Whitney Houston downward spiral

You curl your toes in fun as you smile at everyone,
you meet the stares, you’re unaware that your doings all been done.

Is Whitney Houston still battling her demons, or has she given up and decided to go along willingly? Once upon a time and in a galaxy far far away Houston was a Guinness World Record holder for the most awarded female act ever. Then things got way out of hand. Some people say that drugs had something to do with it though apparently Whitney has said that “crack is whack” so she’s not into that stuff. Mind you she started lookin’ rough, and her looks went. Then she went bankrupt, Considering that she made shit loads of money in her career going bankrupt is quite and achievement. Not everyone can piss through shit loads of cash unless they live in Sunnyvale Trailer Park or something.

Anyhow the tabs continued to report on Whitney’s sad fall from grace with the usual “How the mighty have fallen” type stories. Sensible people tune the schadenfreude out after awhile – except Whits keeps adding fuel tot he fire. Like her most recent night out on the town. She was out at a Hollywood night club last night, or maybe the night before – you know how it is when times flies while you’re having fun. Anyway the paps were on hand and they got Whitney livin’ it up. Naturally pictures got taken and here they are:

A picture is worth 1000 words and in this case it looks like Whits had as about a good time as you can without ending the evening in an emergency ward, or on whip its! She might be in the fast track to rehab except Houston probably couldn’t afford the fee. Mental health and sobriety don’t come fuckin’ cheap and Houston is allegedly out of cash. Back in 2001 she signed one of the biggest deals in recording history (Arista/BMG) – $100 million to deliver 6 albums. Last night, unless it was the night before, she had to call someone to borrow 100 bucks.

So how bad is her financial situation? According to the usual unnamed sources she’s “broke as a joke“. She might even be homeless if not for some committed friends and supporters. To put it bluntly her fortune is “gone”. The situation is so bad that Houston is on the brink of bankruptcy. She’s even facing foreclosure. Morris County Sheriff’s Office has authorized the sale of her 6 million, 10-acre New Jersey mansion for over $1million in overdue mortgage payments. According to the Daily Record of Parsippany, the $6million estate may be seized and sold as part of proceedings.

Naturally her publicist says that Whitney is not in danger of foreclosure and is up to date with her payments. Other claim that she has spent all of her money (including that $100 million deal) and is now being supported by her record label. Arista has given her an advance payment on her next album. However considering the state of her voice these days that might be a dubious investment.

Celebrities aren’t bad people. They’re just little monsters with stars in their eyes who venture out to seek fame and fortune by taking on then world. Just look at what’s left of them when then world gets done with them! It’s like we say here at WondertrashFame and fortune ain’t everything it’s cracked up to be“. A sensible person might turn and run the other way if they saw fame and fortune coming!

It looks too late for Whitney to come up with any kind of viable escape plan – short of faking her own death like Elvis and Micheal Jackson. At the rate she’s going she’s gonna be sharing a room in Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab with Lindsay Lohan and Macaulay Culkin! Makes you stop and think that with a little more motivation that could be you! Mammas don’t let your babies grow up to be celebrities – let them be doctors and lawyers and such. If you’re a regular reader then you can’t say that no one every warned you that rock n roll is a vicious game. Like the catcher in the rye, warning you is a Wondertrash job!

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