Rupert Sanders Still Wants Kristen Stewart

What’s new and interesting in the world of entertainment gossip? Well Rupert Saunders still wants Kristen Stewart! Well actually that’s more like old news with a new angle. If you’ll recall Kristen was the girl who played a vampire in a series of movies, and Rupert Saunders directed her in Snow White and the Huntsman, which was supposed to be her big A List springboard from the Twilight series. Things  took an unfortunate turn when Kristy and Rup were exposed as having an affair. That was bad since Kristen was in love with her on screen vampire boyfriend Robert Pattinson at the time, and the love affair was a selling angle for the flicks.

So fans had some sort of collective conniption. The phrase ‘trampire’ got coined on twitter, Kristy was even chased into her car by a pack of irate Twilight fans in one incident. Once she locked herself in they began rocking the car. It was very stressful! She was attacked persistently and mercilessly by Twihards who couldn’t believe that she’d thrown over a vampire for a middle aged married man!

Naturally that impacted her career. There were no more bog A List block busters for her to star in. Perhaps because the powers that be feared she no longer had a fan base to carry a film. There might even be some kind of Box Office Backlash! Even Pattinson’s career took a bit of a dive. So that lead to damage control with Kris and Rob showing up everywhere in public, talking marraige and even buying a house. I think that they had some kind of Adams Family type monstrosity picked out, somewhere in England. It was some gothy Victorian number with blood red walls, an on site cemetery, and something described as a ‘werewolf’ kennels. I think that the ‘werewolf kennels’ had originally been ‘centaur stables’ – the mid Victorians were an odd lot, but werewolves play better when you’re planning around fandom conventions. The movie going public didn’t buy the reunion act (those of us old enough to remember already had our hearts broken by Sonny & Cher. Can we be blamed for being too cynical to buy it?). So Rob & Kris were off the hook, or as far as the monster home goes.  Hope that they got their deposit back, but good luck tot he relators trying to unload that on anyone else.

Though Rob & Kris went their separate ways one person who remained hung up in the past was Rupert Saunders. At least according to HollyscoopTV . They claim that the director is still hung up on Stewart, and even “in love”. “In love” is a ludicrous phrase for a middle aged person to use, especially a few years after the incident. So it sounds bad. So how bad is bad? Have a look at Hollyscoop’s video on the subject and see for yourself!

Twilight was hard on everyone. Kinda like a stake through he heart. So thank God we had Kim Kardashian to get us through that difficult period. Kim made a sex tape which eventually got her on to reality TV! There she portrayed a kinder gentler Paris Hilton. People liked her and were interested in her family’s antics. So she did well.

Then she married Kris Humpheries. They made a killing out of selling the coverage of the marriage to TV, or to some magazine. Over $ 22 million by some accounts. Then after only 72 days and on Halloween Day, the couple split! Kim explained that she had followed her heart, and then followed it in a different direction. Fans said “like fuck” and start acting like it was some kind of rip off. People started calling her “Kar-trashian”, and it looked like her substantial business empire was in jeopardy.

Kim was more fortunate than Kristen Stewart, since she had Kanye West there to reform her. The pair got involved. Kim followed Kanye on tour at one point. Then they had a daughter – North West. That kid is probably gonna change her name sometime later in life. So everything is hunky dory. So much so that Kim actually has some kind of new baby product line out! Kim did not give away too many details, but she did say it will be
affordable and it’s been confirmed it will be released in March!

Kim & Kris are examples of celebrity that took a wrong turn somewhere, maybe around Albuquerque. Just like those Roswell aliens! Their promising images got tarnished somehow, perhaps by personal indiscretions. Another example would be Duck Dynasty. They got popular on reality TV by being rich and very redneck. They made their loot on duck lures and now people could watch how they lived in real life with cameras following them everywhere. The Robertson’s got about 7 season on A&E out of that!

Then patriarch Phil said some unsympathetic stuff about homosexuals, like “I don’t get it!”. and “It’s against the Bible”. He gave some interview to GQ which had people commenting about his rebellious and political views instead of asking ‘why is this guy even in GQ?’. That got him temporarily suspended from his popular duck show. It also caused a minor backlash amongst reactionaries, like Sarah Palin (who later admitted that she didn’t even know what he’d said when she took to defending him. Good ole Sarah!) who felt his freedom of speech was somehow being violated. That might not have been technically true since a violation of free speech is when they throw you in prison for speaking your beliefs, which no one did. In this case his employers merely questioned the wisdom of continuing to pay him, which is their right in a free market to do.

