Money Never Sleeps & Marriage Comes Back To Haunt You

Happy ever after in the market place

Money and marriage seem to go together like love & marriage in the movies. Why not since we are living in the real world, or at least the material one. So naturally when folks get hitched up money issues get highlighted. That’s why the legal profession thought up the pre nup as a form of marriage insurance. Now a famous Hollywood ex wife is helping the law talking guys dream up some new precedents that could impact the way movies get made, for better or for worse.

Deandre Douglas is the ex wife of Michael Douglas. She was his wife back when he had a booming movie career instead of cancer. They split up some where along the way and the usual financial arrangements got made. Deandre went away quietly and Michael went off with a woman who’s seldom quiet. That’s Happily Ever After on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

Fast forward several years. Michael is still hitched up to Catherine Zeta Jones. He’s also make a motion picture come back with Wall Street 2 – Money Never Sleeps. The sequel is an idea you can bank on in Tinsel Town cause it’s like betting on success. The people who enjoyed you’re previous work will probably come out to see you “to be continued” stuff. That is unless you got drunk, went nuts, and turned racist or something. Then forget about it. Your celebrity career will consist of nothing but beating up your Russian girlfriend and getting your mug shot taken. But enough about Andy Dick.

Wall Street 2 did pretty good because Michael Douglas is a very talented actor director producer screen writer etc. That’s just the stuff he takes credit for and not including writing the musical score and working out some snappy choreography that unfortunately never made it in. Plus he’s a nice guy by Hollywood standards, which translates into not usually a jerk in man in the street terms. So the flick made some money.

That’s where Deandre comes in, and out of the wood work. She’s suing mike for a piece of the action. “Didn’t she get paid off already?” many of you might be asking. Sure she did. Mike might be a strong willed sex addicted ego maniac but he’s not a stinge. Then why is she coming back dogging an ill man? Well as usual there’s a catch.

the better half better have!

According to divorce law when a couple splits the better half is entitled to everything the more valuable half earned during their years together. Mike & Didi split up years ago and back when Catherine Zeta was a mere 40 year old slip of a thing. However Wall Street 2 is the sequel to a movie made when Mike was with Didi. So she’s arguing that this is a continuation of the first film. So it’s covered by community property. So she should get half of Michael’s take from the flick.

It’s an interesting legal argument that might have some basis. The idea is that this is a totally separate project. The reality is that this plays on some past work. A good portion of the film’s success comes from people having enjoyed the previous film. Deandre is entitled to her share from the original, so she has an argument for a piece of this. Whether her lawyers can get a judge to agree with that is a matter for the courts.

This is where the story gets interesting. Hollywood has been running out of good ideas ever since American writers stopped doing good novels and Andrew Lloyd Weber killed Broadway. With the usual sources of good ideas gone that makes sequels an important source of new screenplay material. So tons of these things get made. Most of them aren’t as watchable as anything Michael Douglas might do.

Now it’s no secret that almost everyone in Hollywood is as into serial marriage as they are into making sequels. It’s also common knowledge that divorces cost the big players a bundle. Steven Spielberg got taken for half his net worth when Amy Irving cut him loose. That was about 100 million at the time. Pre nups were supposed to provide the big boys with some kind of coverage. However if this goes through and sets precedent then no one’s safe anymore. That means every time some one pumps out some sequel from some thing done tens years or so ago, then the ex and her jackals could come out of the wood work to open old wounds. Since no one wants that this means the death of the sequel!

Since sequels are totally over done and an excuse to get good money out of bad films, it might be worth rooting for Deandre. She could be the woman who kills the sequel. Id f she can pull that off then she’ll have changed the way that movies get made. No more resting on past laurels. That can only be good for the industry. Just think of a film industry with no more sequels. So they can get on to making other kinds of flicks. Like stuff based on comic books, video games, and classic TV series. So you go girl!


John Travolta sues Gawker over sex life smear

John Travolta has recently welcomed his new son Benjamin into the world. Even though this is a blessed event, now is not a time of undiluted happiness for the actor. Travolta is suing the Gawker over a series of articles on his ‘secret sex life‘. The article in question was penned, or posted, by Robert Randolph, and contained excerpts from his salaciously titled book The Secret Sex Life of John Travolta. According to Randolph’s self published book, the author claims to have seen Travolta frolicking about steam rooms with hunky young men on multiple occasions. In fact Randolph claims to have stories on Travolta going back some 15 years.

