Kate Gosselin Biographer fires back

A few days ago on our sister site Wondertrash it was reported that a new tell all on Kate Gosselin had been pulled by Amazon after only 2 days. The book was by Robert Hoffman, who was a friend of Jon Gosselin and who had covered the Gosselns for US Weekly during the height of their reality TV fame. So he knew something about Kate. He found out some more by grabbing her discarded hard drive out of her trash and accessing tyhe info, including Discovery Channel e mails and documents.

No one was very happy about that. So at least 2 law firms got in on the act. Apart from Hoffman’s possibly libelous allegations, like Kate is sick in the head. Discovery was upset that their confidential documents – which they claim are legally protected, were being reproduced in a tell all. So pressure was brought to bear and the book got pulled.

Well now Hoffman is frightening back. He says hew’s got tons of incriminating stuff that will blow the damned lid right off of Kate Gosselin’s phony little cover. Stuff includes allegations that she beats her kids with wooden spoons. There’s also plenty of hint dropping about her dark side being scary than you ever imagined. He says that unless Kate calls off the hounds he’s gonna flood the internet with this stuff. If he falls then he’s gonna make sure that she falls even harder. Not that the threat is gonna deter Discovery Channel much.

Read more about this developing story over @ GossipRocks.

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Kate Gosselin Tell All Pulled

So what kind of a person is Kate Gosselin, besides the pushy reality TV mom we’ve seen too much of in the tabs & once upon a time on her Kate +8 series? We may never really know but the world came very close. That’s because a recent tell all purporting to reveal the damning truth on Kate was recently pulled from the shelves. The author, a friend of Kate’s ex Jon, swears every word is true cause he got it off a hard drive she threw away. Kate’s people claim that the book is libelous. So they had Amazon pull it.

The author is Robert Hoffman. The books is Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World. The libelous claim is that Kate is sick in the head. He also says that she’s in desperate need of mental health intervention. He also presents himself as some on in a position to know. he was a friend of Jon’s. As such he was privy to all kinds of anti Kate kind of inside info. For instance he says that he’s in possession of 5,000 family photos, personal documents, tax & business records. Now that’s what you call a really involved friend! Of course he was more to them than a friend. He was also a freelance reporter covering the Kate drama for Us Weekly!

Friendship doesn’t stop at collecting the relics of a failing relationship. Hoffman took his friendship to the extreme of diving into the Gosselins‘; trash to retrieve Kate’s discarded computer. Not to return it or anything, bu8t to search the hard drive for juicy tidbits. Tidbits he did find, according to him, in the form of many e mails between Kate & the Discovery channel. Those alone must be good for a laugh! Then there were the contracts and personal documents. Many of these were reproduced in their entirety.

I’ll be sued by one or more parties before this is over,” Hoffman wrote, & he was right. Quick as a wink the lawyers got in on the act. LA’s celebrity law firm Lavely & Singer made their presence felt. As did Washington firm Williams & Connolly.  W&C are the Discovery Channel’s reps. So this is way more than a Gloria Allred nuisance suit.

The big boys issued some notices of infringement along with cease and desist orders. What that means in plain English is that even though Hoffman found that stuff lying around in some one else’s garbage, that ain’t exactly getting it fair & square. Besides some of that shit is still confidential, at least according to Discovery! So Amazon had to shelve the E Book almost as soon as it hit the market!

That leaves Hoffman in the middle of a legal mess. He’s also accepting on line donations. Seems there are some Gosselin enthusiasts out there who think that any swipe at Kate is well worth supporting! It also leaves Hoffman issuing some press statements, like ‘I’m overwhelmed and at a loss for words.’ ‘Loss for words’ would be very droll, if he meant it! Meanwhile he’ll have to join the ranks of other free speech martyrs like rebels without a cause Pussy Riot!

Pussy Riot: A cunning stunt or stunned cunts?