So the whole issue was rife with political technicalities like free speech vs free market. Reality TV and duck lures acan take you to strange places! Sarah Palin wasn’t the most reliable guide either. So maybe that’s why Willie Robertson has gotten political. He was out and about at some kind of GOP bash for the State of the Union address. He was in good company too, like Newt Gingrich. Sexy Sarah wasn’t in the picture. After watching the president lay it out there, and probably making some little cracks – you know how neocons can be, the whole crew then went out for eats & drinks.

That’s when Willie got everyone’s attention. Now he didn’t get sloshed and start making inflammatory comments. Far from it. He payed for everyone’s meal by picking up everyone’s tab! You know how those smug complacent Republicans can eat, and that’s saying nothing about knocking back the liquor! Then he made a really generous gesture – he tipped the waiter %100! Celebrity gone wrong is one thing, but tipping the staff is doing it right!

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Happy Wondertrash New Year – gossip is back with a vengance!

Brangie takes it to the next level – from “will they or won’t they?” to “have they or haven’t they?”

It’s been an eventful time while I’ve taken a little Christmas break. For one thing Brangie is allegedly hitched up or something.Now Brangie is the couple better known as Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie. They’ve kept everyone in suspense ever since Mr & Mrs Smith came out. Even though there was never any kind of official confirmation for years and years – people still suspected that the they were c a couple. Maybe that’s because so many kids kept coming out of the relationship.

Well rumour has it that they couple who’ve made a career out of playing it coy for the cameras may, or may not, have gotten hitched over Xmas. They were vacationing down at Turks and Caicos when there was a gathering of relatives.Brad parent’s sister and brother showed up. So did Jolie’s brother James Haven. That’s got Micahel K over @ DListed saying – in a sarcastically non committal way – that something might have happened.


Something there’s no speculation about is Kim Kardashian. She’s been seeing Kanye West for awhile.There’s no speculation because and unlike Brangie, Kanye isn’t keeping anyone guessing. During his Atlantic City Concert he yelled to the crowd “Stop the music and make some noise for my baby mama,” or something to that effect, before pointing at Kardashian, who was in the crowd. Well that is after a brief interruption by Taylor Swift, who hopped up on the stage to assure Kanye & Kim that they would get there moment. She’s been waiting along time for that.

Now Kanye sometimes gets a little carried away on stage. So to make the announcement celebrity official it got released on Twitter.

“Congrats to Kim and Kanye. Happy for both of them…,” Russell Simmons tweeted, while the Kardashians all showed their joy for the newest member of the family. “Im a happy girl !!!!!!!!! Wowza! Oh BABY BABY BABY,” Kris Jenner tweeted.

 Khloé Kardashian Odom wrote, “Keeping secrets is hard with so many family members! Especially when you are so freaking excited!!!!! LOVE is everything!!!!” Kourtney Kardashian also went to Twitter with, “Been wanting to shout from the rooftops with joy and now I can! Another angel to welcome to our family. Overwhelmed with excitement!”

Plus E OnLine is confirming the story.

LAX Bladder actor get pissy

This next story is a real ‘live leak”. That because Twilight actor Bronson Pelletier had an attack of aggressive bladder syndrome while pasing through the airport down in Los Angeles. I guess Pelletier’s pipes needed a little LAX – so he decided to take the pressure off int he msot direct wqay possible. In this case that meant whipping it out where he stood and letting fly while a near by cell phone cam captured the scene for the eyes of the world. Now let’s have a gander at that!

Now you’d never have believed it without video would you?The Canadian actor was apparently drunk off his ass and stagger around when a  security guard came up to ask him what was what. That’s when Bronson got pissy – literally. As horrified by standers gasped “O my God” Bronson unleashed right there over the floor. That caused airport police to swing into swift and brutal action – which left Pelletier handcuffed and lying on the floor in a pool of his own piss.

Bronson Pelletier publically urinates at LAX
A Twilight actor gets pissy, and it ain’t Kristen Stewart!