There are usually at least two sides to every story. In this case Travolta’s law talkin’ guy Marty Singer is there to present the B side. According to Singer these allegations are “false and outrageous”. Singer also goes on to point out that these stories go back 15 years, yet Randolph has only just recently brought them to light. Singer then goes on to point out that the idea that Travolta “engaged in multiple adulterous sexual encounters in different public locations in Los Angeles (where he does not live), and that each time, the (nonexistent) events were coincidentally witnessed by [Randolph], is absolutely ridiculous.” Singer then goes on top point out that Randolph – by his own admission – suffers from permanent brain damage. According to Singer this adds up to “blatant defamatory lies” from a “patently unreliable source.

Now when your good name is besmirched like that the usual recourse is to the law. So Travolta and Singer are suing. They claim that Gawker is “significantly compounding the damages” incurred by Travolta. With that in mind Singer is demanding – on Mr Travolta’s behalf, that the Gawker immediately and permanently remove said article from their site & and publish an “unequivocal and prominent retraction of the false and defamatory statements.

If you’re gonna take aim at big game like that then make sure you’ve got a unimpeachable source, or at least some one without brain damage. Without the wonder, it’s just trash.


Salahi’s get sued & Mothers Against Mel Gibson

celebrity gate grashers the salahis get into more legal troubleWhat kind of people are the Salahi’s? Well they’re the kind of people who can get high powered Washington operators like Desiree Rodgers fired. Desiree was the White House social director who got canned after the Salahi’s gate crashed an Obama event. They can also get things heated up on The View. After the White House stunt some View resident liberals (that’s everyone except Elizabeth Hasselbeck – but she might be coming around) made some strong statements like the Salahi’s are criminal and should be locked up. Even though this seems obvious, even without the White House stunt, the Salahi’s took exception and decided to sue. They also claim that Whoopee Goldberg roughed them up, verbally that is.

The Salahi’s are also the kind of folk who can get sued by they former manager Mahogany Jones. The gruesome twosome owe Jones a significant amount of money and that’s let to a law suit of it’s own. That’s also started Mahogany’s tongue wagging. Mahogany describes the Sahali’s as soulless sociopathic grifters who can seem nice at first but who will stop at nothing to get what they want – and what they want is publicity. At least that’s what she told Geraldo:

Now that’s some pretty strong language, especially there towards then end. It seems like the Salahi’s have a way of getting folk hot and bothered. So then it’s unfortunate that they have an insatiable desire of publicity. Maybe they should try taking the sage advice that TV Mom Shirley Jones gave to Mel Gibson by way of Hollywood TV:

BTW Hollywood TV seemed to be stalking TV moms that night. Shortly before pouncing on Shirley Jones they surprised Meredith Baxter. They pounced on her out side the Geffen Playhouse in Westwood:

Meredith’s advice and response was fairly sensible. Then again she’s been out of the business for a while, maybe long enough to return to her senses.

Meredith wasn’t the only TV Mom – Florence Henderson also had some compassionate words!

She has a heart! Well God bless her. Looks like Hollywod TV tracked down every TV Mom except Marge Simpson on this. In case you’re wondering what they’e all doing out side the Geffen theater, Dick Van Dyke was performing there.

Good ole Dick can still pack ’em in. What’s more he had some genuinely useful advice – “Hide out!“. Sooner or later fame comes to that.

They Salahi’s aren’t hiding out, but are getting a bit much with their series of annoying poses and their constant publicity hounding. It also seems like there aren’t too many lines that they wouldn’t cross to get to the top of the Celebrity D List ladder. At least no one has gotten hurt yet, except possibly Desiree Rodgers – who lost her White House job after the Salahi’s pulled that infamous stunt. It might be worth while to remind them that fame isn’t much of a game since there’s no challenge at all to getting attention. Just take the ladies of Comic Con for instance. They can turn the world on with just their smile, & some eye catching co play gear.

BTW for the many Gary Spaceman Bell fans – here’s his latest show.

Now that’s conspiracy theorizing! Let’s see Tila Tequila top that!


Here’s to togetherness!

Brangie vs the (gutter) press

Moksana might be at each other’s thoughts, both legally and literally of the leaked tape recorded conversations of an hysterical Mel ranting racist death threats against his former mistress are to be believed (in the world of journalism a run on sentenced is known as “gonzo“. That was originated by the late great Hunter Thompson who was freakishly gifted as a writer – bless his soul – but did like to write stoned and so sometimes lost track of where one sentence ended and another began. Sometimes he’d just mush several of them together!) – but there’s one couple who just don’t know when to quit – Brangelina. Brangelina, or Brangie for short, are not only solidly together, but are fighting mad about it. So much so that they’ve taken Brit tab News of the World to court over stories about the power couple disconnecting and even having a post nup type division of assets drawn up.

