Charlie Sheen Is Going to Be A Grandpa

Looks like congratulations are in due to Charlie Sheen

Charlie ain’t the only one basking in the glow of good news! Jessica Simpson is returning to show business. Jessica took some time out to get married and have kids but now she’s planning a comeback. Now she’s coming back to the medium that made her a star – television. Jess is planning a new sit com based on her life. She’s working with Ben Silverman of Electus, & Nick Bakay who brought you Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Zookeeper and ‘Til Death. Jess said of her up coming project – “I am so excited to work with Ben and NBC again, this time on a scripted comedy. I often find myself thinking that no one could ever make up the things that actually happen in my life, so between the real-life elements and a great team of writers, I think we’ll have people laughing.” Silverman was just as enthusiastic – “We are thrilled to team up with the multitalented Jessica Simpson to bring this new sitcom to life on NBC as she is truly a modern-day Lucy with incredible comedic chops,” Electus founder and chairman said. “From running a fashion empire to wrangling her public image as a new mom, we see Jessica’s character approach a variety of ‘everyday’ circumstances that will get audiences laughing out loud.

Jess ain’t the only pop culture icon making a come back either. The Queen of pop culture icons is also ready to make her long anticipated come back to regular prime time TV! Now that can only mean that we are due for another Wonder Woman series!

Now Wonder Woman has been a comic book icon ever since her creator Harvard educated shrink William Moulton Marston dreamed her up while perfecting the lie detector. Basically she was a dreamy warrior goddess type who enjoyed flirting with danger and getting tied up! She started out in Sensation Comics back in 1941, when she tried to find true love by joining the United States Air Force and fighting Hitler! While she and love interest – buffoonish Col Steve Trevor – never quite clicked, she was instrumental in the 3rd Reich’s eventual downfall.

So Wonder Woman has been a comic icon for years. It took Lynda Carter to make her a pop culture icon in the 1970’s. Lynda Cordova Carter was (& still is!) a gorgeous half Mexican aspiring singer and beauty pageant contestant when she took on the role of Wonder Woman in the TV show. She has been quoted in interviews as saying that at the time she doubted that the show would do well. It was just something she took to pay the rent while she waited on call backs from other projects. The show’s producers were more optimistic about Lynda. Apparently when she came to audition that casting director looked at his assistant and said “we’ve found our Wonder Woman!

The show was a little campy – though not as bad as 1960’s Batman. Still it went on for 4 years and made Lynda a star. It featured the former beauty contestant in a star spangled crime fighting bathing suit, in which she fought a series of bad guys using judo chops and karate kicks, deflected bullets using super powered accessory bracelets, saved the world from bogus alien invasion, rode a skate board, and was frequently bound and gagged while in peril type situations. She also managed to squeeze he truth out of numerous blow dried creeps in bell bottoms by tying them up with her magic lasso. So think of it as like Charlie’s Angels but with vastly superior scripts! The show became a perennial favorite in reruns and made Carter a bonafide star.

Naturally there has been interest in bringing Wonder Woman back. Only prob was that Lynda got so identified with the role that it seemed like no one else could take on the part. Then came the the Super Hero Movie craze that began maybe with Chris Reeves Superman but more likely with the beginning of the Batman serials. These things didn’t really fail, so comic based projects became a safe and reliable money maker. So the time looked good for a Wonder Woman revival. So in the fullness of time TV mega producer David Kelley got a script, a girl named Adrienne Palicki, and a skin tight crime fighting cat suit together and a pilot was made. NBC eventually bailed on the series but the pilot featuring Palicki as a bad ass edgy Wonder Woman made the Internet rounds.

Now the world is ready for you, and the magic that you do…

Now Kelley always maintained in interviews that Wonder Woman was never given a fair chance by the networks. Apparently someone agrees with him. The good people over at CW have their won plans for Wonder Woman. They’re planning a series tentatively called Amazon and which will feature a younger Wonder Woman a la Superman in Smallville. Apparently it was the success of Arrow that jump started the idea, so the guys at CW are ready to go. As of now the project is green lighted and ready top appear next season. It only needs a script, and actress and a costume. What they do have is a really good writer named Alan Heinberg who wrote the comic a few years back.