Pelletier has been charged with one count of drunk in public and is to be arraigned on that on Jan 7 – about ten days before his meth charges & cocaine charges get a hearing. The reason Pelletier was wandering aimlessly through LAX with his dick hanging out is because he was kicked off his flight – for being too drunk to fly. You can read more about that over @ DailyMail.

So that’s the shit that’s fit to print.

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Celebrity superheroism

 wondertrash has a celebrity shit policy!

Have you felt an attack of verbal diarrhea coming on? When that happens it’s helpful to have an outlet, like a virtual restroom. Blogs are great for that. It also helps to have something to write about – low nutrient but hi fiber. That’s where celebrities come in. They give you some interesting shit to write about. So with that let’s get on tot today’s shit!

no good deed?

I’m not sure who Honey Poo Poo is be it animal minimal or virtual. I am vaguely aware of Rosie O Donnell. She used to have a crush on Tom Cruise back when she was the Queen of Nice and used to hang out with Nicole Kidman on morning TV. Oh how times have changed. Rosie’s still nice though. In fact she’s threatening to do a good deed! She wants to buy this Honey Poo Poo a house or something. Here’s the video report:

Who will save the world from Kim Kardashian?

That’s very generous of Rosie. While RoD is in a charitable mood I wish she could buy Kim Kardashian something. Maybe not a house but a high velocity turbo jet. Once Kim is locked and loaded inside then the jet could be aimed at parts unknown and fired off at top speed. That way Rosie could do something thoughtful for the rest of us by handling the annoying Kardashian problem.  Let’s face it, if O Donnell could pull that off then she’d outdo both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in public opinion poles and become a viable third candidate for President! AS it is the closest Kim has gotten to parts unknown is Miami, & she brought her partner in crime Kanye West with her, just to make sure people notice.

coming soon Plastic Man?

Celebrities & superheroes have a lot in common.They wear their underwear on the outside. They both think of themselves as a little bit special (exceptional if not unique). They like to stand out in a crowd by trying to maintain intense personal privacy (celebs need to try the alter ego angle). Plus they show up in the movies and on TV a lot. Like Green Arrow. He doesn’t so much have super powers as a skill. That’s like when a celebrity doesn’t have looks and charisma so they have to have talent or something (a “juggling bear” as Kim Kardashian might say). Anyway Arrow’s talent is archery – like that Hunger Games chick. So he gets to fight crime by shooting boxing glove tipped arrows. I don’t mean to make it sound like a Road Runner cartoon. It’s not all boxing gloves. Sometimes he has dynamite tipped arrows. He also no doubt wears some of that nifty super hero fetish wear! He’s also got himself a weekly TV series. Here’s a review on that!

another weakly TV series

Erin Esurance – a lower profile then Joe Biden

Now ain’t that the most exciting news since the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers reunion )The only thing that’ll save Arrow is frequent guest appearances by Black Canary, & she’d better be bloody hot!)? It would’ve been even more exciting if Esurance had announced the return of Agent Erin! I hear that Esurance is keeping her in indefinite detention, holed up in some ‘museum of advertising’ (there were other sad rumours – weight gain, rehab, became a yoga teacher, etc. & even that she was knocked silly by one of Green Arrow’s stray boxing glove arrows, and then had to be put on medical leave). Erin Esurance tangled with numerous super creeps during her days as a special agent, but proved no match for her corporate masters – those big business types can be ruthless bastards when they want to be! On the bright side I hear that she hangs out over @ Second Life as a kind of Internet lost sprite.

Erotica Villainess – The voluptuous horror of Stevie Nicks

Celebrities have something else in common with Superheroes – they like to right perceived wrongs. Sometimes that streak of vigilantism makes them seem more like super villains. Take Stevie Nicks for instance. Stevie rose to fame as a 70’s rock’n’roll heart throb back in the day when she sung with Fleetwood Mac.Stevie has had her ups and downs since. Many of those ups and downs can include mood swings. Let’s face it for a petite blonde Stevie can get scary!

Celebrity death match – Stevie Nicks vs Nickie Minaj!

Most recently Stevie lashed out at Nicki Minaj over Mariah Carey. Says the Nickster. Seems Nickie was watching American Idol – reality TV is a bad idea for people with mood swings, when she came over ballistic or something. She took great exception, umbrage even, with Nicki M, & not just because Nicks last name is similar to Minaj’s 1st name. Here’s what scary Stevie had to say:

“How dare this little girl! … If I had been Mariah I would have walked over to Nicki and strangled her to death right there,” Nicks told The Daily as she was promoting her new documentary, In Your Dreams.
“I would have killed her in front of all those people and had to go to jail for it,” she added.