Wondertrash is the blog that supports free speech, but only if it’s frivolous, cause otherwise it’s only a waste of breath!

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Octomom hits a new low – with a pillow!

carnival geeking still alive in the new millennium

This is a day and age when you can get rich by being famous and you can get famous for nearly anything. You can claim your 15 minutes with stunts as far fetched as claiming you sent your son up aloft in a tin foil home made balloon launched from your back yard while the video camera was conveniently rolling. Or you could do a sex tape and follow it up with a suspicious 72 day marriage. You might even opt for something less extreme, like getting artificially inseminated with 8 embryos – if only Kim Kardashian had thought of that one! Any of these weirdo antics can make you a media sensation. Then your only problem is how to cash in on the notoriety that comes from your zany stunt.

Cashing in ain’t child’s play. In fact it’s a lot harder than dreaming up the kooky publicity stunt. For one thing the public might catch on that their leg is being pulled. They take that badly because for one thing no one likes being made a fool of, and for another the genuine ‘humane interest’ factor found in bizarre stories and milked by supermarket tabloids for years gets lost. It’s the same feeling as finding out all those people who were hit in the groin on America’s Funnest Home Video had set t it up before hand. So when a publicity seeker’s cover gets blow it can be bad news, and make fame hard to cash in on.

That’s what happened to Nadya Suleman. You’ll recall that she was the chick who was pregnant with 8 fetuses. She also had a passing resemblance to Angelina Jolie. So people got fascinated. That is until they found out that she’d had plastic surgery, and further more had been artificially inseminated with the embryonic 8 in a plan to make millions off of public curiosity. Jon & Kate Gosselin were making it big at the time with their small scale population explosion, so there was money to be made. However some friends of hers say that scheme went back to her high school days. So the public turned on her and the most she got for her trouble was the nick name “Octomom“. That and the trouble of raising her brood of 14 – many with various health and developmental problems.

Octomom may not have had celebrity deal backed up around the block but she still had 14 mouths to feed. She seems not to have been qualified for much except plastic surgery and poorly thought out scams (so should should’ve been natural in the fame game!). So that has left her on the Z List of celebs. That’s the anything for a buck set in other words. They’re the one like Principle Belding from Saved By The Bell who now appear at parties for a fee (I heart hat you can actually hire Belding to do you party). Some others, like Screech, wind up in adult films. Many can be seen signing autographs at public appearances in malls. That’s how the late Gary Coleman made his coin in his final days. Basically they’re the bottom feeder celebrities who are too low even for rehab. Octomom has even found a way to bring that to a new low.

Nadya – we’ll use her real name and not her celebrity slave name – has had her troubles recently. She’s missed a few payments on her Orange County home. So that has driven her to weird extremes. Necessity is the mother of invention, and you know what Nads comes up with when she’s desperate. In this case she’s decided to become a professional pillow fighter. Radaronline is reporting that Nadya has joined a Pillow Fight Tour. Nads will get paid 1500 a match and has already booked 2 fights. The first is gonna be on Feb 16. So you still have time to catch that. It’ll be something to fill the void left by the Superbowl. It’s for a worthy cause. Nadya will be swinging the stuffing to raise awareness for abused women. So you know you can feel good about gawking the geeking!

Wanting to be famous is something most people can relate to, even though it’s not normal. Most people fear losing their minds form time to time too. When there’s a ton of money to be made then you can’t blame some people – impressionable types perhaps – for trying to get in on the game for fun and profit. However here’s a friendly word of Wondertrash advice – don’t do anything sleazy like porno tapes or getting knocked up with multiple doses from the fertility specialist. That’s just sleazy, like wearing your underwear on the outside to get attention. Try doing something genuinely interesting, like trying out for the role you always wanted to play and then documenting your heroic quest. That’s what actress, singer, and self described groove goddess Tracie Dinwiddie decided to do when she decided that she wanted to be Wonder Woman!

Wonderful, Tracie – and good luck!


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