“If anyone wants me I’ll be in the invisible jet.”

BTW Phil Jiminez, who had a very successful run writing Wonder Woman comics, is very hopeful for the new series. He says “For a variety of reasons but many, I’d argue, that are rooted in deep-seated notions held about gender and sex, Wonder Woman can be a very difficult character to make commercially potent in comic books,” Jimenez said in an email statement. “Wonder Woman is, after all, a woman with a capital ‘W’ — always a trick with fanboys (and some fangirls, too), because of her mission statement, point-of-view and hyper-feminist origins, especially the one creator William Moulton Marston ascribed the original incarnation of the character years ago.”

I  particularly hope to see some sort of exploration of the long-standing relationship between the precocious Diana and her mother, the over-protective Queen Hippolyta; how a child raised in a mythological paradise becomes interested in anything but; and how Wonder Woman’s near utopian upbringing affects her POV and what she brings to humanity as opposed to say, Batman’s dark, dystopian one,” he said. “And if anyone can manage the commercial needs of television as well as the tonal essentials of joy, hope, and empowerment-thu-action that make Wonder Woman ‘Wonder Woman,’ it’s Heinberg.”

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Never say never again

Remember how Halle Berry said that she’d never get married again? Well it’s a lady’s prerogative to change her mind and Berry has announced her engagement to Oliver Martinez. Now Halle had previously denied being engaged to Martinez. You can’t blame her for that since Oliver lives way over in France and Berry is involved in some kid of heated custody battle with her ex Gabriel Aubry right now. So there would be no use in upsetting everyone by coming out and saying something too soon. It might only give them more time to react! Timing is everything, and the element of surprise might not hurt either!

You see Halle has also recently filed to take daughter Nahla out of the country and over to France – the home of her prospective new beau. Naturally Gabby is opposed – damned opposed. He flipped a lid when Halle had to go to South Africa for a film. That was only for three months. This arrangement could be temporarily permanent. So there’s got to be some bad blood boiling up.

Gabby is fighting it but his case could be weakened by his recent alleged altercation with a former Nanny. Gabs had Nahla for the day and didn’t feel like sending daughter to school. She’s only 3 and why should he burn up a major chunk of his court appointed daddy time by sending his daughter out to Montessori school (that’s some kind of elite brainwashing programming for show business kids – the pass word is “arugula”). So he let her stay home. When nan comes to pick the kid up she demands to know the score. Gabs asks what the fuck it is to her and an alleged shoving match ensues. Then Gabs – who denied the incident took place in the way the nanny said it did – was ordered off for anger management.

After that there were tons of pap shots of Halle, Ollie, and Nahla out and about and looking like a merry little family. Not that she was deliberately trying to rub Gabs’ nose in it. Halle don’t play that way cause she just ain’t that kind of gal. Anyway something seemed to be building up and now we have it. The big plan seems to be hitching with Martinez and moving to Europe. Hopefully this whole thing isn’t some spiteful little plan to stick it to Aubry. That might turn her marriage to Martinez into an unfortunate fiasco – & that probably won’t end well.

Speaking of popularity Gisele Bundchen has been getting a lot of flack lately. That’s because she kind of blasted the Pats performance in the previous Superbowl. She said something about her husband Tom Brady not being able to throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. She added a fuck in there probably for emphasis.

The Superbowl it a kind of sacred and semi religious event among the American Sports Fanatic. So unsportsmanlike like comments by some one not directly involved might be on the border of the acceptable. It would be like accusing a priest of stealing out of the collection plate would’ve been, back in the days before everyone found out what many of them actually did. Many people felt they were over the line and Gisele has been getting every sort of crap even and including comparing her to Jessica Simpson, accusing her of ruining Brady, and jinxing the Pats. Not that she spends night’s under a full moon summoning demons & boiling up her menstrual blood in a cauldron, so she can slip her witch’s brew into Brady’s morning smoothie. “There darling, how was that?”, “Emasculating, dear!” Though to hear the Internet posters go on it might not surprise them much if she did.