Nicks picking with a vengeance – I know it’s only mock’n’roll

Stevie wants to choke out a bitch, which is pretty far gone & would be almost inexcusable if Nicks wasn’t famous and promoting her new project In Your Dreams. I assume that’s some kind of rockumentary.  It’s also not the first time that reality TV has brought out the worst in some one. Personally I find it refreshing that some one is getting worked up like this over something besides the American Presidential Debate. Apparently Nicks hasn’t heard about Big Bird yet.

Something wonderful is about to happen – maybe it’s a wardrobe malfunction!

Now you might not be a Big Bird, or even an Erin Esurance, but that doesn’t mean you can’t let your inner celebrity shine like a superhero. So go out there and get wondertrashy!

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Kim Kardashian Reveals Random Facts About Herself

Kim Kardashian Reveals Random Facts About Herself

Latest Gossip = Slap Egotists

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Back to bedlam

too naked to make it

Remember Jason Russell? He became well known for producing a film called Kony 2012, about the child victims of Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony. It was briefly referenced by Angelina Jolie shortly after she & her leg appeared together at the Oscars. Russell became even better known after he had a messy public breakdown. Basically he flipped out and got filmed naked in the street while having some kind of a fit. So he got arrested for indecent exposure and then got hospitalized. Not much was heard from him after that, until now!

Russell has recently made some public statements about what happened to him and how he’s doing today. Says Russell:

My mind couldn’t stop thinking about the future,” Russell told TODAY correspondent Jenna Bush Hager of how the stress of public demand contributed to his mental downfall. “I literally thought I was like the future of humanity. It started to go to the point where my mind turned against me.” 

Basically getting 100 million viewers in 6 days was a little too much for him to process. So he developed something called brief reactive psychosis. It what happens to people when they think that they are the future of humanity, or what happened to Capt James T Kirk when he periodically became unfit for command! Capt Kirk managed to successfully mask his condition most of the time, so he could continue to indulgence his delusions of grandeur. As for Russell, he’s treating the condition by getting more grounded – “It’s just been really spending time with my family, a lot of slowing down, yoga, therapy,” he said. “It’s really been healing for the mind, body and soul.”  Live long & prosper Jace.

In other news actor Danny DeVito & his wife actress Rhea Pearlman have split after 42 years together. They met in 1970 when DeVito was working on the Shrinking Bride, on Broadway. 2 weeks later they moved in together. By 1982 they had married. Their publicist has confirmed the split to ABC News.

Texas is winning the war on celebrity

You’ve probably heard that actress Daryl Hannah got herself arrested when she got in the way of that big pipeline that’s getting put through. Hannah was taking the part of an elderly protester Eleanor Fairchild when Ms. Farichild got arrested for trespassing on her own property! So when the cops slapped the cuffs on Ms Fairchild, Daryl got tasken along for the ride. She was eventually released on $4000 bond. She also made the news with RT (Russia Today). Here’s some of their coverage!

Kim & Kayne Kardashian

Now that might be bad but hold on for a real outrage – Kim Kardashian is planning to bread. I don’t mean to alarm you but reports are coming in that the reality TV actress, who’s whole family is more or less pimped out into the growing Kardashian TV empire, is planning to add to the number of potentially marketable Kardashian that might be used in upcoming reality TV series. As you know she’s seeing Kayne West. So that relationship could be grist for the mill. If she can get him to get her pregnant then she has even more to work with! Just imagine Kim with her very own little Honey Poo Poo perched on her lap like a ventriloquist’s dummy! Now lest you think I’m making up worst case scenario’s look at this!

So it sounds like she’s learned a thing or two from her last debacle. For one thing you lose credibility when you over hype yourself. At least she’s planning this thing out. Do you suppose that Kanye knows anything about this yet? Sounds like she’s got plans for his life that might not include him!

As for the rest of you, get back to bedlam by continuing to read Wondertrash – the blog with a plan that will fix you good!

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Rimes goes cuckoo – Kanyne goes porno?

