Sienna Miller Covers Vogue UK April 2012

Looks like Sienna Miller might be making a come back. For those of you who might not be familiar with who Sienna is think of her as the anti matter Mischa Barton. Mischa was the Brit gal who went to America and be came the prototypical California girl on the OC before her frailties got the better of her and she veered off the rails. Sienna is the New York girl who went to England and became the typical upper class sporting fuck in the flicks before she got too bold for her own good and her career veered off the rails.

When Sienna was last her of she was chasing Balthazar Getty – or maybe he was chasing her; it’s hard to tell predator from prey in some of these situations, and doing GI Joe. She was the Baroness. She’d just gotten booted off of Nottingham, or Sherwood, or whatever the name of that Robin Hood flick that Cate Blanchett replaced her as Maid Marion was called. She’d gotten sacked and soon after stories started coming out from unnamed sources that Russell Crowe was too fat and had Miller fired for being too pretty. Apparently her prettiness made him look even fatter and that made him petty. Then a rumour came out that Russell was plotting against his old friend director Ridley Scott and trying to have him replaced as the film’s director. The first story was discredited when stills of Crowe were released in which he looked trimmer than he had since Gladiator. The second story was incredible since Russ and Ridley are old friends and Scott has been very helpful with Russ’s career. In other words they like to work together. After that Sienna’s movie career ground to a halt. You just don’t pick on directors in Hollywood – unless you’re at least a producer. There’s a pecking order for goodness sakes!

Sienna went on to take another swipe at her old flame Jude Law. She hadn’t done his career or personal life any good in the past but now that he was digging himself out of the hole she’d left him in by co starring in the Sherlock Holmes movies with Ironman Robert Downey jr he looked good for another try. There was some kind of commitment ceremony down in Bali or somewhere which wasn’t legally binding. Then they broke up. Then no one heard much from her for awhile ( the second most recent youtube upload on Miller is dated 5 months old & the 10th is 2 years old ) until she recently married. Now she’s on the cover of UK Vogue so who knows – she might look good for a come back.

Sienna Miller Covers Vogue UK April 2012
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