Ted Turner misses Jane Fonda

Once upon a time Ted Turner and Jane Fonda were a power couple only a shade or two below Bill & Hilary Clinton. Jane came from the Fonda Acting Dynasty, was a political activist, and enough of a pain in the ass to earn herself the moniker of Hanoi Jane. Turner was the flamboyant, maverick (is it safe to use that word again?) founder of CNN & Turner Broadcasting. He’s also the man who killed the late show when he bought and colourized most of the classic Hollywood movies. With that move he simultaneously earned the wrath of film critics & classic movie lovers, while gaining the gratitude of every late might talk show host from Leno & Letterman right up to Craig Ferguson and Jimmy Kimmel. People were willing to forgive him a lot because they really liked him & Jane together. They were a strong dynamic couple who seemed to compliment each other, instead of undermining on another. So when the divorced in 2001 after 10 years of marriage people were disappointed.

Turner was even more disappointed. Turner genuinely respected Fonda, whom he met while she was on the rebound from political activist Tom Hayden. It seemed that Turner found in Fonda a partner that he didn’t always agree with but always respected. The cable news magnate has admitted as recently quoted in the Mail, that Fonda influenced him in ‘lots of ways‘. She was also ‘She’s as opinionated as me, if not more. In areas like the status of women, she probably was even a little stronger than me, though I was always very much in favour of people’s rights and equal treatment for women.’ So it was a blow when she left. Turner admits to having cried for 6 months.

If his comments are any indication he never really got over Jane. That seems to be the opinion of former CNN exec Tom Johnson who said: “Ted’s still in love with her” & “I’ve thought many times he would love to have her back. They were such an unbelievable couple. It’s almost as though they discovered in each other the person who had the ultimate in shared values – not to mention great sex.” However Ted said he had to let her go and move on because ‘I couldn’t do anything else. What am I supposed to do, sit down and cry? I did for six months. And after that, you gotta go on.

When Turner makes up his mind to move on he really follow through to. He never remarried because as he put it ‘I’ve been married three times, and with my background in baseball (he owned two teams) I remember the first rule of the game is, three strikes and you’re out. I regret that I wasn’t more successful with my marriages, but it is what it is.’ So he divides his time between his four mistresses, whom he sees once a week. One of these ladies is novelist Elizaberry Dewberry. The other three Turner refuses to name. Having 4 women on stand by would help most guys take the situation philosophically. However when asked whether he sometimes gets lonely, Turner admits ‘Maybe a little’. Wealth, power, and success aren’t everything it seems, even when they have their consolations.

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