Certain kinds of women can be trouble.Take that low down no good LeAnn Rimes. LeAnn got a psycho home wrecker label slapped on. That’s cause she married another woman’s man when she took Eddie Cibrian away from Real Housewife Bradi Glanville. Bradi is the one who started having flash backs on Twitter after Kristen Stewart cheated on vampire boyfriend Rob Pattinson. Glanville drew some comparisons between her situation and that of Rupert Saunders’ wife. So that was basically a sort of inferred comparison between Kristen and LeAnn.

Now Rich Hollywood White Chicks have stolen men before. Hollywood isn’t run under Sharia law, so usually no one gets stoned over it. LeAnn’s case was different because she and Glanville had been friends or something. So rumors started that Rimes had basically made nice to Glanville to get close tot he hubby. So basically she was accused of stalking. That kind of turned the general public against her (Country fans were ten years ahead of the curve on that). It also got her tagged with a crazy label.

With the crazy talk about her circulating certain members of the public have been waiting for her to crack up. While she hasn’t been in Amanda Bynes territory she has been showing some odd behavior – like that creepy birthday cake she had prepared for the light of her life – Hubby Eddie. You remember that slightly x rated little number featuring an icing molding likeness of Eddie and Bonus Mom riding the bed on top, while icing fashioned figures of the kids stood by quiet and neglected looking at the bottom.

Well this may or may not be what folks were waiting for but LeAnn has checked herself into a treatment center. She’s been in an undisclosed facility for about one month receiving help and guidance for “personal and emotional issues”. So I guess that all her staged candid pictures featuring her perfect life didn’t tell the whole story. Emotional & personal issues is kinda vague, so she might be in for nothing more serious than Cibrian related codependency disorder. Sher was recently allowed out for a VH1 Save The Music Foundation’s Songwriters Music Series concert on Thursday. So maybe she’s on the mend!

Now when you’re speaking of trouble Kim Kardashian comes to mind. Not that she is trouble. She had some though. Like that 72 day marriage that turned everyone against her. People felt she’d pulled of some kind of fake phony stunt in order to cash in on a reality TV deal. Then once the check cleared quickly ran off to the divorce attorneys. Kim denies that claiming she’s a pretty good business woman who lead with her heart for once.

For a girl who started her career with a sex tape she come along way. Now things looked like they were circling the drain. What if the public turned on her? How would she keep up her many lucrative enterprises – like such as fragrances, reality TV spin offs, plus her paid public appearances? If that backlash turned into a boycott then Kim would be down to her last 10 or 20 million!

Never mind because Kayne West came to the rescue. Kayne has had his own brushes with notoriety – like when he inadvertently made a star out of Taylor Swift. We still haven’t been able to get rid of her yet. If she marries a Kennedy then we might never see the end of her – I just hope she invites Kayne to the wedding cause it’s the least she can do. She was a flash in the pan flavour of the month before he made an outrage out of her.

Anyway Kim was in rough shape and if Kayne could turned the buck toothed little guitar girl into a superstar, then imagine what he might do for a Kardashian! So they some how got together and Kim has been riding his arm for a while now. It’s a good arrangement for Kim. Poor Kayne should’ve been waiting for lightening to strike.

Strike it has too. It’s not Kim related, though it does have a sex vid angle. According to reports a Kayne West sex tape is being shopped around! The tape is about 20 minutes long and features an 18 year old Kim Kardashian look alike. She admits that she doesn’t do her husband anymore and then proceeds to do Kayne in a variety of positions. Kayne then can be seen walking up to the video camera and switching it off.

Supposedly Kayne is terrified that this is gonna go onto the open market – the Radaronline guys are already claiming to have seen it. Says a source:

“The sex tape is being shopped right now and there’s a lot of interest, but Kanye is freaking out!” the insider revealed.

“He doesn’t want this tape out and will do anything to make sure it stays private.

“If this were to hit the market it would be worth a fortune… there would definitely be a lot of people wanting to see this!

“In my expert opinion Kanye’s performance far outweighs Kim’s!”

At least now they have something in common. That’s the Wondertrash lifestyle for you – thrills, chills, pills, and spills.

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Kanye West in Love With Kim Kardashian?

More sad sexy stories

Beep, beep!