B-ish movie actress types
it wasn't easy including a martial arts finale in Paul W Anderson's 3 Musketeers but would a Milla Jovovich film really be the same without one?It hasn’t been a good few years for News of the World. They also lost a suit to Kate Beckinsale – the Underworld vampire who married Len Wisman. The News referred to Beckinsale as a “B movie actress” She took exception and sued. She also won an undisclosed sum. The News’ defense, that references to Ms. Beckinsale were a misprint, and that they meant Milla Jovovich, didn’t seem to help their defense any. BTW Milla is moving up in class: she’s featured as Milady in her husband Paul W Anderson’s new adaption of the 3 Musketeers! I just hope that the Milla Martial Arts Massacre Finale made the film’s final cut!
Make room for Jethro – Fail in the Family

Speaking of Follywood Family Values the Palin’s have another crisis: Bristol Palin has defied her mother and become engaged to Levi Johnston. Now Sarah Barracuda is no fan of Ricky Hollywood, ever since he sold out and began spilling shit about her. When questioned about it by reporters she did mention that the lad might be welcome in her house for Thanksgiving, but only after being grilled in the oven for several hours and served up honey glazed with an apple in his mouth. So you can kind of take that 2 ways. Since Sarah’s bagged bigger, meaner creatures than Levi he might probably take it as a warning. That’s what Bristol seems to have taken it as, & so bypassed telling Mom in favour of blurting the news out through the tabloids. So it was presented to Mom as a fait accompli, or “it’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission” in other words!

Teen pregnancy, reality TV, and other consequences
Now you can’t blame Sarah for having reservations. Bristol is her eldest, and has been a target for entertainment industry bullies, like David “I’m into creepy stuff” Letterman! So naturally she wants to make sure that Bristol has a guy who can both provide for her daughter and protect her. Quite frankly this Levi fellow comes off as shiftless (and useless!).
next stop Sunnyvale Trailer Park!
However Sarah needn’t worry. Bristol and Levi have their immediate future all worked out. They’re planning a reality TV series (what else?) based on their life together as the 2 most famous young Alaskans on the planet. With a deal like that in the works they should be able to land a million dollar check from some desperate cable TV producers. If the show’s as promising as it sounds, it might even keep them busy right up to mid season replacements. Besides with some minor retooling – like replacing Todd with Mel Gibson as crusty family patriarch, and rewriting Sarah as Dingbat, they might have a bona fide hit on their hands!

So that covers about everyone except the Lohan’s! Remember the post from a few days back pointing out that jail was a Lohan family tradition? Well Dad might be joining Lindsay, since he’s been charged with 2nd degree harassment for threatening to kill current gal pal and Jon Gosselin cast off Kate Major. According to Major she was sleeping one off when Big Mike barged in, called her a “fucking cunt”, and threw her to the ground by overturning her chair. Mikey L counter claims that Major was drunk off her ass when he made the threat so how can she swear to it? – oops!

Shannon Price Round 2!

sole beneficiary

Shannon Price
has taken her conniving and money grubbing to the next level. Gary Coleman’s ex has submitted an addendum to Coleman’s will, purported hand writen by the late actor himself. The addendum makes Ms. Price the sole heir to Coleman’s. The document states that all and any monies, properties, bank accounts, earnings, model trains, vehicles, cars, toys, games, electronics, homes, other inheritances…,” should be left to Ms. Price exclusively. The document goes on to say that This I have done because of my personal selfishness and weakness and I love her with all my heart.“, supposedly in Gary’s words.

where’s there’s a will…

While it is still being debated whether or not Shannon had the right to disconnect Gary’s life support, the merry widow is claiming that she was still Gary’s common law wife despite their 2008 divorce. Shannon claims that they were still living together and that in fact they were continuing to have sexual relations right up to the bitter end. Well not the very end. She was too busy arranging photo ops of Gary’s corpse. Still that answers a question that was on people’s minds since Gary announced that he had married her. Though the pair were tight lipped over the sex question during Coleman’s life, it only took the promise of a possible windfall to get Price to own up about the sex thing. If there are any lingering doubts about the sex thing don’t worry; I’m sure that Ms. Price would even be willing to release a sex tape, supposing that suich a thing exists.

still in the will or grasping at straws?

