Joan Rivers, Miss Piggy, & a pie in the face!

What happens when divas collide? Well when Joan Rivers met Miss Piggy it ended with a pie in the face. Now Muppet‘s fans were probably expecting Miss Piggy’s patented karate chop, but the pie in the face is classic shtick that’s way over do for a return!

Now that may have been disgraceful, but a least it was better than that awful Miss Piggy sex tape that was getting shopped around a little while ago (Viewers have described it as “disturbing” and “grotesque”.). I hear that her sex tape was so bad that even the Gawker wouldn’t touch it.

In fairness to Piggy it’s been down hill for the Muppets since their 80’s hey day. So I guess she was desperate for some kind of a career jump start. Especially after her bid to join The View as a regular panelist got shot down (Barbara Walters said “No way in hell!” or maybe it was “When pigs fly!”. I’d hate to misquote Barbara Walters).

BTW I hear that Miss Piggy is currently trying to get in contact with PETA about a possible ‘spokespig’ position. PETA has yet to return any of her many calls. Failing that, I hear Miss Piggy is planning to run for President in 2016 as an independent, or possibly even start her own conspiracy themed Internet broadcast!

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