Yesterday Wondertrash brought you the sad story for Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. It seems that when ever Jen starts seeing some one it turns into a sad story but this time it was worse. Jen apparently got hen pecky and controlling ot the point that she’s slowly and painfully eating Theroux alive. The rumours are so bad that you can look for Jen to start shopping for special orthopedic shoes she can force Theroux to wear, thereby hobbling him and thwarting any possibility of escape! After that it’ll just be a matter of adding braces and some extra thick goggle glasses and he’ll be the funniest looking kid in class. You know the kind of a mess over possessive mothers can make. However if Theroux can develop some appropriately nerdy new interests, like documentary film making – then this bad turn might pay of in geek credibility! Or he could just run like hell assuming that his radio tracking transmitter hasn’t yet been installed & he still can!

the moral of the story is better safe than sorry

The moral of the story is that when it comes to romance men never learn. That’s because testosterone causes brain damage! It impairs the cognitive functions so that no matter how many close calls a man has he still thinks that he can keep getting away with it, instead of realizing that his luck’s about to run out!

Gettin’ lucky or just fucky fucky?

Speaking of luck running out the subject of today’s post kind of proves the men never learn with sex idea. He’s Kanye West. Now KWest has one strike against him from the word go and that’s a fondness for booze. You’ll probably remember way back when Taylor Swift was just some chick with an overbite that Kayne made a spectacle of himself over her at the MTV Awards. After an evening of knocking back the Hennessy’s Kayne hopped up on stage during Swift’s award acceptance and cried “foul“. That incident prompted the President to refer to him as a “jackass“. The little buck toothed country singer got a lot of sympathy out of that and it paid off in career dividends too!

low profiles in high places

Kayne had to keep a low profile for awhile after first performing the necessary public mea culpa’s. The situation was bad but not critical. He didn’t go off like Mel Gibson or anything. He didn’t do anything mugshot worthy. So his image was theoretically salvageable. Rehab might even be bypassed. All he had to do was straighten up and fly right, and keep his nose clean from there on in.

when the ice berg met the love boat

Well Kayne might be in immanent jeopardy of screwing up his last chance. See the thing is that West’s nose has allegedly found one of the dirtiest places it could possibly get into, and that’s Kim Kardashian. Rumours are that they’re seeing each other and that Kayne’s serious enough to use a four letter word about it – starting with “L”. Now Kardashian is like an ice berg in search of a cruise liner so the best advice Kayne might get is “Jump back, Jack!

short, informative, & flirting with disaster

Here’s a short informative video on Kayne’s decision to flirt with disaster.

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Heidi Klum Dating Thomas Hayo?

cooling off and heating up

Remember Heidi & Seal? They made some headlines a little while ago when they announced their impending bust up. People were surprised because they seemed happy and grounded, plus they were touted as one of those celebrity super couples. “Super couple” doesn’t mean that they had super powers more so than the average celebrity, or wore costumes like Batman & Wonder Woman. Well not that we know of – as far as the costumes go; although what Heidi & Seal did in their spare time together is their own business except in as much as they are willing to share those details with the rest of us. In this case “super couple” simply means that they got along and worked well together – which makes a couple super by celebrity standards.

hectic news cycle

H&S moved to the back end of the gossip news since then because so much had happened: Gisele Bundchen spoiled the Superbowl, Angelina Jolie‘s leg ruined the Oscars by trying to escape from it’s owner’s revealing dress, Whitney Houston died unexpectedly and under mysterious circumstances, Megan Fox got pregnant about the same time her husband Brian Austin Green got sued because she goaded him into allegedly confronting a paparazzi – we’ll blame her condition for that, and there was the whole Kardashian mess. So your average Hollywood super couple can easily get lost in the shuffle. If the Lohan Crime Family had gone on a cross country spree like Randy & Evi Quaid allegedly did back in their colourful “starwhacker” period then the world would be saying “Heidi & Seal who?

there’s more to sex than romance

Fortunately for Heidi it’s taken something less extreme than PETA and a bag of flour to get her back in the gossip news. This didn’t even involve her getting hit in the face with a custard cream pie, though that would’ve gotten her into the news and all over youtube – so if there are any neglected celebrities hotties out there who are over eager for attention and don’t care how you get it then you know how now – *hint, hint*. In Heidi’s case it’s something as mundane as a relationship. Seems that Heidi is seeing a new guy. He was her co host on Germany’s Next Top Model. The guy has even met Heidi’s father Gunther. The man in question is allegedly Thomas Hayo, and here’s a short but informative video to give you a few vague details!