The one fly in the ointment is the the document is dated 2007. Their divorce was in 2008. Shannon claims that they were still man and wife in all but name only. She further maintains that they continued to hold joint bank accounts and file joint returns together, but only up till 2008. They did file submit an extension for 2009 as “filing jointly”, but since that may have been filed as the relationship was disintegrating, it might not hold weight. Meanwhile yet another will has surfaced leaving Gary’s estate to a mystery woman. That could put a monkey wrench in Price’s plans for a return to Caesar’s Palace for more pampering! It also brings the Gary Coleman Will Fiasco to the Howard Hughes level of complexity. If too many of these documents surface the estate will be hung up for years, with no one benefiting.

Whoever said that you can’t blame someone for trying never ran into this bitch! If she keeps this shit up some one will be tempted to run into her, with a truck!

For the gory details hit the link to a copy of the purported will addendum – Price Coleman will.

On a side note I would like to say that I met Gary once briefly about a year back. It was @ the Yonge & Bloor Starbucks. I told him that I loved his work and thought he was way better than Different Strokes. He said I was the only one who truly understood him. He then quickly scribbled out a will on a napkin, leaving everything to me. I will be submitting this shortly. Why should I be the only one not in on a piece of the action?


Sex Sex Sex

Hollywood Hooligans

Sex Sex SexEver since Tiger Woods, and then Jesse James, got caught with their fingers in the cookie far, there have been a wave of sex stories coming out about celebs. It’s almost as if the Hollywood septic tank backed up. The most recent sexually scandalous celebrity is martial arts tough guy Steven Seagal.

an appalling application

A 23 year old former model of some sort named Kayden Nguyen has made allegations of sexual harassment, illegal trafficking of females for sex, failure to prevent sexual harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination and false representation about employment in a new law suit. Nguyen – who shares the same last name as Tila Tequila, applied for a personal assistant position with Mr Seagal. Stevo soon began plunging his hands down her blouse and up her skirt. When she complained Karate Kid replied that his wife wouldn’t mind if he had an affair. That wasn’t welcome news – allegedly – since now Kayden in suing him. She’s also making allegations about a couple of Russia girls who are on hand to service Mr Seagal 24/7!

Carrey-ed away again?

Jim Carrey has waded into dangerous waters since he and Jenny McCarthy parted ways. First he tweeted in Tiger Woods defense. Now he didn’t come right out and call Elin Nordgren a gold digger tramp who stayed around for the money. He left that to be inferred – sneaky fellow. Now he’s gone on the defensive. The not so funny man recently tweeted that he has been asked to tone down the tweets. He then went on to claim that he’d been sexually assaulted by Ben Roethlisberger. Said Carrey:

My people called and said I might have to tame my tweets a little. So here goes…I’m going to make a sandwich now. peanut butter.(sigh) ;^\

Well, I ate my inoffensive sandwich with an acceptable glass of milk and took the dogs out, while avoiding any controversial thought—>

…then I was sexually assaulted by Ben Roethlisberger! I can’t be certain but it sure looked like him! Good thing I’m a Steelers fan! ;^B

Conan O Brien goes back to doing what he does best – not tweeting

Carrey has had some issues with depression in the past, for which he was taking medication. Might be time to refill his Prozac prescription. Carrey on Twitter reminds me of the George Bernard Shaw quote on T E Lawrence (Of a Arabia)He can be no more trusted with a pen than a child could with a live torpedo!” Good luck with avoiding those controversial thoughts Jimbo! If not maybe you could whip up a few tweets for Conan O Brien (who is getting a new show in November). Conan has had some trouble generating interest via the Twitter medium. He should have followed the cancellation of his show with addiction, sex assault and rehab. Everyone would be talking about him now if he did.

A sex crazed Swift

Finally word is that Taylor Swift is getting more usage than a merry go round. Since leaping onto the public stage shortly before Kanye West jumped up to interrupt her, Swift has been swiftly going through a number of boyfriends. In fact she’s she recently been linked to Cory Monteith, but is rumored to be 2 timing him with with exes Taylor Lautner and John Mayer! Mayer is the guy who used to date Jennifer Aniston and likes to pee on women. Seems that Taylor’s mom Andrea gave Mayer the heave ho but Swift is continuing to see him behind mom’s back, with Glee’s Monteith as a cover! “Taylor’s out of control!” a source told the National Enquirer.

Plus there’s some breaking news in the Suvivor murder case.


Tiger’s Teacher Traumatized

Tiger Woods should’ve probably taken some time off following his big sex scandal. He could’ve gone sailing, done some therapy, worked on his marriage, and then returned to the game that needs him so badsly after everything had blown over. Right now he’s radioactive. Playing the Masters only keeps the story hot. While the story’s hot there are gonna be a lot of people who want to tap into the toxic fame for themselves. Like Tiger’s kindergarten teacher.

