Alice meets Jill Valentine!

Milla Jovovich & Julia Voth – they meet at last!

Action heroine fans will love this! Milla Jovovich bumped into to a ‘kindred spirit’ recently. She was at the Project SERA premier and ran into the film’s star Julia Voth. The two ladies didn’t duel for the title of “World Heavyweight Sweetheart” but smiled sweetly at the camera as they posed together for some snap shots. which Milla herself later tweeted.

A striking pair!

It must’ve been a close call since folks with too much in common either get along famously or take to fighting, and these two are famous for fighting. They do have plenty in common. Both are 5’8″ brunettes who came into acting by way of modeling. Both have trained in martial arts – Milla through her film work and Julia in Japan.

Plus they both have a Resident Evil connection. Milla stars in the franchise as the lead character Alice; while Julia was in the inspiration for Jill Valentine. The game designers actually hired Julia, back in her modeling days, to pose for Jill so they could base the sim on her. So for the RE gamers out there the above photograph might be some kind of dream come true! Since they’re two of a kind it’s good to see that they ‘hit it off’.

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