So that’s the deal on Heidi & Seal in so many vague details & with more filler material than Kim Kardashian‘s backside! Now whatever else you do remember to keeping checking out Wondertrash – the neglected hottie of celebrity gossip blogs!

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Kim Kardashian flour bomb VIDEO

the fur is flying over flour power

A few days ago Kim Kardashian got flour bombed while hyping her True Reflections perfume. True reflection is actually billed as a fragrance. I’m not exactly sure what the difference between a perfume and a fragrance is, except about 50 bucks. Anyway Kimmo was flogging her sweet smell of success when something unanticipated happened. She got sacked. A mystery woman walked casually up behind the realty TV star while she was smiling away unsuspectingly, and some how managed to get close enough to her to dump flour on her. This despite Kim’s ‘wide load’. Then again Kim’s rear end has kept people at an ‘indiscreet distance’. Pictures of the incident made the Internet, but people really wanted to see the video – here it is!

So what’s the deal? Kim originally wanted to let bygones be bygones. That would’ve been a classy move that might have earned her a smidgen of respect. Kim quickly changed her mind. She decided that she’d been bullied and so should contemplate pressing charges. After some contemplation maybe she can move on to consideration.

de ja who?

The mystery woman is not a garden variety bully, and less of a mystery. She’s a militant PETA supporter who has something against Kim other than what the rest of America has against her. Probably something to do with fur. The flour should’ve been a tip off to the PETA connection since that’s one of their patented stunts. They flour bombed Lindsay Lohan a few years ago and Lindz took it with more grace and aplomb than Kim is (some said that Lindz wasn’t too aware at the time and went later discovered that she was covered with an unexplained white powder simply thought nothing off it). The whole PETA connection has gotten a bad reaction from the Kardashians. Khloe, unless it was the other one (it’s getting hard to keep them straight but the other girl’s name also begins with “K”), recently tweeted that PETA ‘was dead’ to her.

when maximizing exposure is a win win, for everyone except the audience

Now if anyone knows as much or more about famewhoring it’s PETA. So naturally they’ve swooped down on this opportunity like a bird of prey. They’ve offered to pay the mystery woman’s legal fees (though if it works out like their animal rescues then the poor woman will be quietly euthanized). They’ve also issued a plethora of press statements like such as – “We don’t believe Kim would be so shortsighted as to go after this woman, but if she does, we’ll definitely look at how to maximise exposure to the cruel fur industry, and that could mean defending the activist if she wishes.” They sent that too Celebuzz. Also “How much better it would be if she decided to evolve and enhance her image by donating her vulgar furs and exotic-animal skins to the homeless.” Probably a bad idea since it’s hard to credibly panhandle in a fur coat. As for maximizing exporsure, Kim could give PETA lessons on that – like it’s more a game of strip poker than Texas Hold’em.

What did we do to deserve this?

While Kim, who was gonna let things slide is as mentioned rethinking it – probably sees a publicity opportunity of the kind even porn tapes and reality TV can’t provide – “I am just going to think about it, because I don’t want someone to think they can really get away with that. So we are going to handle that.” So it’ll keep her from resorting to Wrestle-mania (where she might have to grapple Carmen Electra in a no holds barred hard core “reality TV match” for a shot at Paris Hilton & then the eventual Pam Anderson title match. Pam can be played by Trish Stratus for a reasonable “image franchise” fee. R U listening Vince McMahon?!)! It’s not bad for PETA either since the Occupy Movement stole their thunder, after the economy collapsed. So what can you say about a Kim Kardashian vs PETA media grudge match? It’s a marriage made in reality TV heaven. Kris Humphries was never so well suited to her needs.

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Another Manic Monday

Hunger games

Remember when Gisele Bundchen said all mothers should be forced to breast feed, and by international law if necessary? As extreme as a world wide task force of ‘boob police‘ sounds (and Alex Jones I hope you’re reading!), Mad Men star January Jones – no relation to Alex I assume – has one upped GB. Jan eats her own placenta! Jan gave birth to a child called Xander last September – & resisted the temptation to name the child September. Then she had the placenta dried, ground, and put in pill form. Says JJ “I have a great doula who makes sure I’m eating well, with vitamins and teas, and with placenta capsulation. Your placenta gets dehydrated and made into vitamins. It’s something I was very hesitant about, but we’re the only mammals who don’t ingest our own placentas.” The 34-year-old actress adds, “It’s not witch-crafty or anything! I suggest it to all moms!

