Kate Beckinsale is the Sexiest Woman Alive


The way that title changes by the week you’d think that there were about a dozen “World’s Sexiest”, like boxing heavyweight championships. This time the title has been bestowed on Kate Beckinsale by Esquire Magazine. The last time we heard about the world’s sexiest it was when House actress Olivia Wilde beat out Megan Fox for the top spot. In fairness that was for the title of “Hottest”, not sexiest; and was given by a different ‘governing body’, Maxim Magazine. Though we keep hearing about the World’s Sexiest, it’s been awhile since Ms Beckinasle’s name has come up. The last time she wa sin the media is when she sued a London tabloid for calling her a “B actress”. She won a couple of thousand out of that too. Now she’s popping up again, but in a more flattering context. So we can only assume that she’s got some movie coming out soon. Underworld 4: Selene & the Rise of Lycra maybe? Well good on her agent for getting her the title!

Now here are a few more of those Esquire pix!


Kate Beckinsale – "What’s Up Doc?"

Attack of the Vampire Bunny?

Kate Beckinsale goes bunny for Easter. Ellen DeGeneres is gonna be excited for weeks over this. I know she has a bunny fetish, ’cause when Evangeline Lilly was photoed wearing pink bunny ears DeGeneres had to book her on the show asap! She even asked her to wear the ears!

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