Jordan Maxwell blow out extravaganza

“Texas has a lot of electrical votes.” ~ Yogi Berra

master of malapropism or a wolf in cheap clothing

Jordan Maxwell may be an Illuminati shill who’s man mission is predictive programming – to introduce you to Illuminati ideas in appetizer form so that you’ll be ready when the main course gets jammed down your throat – but he is an entertaining talker. One of his bog gimmicks is the meaningful malapropism. That is words that would otherwise be unrelated share meaningful connection based on how likely they are to be confused by an average 6 year old. So ideas get presented like “2 sheeps that bah in the night”. Needless to say comedians have been getting mileage out of the malapropism for decades!

BUt back to Jordan Maxwell, when you’re not too intersted you can talk for hours, and Maxwell has literally burned up miels of video and audio tape. That’s good for his many fans cause it can keep them busy for days on end. With that in mind here’s some of Maxwell. Hope you’ve got a few hours to spare!

now here’s part 4 of Jesse Ventura’s book & this is the good stuff MK Ultra and Project Artichoke –
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