The above number comes to use via the aptly named Celebrity Baby Scoop!

Dirty Harry

Remember when everyone said that Prince Harry was seeing Pipa Middleton, sister of the Duchess of Middleton Kate? Harry was like “No way man!” and smirked about it. Well he might be telling the truth. Harry was at his cousin Princess Eugenie’s recent birthday party and some how Chelsy Davy got invited. Well the two took to chatting and making really chummy. So that has some folk, like the good people at the Mail Online saying that there’s gonna be some kind of reunion. Well they don’t as much say it as leave it to be inferred. Brit Tabs have gotta be so careful since the whole phone hacking scandal that took out The News Of The World!

The Mail does quote lots of folks who claim that Harry would be happy to get back with CD. Actually they quote an unnamed Palace Insider, who says – ‘Prince Harry was there and so was Chelsy. ‘Clearly they are still close. They appeared at ease with each other and were chatting happily together. ‘Whether they have rekindled their relationship is anyone’s guess but they certainly seemed very friendly.’

Actually they didn’t say that to the Mail. They said it to the Sunday Express. But the point is that the pair are gettin’ friendly again. For instance Chelsy has been giving Harry some jewelry, like a necklace. Harry has kept the necklace on his person during a recent trip to Brazil, where he kept it tucked away inside his shirt every day, like some kind of fetish! At least that’s what another source told the Daily Star. So what can gossip followers take away from this? That the Mail had better get with it cause other sources are beating them to the punch, especially with those loose lipped palace insiders shooting their mouths off!

BTW in case you’re not sure which one Chelsy is, she’s the one who used to have that awful orange tan!

Stay Fried!

remember when Amanda Seyfried was the ugly duckling to Megan Fox‘s fox in Jennifer’s Body? Well things have changed since then. Megan Fox is no longer the next Angelina Jolie (in fact Angelina Jolie is rapidly becoming the next Megan Fox – film acting can be a cruel racket!). As for Seyfried she’s blossomed from ugly ducking into Josh Hartnett’s girlfriend! JustJarred reports that the pair were out and about together in West Hollywood and even brought along their dogs! It’s not just JustJarred reporting this. A friend of Hartnett’s told US Weekly that “Josh likes to keep things low-key, so they’ve just been hanging out.” So there! Also they were hooked up by a friend back in January.

It’s Clobberin’ Time!

Youn probably heard about Kim Kardashian getting flour bombed at an event she was hyping at the London Hotel; in Hollywood. It seems like no one likes Kim anymore since she got involved in that hook up with Kris Humphries which she swears was for love even though it only lasted 72 days and she made a ton out of reality TV deals on the thing. People just got so suspicious.

Maybe that’s why now seemed like a good time for Kim to launch a new fragrance called True Reflection, instead of Something Smells Fishy! Well one of those jealous haters snuck up behind Kim with a big sack of flour and let her have it! That lead to a lot of headlines about Kim being humiliated, and basically looking ridiculous.

The mystery woman was originally held by authorities for using food stuffs with intent and then let go. Kimmo didn’t want to press charges and preferred to put it behind her, like her career, her reputation, and her big fat ass on which everything was based but which didn’t break her fall! Taking the classy route might’ve gotten her a modicum of respect – & these days she needs every modicum that she can get; but Kimmo quickly had a change of heart. She’s now contemplating pressing charges against the woman she describes as a bully. No word on whether the flour was salvaged and put to some non celebrity use, like feeding folks; but after a brush with Kimbo that tainted product must be less appetizing than January Jones placenta!

BY the way anyone remember scandalous Brit Tab Page 3 girl Katie Jordan Price? Well she’s back and she’s dirtier than ever!

Update 9:30 EST: Lainey of Lainey Gossip was several hours behind our curve on the Prince Harry Chelsy Davy story. In fact she was about 12 hours behind. She just posted something about 2 hours ago! It’s okay to be the “Mail Online” to Wondertrash’s “Beat You To The Punch”.

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