not in a good frame of mind. However friends clarify by saying that Moore is not upset about Kunis being young and beautiful, but about her husband being a jerk by publicly humiliating her. Maybe she’s a little upset about Kunis being young & beautiful – girls will be girls. Maybe it’s not Kunis’ youth & beauty that make her such so appealing as much as her ability to fit her entire fist into her mouth!

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Now you’re bound to be popular when you can do that!

Binders full of Superman

Finally for something Superhero related. The heirs of Superman have been defeated in a court of law. Superman was created by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel back in 1938. DC Comics bought aout the rights to the character for $412 – the original check was eventually sold in an online auction for $160 000. Shuster & Siegel battled throughout their lives to gain more compensation for the character that they created & which made DC Comics a fortune.

DC was pretty tight fisted with the Superman rights. However Shusters heirs claimed that there were copyright provisions that left works dating prior to 1978 open to re negotiations. Warner Bros – now the owners of DC and consequently Superman –  claims that the provisions don’t count, cause Shuster’s sister and brother signed away the right to re negotiate in exchange for increased pension payments from DC. The Shuster’s lawyer Marc Toberoff argued that the agreement in question was a one page document signed in 1992, & that 1 page is a little too sketchy to sign away copyright claims. In this case sketchy means brief, & not dodgy, in case any lawyers are reading. U.S. District Court Judge Otis Wright II didn’t see it that way and decided in favour of Warner Bros, which leaves them ready to go with a Superman reboot film by Zach Snyder and called “Man of Steel” due out in 2013. Snyder promises to take Supes from a big blue boyscout & bring him down to earth in a form everyone can relate to. So maybe he can come up with a story line about Superman being driven out of Metropolis after Lex Luthor organizes a class action suit against the man of steel on behalf of the city, claiming reimbursement for damages done in the course of Superman’s crime fighting spree!

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