Miley Cyrus & boyfriend swap heads!

Ever since Miley Cyrus gave up her career for her boyfriend – well that’s not exactly true because her career sort of petered out on it’s own – she just hasn’t been able to get enough of the big lug. It’s like she’s developed some kind of clingy needy co dependent attachments to the guy. For instance she’s posted a number of annoying tweets about their relationship to the effect of “why doesn’t he love me like I love him“, “I guess I have to accept he can never love me like I love him“, “I can’t take the fact that he doesn’t appreciate me personally“, “I guess I have to learn to love myself but I can’t cause I love him too much” etc. Boyfriend finally put his foot down and told her to knock it the fuck off and stay away from twitter  She did a for about 2 days and then started posting more passive aggressive shit. Lets face it – it would take the talent of a Taylor Swift to turn those tweets into a successful career!

Basically Miley resents the fact that her boyfriend has a life of his own or any independent existence apart from her. That can pose relationship problems for a ferociously needy person. Fortunately Miley is determined & has hit upon a solution. She and her guy have had their heads surgically swapped! It’s anew technique originally developed in Hollywood to give over the hill actresses a new lease on life by harvesting the heads of younger up and coming actresses (just imagine Kristen Stewart head glumly frowning away from atop Julia Roberts during some Vanity Fair interview and insisting “now we’re practically Bette Davis! “), but is now being offered as an option for impulsive celebrity couples who want to take it to the next level. So far there have been few takers but Beverly Hills surgeons believe that if they can get Brad & Angelina to go for this then it might catch on. Here’s the Miley results!

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