For years Tiger had been telling a story about how he’d been the victim of a racially based assault in kindergarten. Some kids, according to Tiger, tied him to a tree and then spray painted him with racial epithets. It’s the kind of story that plays up the triumph over adversity angle. Just like George Washington and the cherry tree (It was very inspiring to hear about some one making it in politics despite honesty!). It turns out that like the cherry tree, Tiger’s school yard assault never actually happened. At least that’s what the teacher is telling legal loose canon and Rachel Uchitel council Gloria Allred.

The woman in question has come forward because she feels she is just as entitled to an apology as any of Woods’ mistress. No that Tiger poked her or anything. Not even Tiger would’ve been capable of such preschooler prowess. It’s that the story has disturbed her.

The kindergarten teacher must be a sensitive soul. She claims that since Woods started spreading these stories about mischeif in the schoolyard she has become chronically stressed out. She’s even developed colitis, insomnia, and a host of other complaints that are either real, imaginary, or totally spurious. So Tiger needs to say “Sorry”. Once the mea culpa is out of the way then they can move on to the lawsuit that they seem to be positioning themselves for. That may sound cynical but I doubt that Allred is repping the lady out of the goodness of her heart. Remember that once you say sorry you’ve accepted liability and can be sued! Just look up an old Rockford Files episode called the attractive Nuisance if you doubt it. Watching lots of TV has made a whole generation pretty aware!

Now here’s MSNBC news hottie Contessa Brewer with their resident gossip expert for more details. I guess that Contessa is one of the few that Tiger hasn’t gotten around to yet. Hey, the guy is still young!

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


Bad News For Homewreckers

It was a sham marriage that was the envy of every other sham marriage

Some bad news for man stealers. A court has just awarded a spurned wife $9 million for the loss of her marriage. Now the award wasn’t against the husband but against he mistress. The wife maintained that the marriage was a fairy tale with a successful attorney husband and intelligent attractive children until a scheming other woman set her sights on what didn’t belong to her. The basis of the suit was ‘alienation of affect’. Since the other woman was accused of being responsible, she had to pay. Look out Angelina Jolie, ’cause I think that Jennifer Aniston just might have a case based on this precedent.
Angelina tickles Jennifer
Sue your yoga instructor!

You can now successfully sue anyone. Though that takes some of the meaning away from OJ Simpson’s $33 million wrongful death judgment in the Ron Goldman Civil Suit, it is something to bear in mind in case yoga class doesn’t work out! Yoga malpractice is a plague that must be stopped, by law suit if necessary!


Jon Gosselin deeper in shit

jon gosselinWhat would a week be without Jon Gosselin? I’m afraid that we don’t yet have the pleasure of knowing. That happy day might be getting closer though. Seems Jon is in some deep caca with his former TLC masters. When he signed on for that travesty of a tv show – Jon & Kate + 8 – he agreed contractually not to do any endorsements that the Learning Channel didn’t approve of.

Now Jon entered into a business arrangement with a pretty shady character – Michael Lohan. Though the contract was unsigned, Jon still got paid, and that’s the fly in the ointment. It’s put’s him technically in violation of contract. So TLC may have jon by the short and curlies. Not that anyone would want to get anywhere near jon’s short and curlies, or even think about them. If the rumours about Jon being taped have sex with a ‘professional’ are true though, you might get a chance to do more than think about them. Jon should’ve have known better. Where ever Michael Lohan goes catastrophe, and legal trouble, seem to follow him like stink follows shit.

Jon really ought’a slow down on the partying. Most recent pictures of him look like he was hit in the head with a brick!

jon gosselin hangover


Tila Tequila has a message for the haters

The finger is worth a thousand words, and all of them 4 lettered!

I was gonna caption that but I’m sure that you get the message. She’s also suing Shawne Merriman on some spurious grounds. About the only thing he seems guilty of is serving alcohol to an unstable – and by unstable I mean batshit nuts – woman.

Between Levi Johnston, Balloon Dad, Michael Lohan, and the ever unpopular Carrie Prejean, the trash factor angle is getting awfully competitive. Can your really blame Tila for trying? You go girl! At least this will get her out and involved, and give her a break from he constant Twittering and youtubing. Some of those youtube vids were starting to get borderline creepy!

BTW in addition to appearing drunk while singing off key on youtube, TT has also taken to blogging. Oh how the mighty have fallen! You can check it out @ Tila’sHotSpot!

The poor woman was starting to crack! Without this pointless law suit to occupy her mind a 5150 might well have been in her immediate future!

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