So far the only one to speak up for Gisele has been her sister angel Adriana Lima. When caught of guard and quizzed about Bundchen’s comments in a recent interview Lima respondedLeave her alone“. Gisele herself hasn’t addressed the touchy issue. She’s probably enough enough shits with her hubs and his colleagues. Besides those other players wives have never ever liked her. I heart that they’ve ostracized her from the moment she became partof teh Patriots family, and exclude her at team wive functions. The same sort of thing happened to Joey Heatherton back when she married a Dallas Cowboy, and may have eventually driven the poor woman to drink.

Anyway Bunders ain’t said anything about what she said, but she has been tweetin’. In fact one of her recent post bowl tweets involved this new add for Givinchey. Let’s take a little peep at that and remind ourselves of the Gisele that Gisele used to be back when she was admired for parading around in her underwear, instead of despised for speaking in public!

Of course some caution should be used before blaming a woman for spoiling the Superbowl. If a woman spoils the Superbowl then a woman will have to save the Superbowl, and what woman could do that?
That would create a locker room situation!

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Superbowl XLVI Fallout

Superbowl XLVI was not the greatest day of Tom Brady‘s life. His hi profile wife Gisele Bundchen didn’t help much. For the half dozen or so who don’t know Tom and his Pats lost the bowl. The Gizzie got lippy about it. On her way from the VIP box to the elevator she heard some mouthy Giants fan shout “Eli owns your husband”. Instead of saying something like “No, I do” which would’ve diffused a socially awkward situation, Bunders turned to a nearby friend and said some shit, like My husband cannot f****ing throw the ball and catch the ball” . While opinion was varied on the veracity of her statement, general consensus seemed to be that she had no business opening up her over priced yap about it. Standing by your man is one thing, shitting over his team mates something else!

So that leads to the question – How are the Pats dealing with Gizzie’s sports commentary? Well according to the DailyMailOnLine not very well! The Mail claims that the team is furious. It’s bad enough that they had to lose, but being slammed by the QB”s wife has left them “disappointed”. By disappointed they seem to mean that she violated the code of brotherhood. Worse than that it also comes off like kicking the guys when they’re down.

Now it’s not like Gizzers doesn’t know how to be encouraging in a bad situation. About her husband she said ‘You played the best game of your life … you were amazing.‘ Now Brady is one of the best in the league, and had SB XLVI turned out differently then he’d have equaled Joe Montana’s 4 SB wins. However a Brady mistake early on may have turned the tide against the Pats. Even some of those many balls the Patriots dropped might have resulted from less than stellar throws by the star QB. So whether or not Brady was more or less to blame than the rest of the team it was hardly his best game ever. Let’s say Gizzie can put a good face on it.

Now Gizzie has a history of hoof in mouth disease. Liker the time she said lazy mothers should be forced to breast feed, by international law if necessary. She also claimed once that Brady’s child by former flame Bridget Moynahan was like her own child – causing some to speculate whether taking Moynahan’s man wasn’t enough and she wanted to take the poor woman’s child as well. Then there was her blow out at the Oscars. That was back when she was dating Leo DiCaprio. Leo was up for an Oscar (The Superbowl of motion picture awards) that year against Denzel Washington. Washington won and Gizzie’s response was that Denz didn’t deserve it and that Leo should’ve got it. While that was supportive, in theory, it was also ungracious and probably did Leo more harm than good. Leo and Gizzie split some time after that one.

BY the sounds of some Pats fans they’re wishing that Brady might do the same. Message boards have already moved beyond the “why doesn’t she shut up” postings and into “the Gisele jinx” territory. She’s being compared to Jessica Simpson – who supposedly spoiled Tony Romo‘s game and so became hated by Dallas Cowboys’ fans (Romo eventually dropped Simpson, almost literally. They broke it off while in the car on the road. Romo parked left her in a IHOP parking lot somewhere deep in the heart of Texas. Simpson had to wait for two hours, while in tears, until some one arrived to pick her up.). One cheeky poster even referred to Bundchen as the Patriot’s Yoko Ono. However this thing plays out, whenever Brady get’s back for practice you know that he’s gonna be the most popular boy in the showroom. The really is a woman behind every successful man, but in some cases you should’a seen the poor guy before she got hold of him!

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