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Mirando’s copasetic

Remember when Wondertrash posted that Mirando (Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom) were in trouble? That’s a rumour that WT picked up off of some other blog and started making the rounds after Miranda got caught getting flirty or something with Bloom’s bets pal Leo DiCaprio. Bloom’s mom came to the couple’s rescue by issuing an “Oh my gosh” statement claiming the couple were still in love, happy, and getting together for Christmas. Mrs Bloom insisted that the naysayers out there didn’t know what they were talking about. Now there are some picks to back her up. Mirando were recently spotted out in public together and what’s more they were getting flirty with each other. Now if you don’t believe me, and why would you since Internet entertainment gossip blogs have a dodgy reputation, here are those very pix of the toothsome twosome taken recently in Los Angeles as Orlando came round to pick up Miranda from a day at the spa.

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr squelch bust up rumours with a public kiss outside an LA spa
Orlando Bloom picks up wife Aussie hottie model Miranda Kerr after a long day ast an LA spa


Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr share a tender moement outside and LA spa
It’s rough at the top but it has compensations for Orlando Bloom, like public lip locking with Miranda!


Orlando Bloom picks uip wife Miranda Kerre outside of an LA spa where the Victoria's Secret model spent the day
Husband and wife make a clean getaway after their public kiss in


Orlando Bloom rushes to open the car door for wife Miranda Kerr after picking the Victoria's Secret model up from her day at an exclusive LA spa
Miranda flashes the toothies as gentleman Orlando rushes around to open her car door for her


Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr lock lips out side an LA spa where the Vicotia's Secret model spent the day
Mirando lock lips before the prying eyes of the paparazzi

Orlando Bloom and Victoia's Secret model Miranda Kerre prepare to leave an LA spa where she recently spent the day - family have denied that the couple are having marital difficulties
more tender moments between the rumour plagued couple

I know what you’re thinking and the answer is “No those photos weren’t Photoshopped!“. So everything looks copasetic in Mirandoville. See, his mom told ya!

Orlando Bloom Stops By Burton Snowboards While Breakup Rumors Fly About Wife Miranda Kerr

Lindsay Lohan goes to bash for cash

Remember Lindsay Lohan? Everyone was expecting some kind of big New Years Day outrage from her because she promised that she’d stay in quietly with mom and cook pasta or something. That story was so obviously cooked up that it was an insult to the collective intelligence of gossip readers everywhere. Besides Lindz has a track record of mayhem where alcohol is involved and NY’s is the big alcohol related festivity right next to St Patrick’s Day. Lindz last big outrage involved  – allegedly – punching a gypsy so if she followed true to form she might have wound up punching out homeless people and robbing street vendors in a chemical fueled crime spree.

 Well Lindsay is nothing if not full of surprises. She didn’t spend NYE at home cooking pasta with mom. She didn’t go on a violent front page bender either. In fact Lindz spent New Years making a little money for herself. She did that by becoming the paid guest of Prince Azim of Brunei over the holidays. The Prince is celebrity obsessed. He once paid Lionel Richie to sing for him. Pamela Anderson was a guest at a bash of his – she got $75 000 for attending. Also Mariah Carey, Chace Crawford, Raquel Welch, Marisa Tomei and Dionne Warwick   have been paid guests of his. Basically he’s rotten with oil money and if clebs need some extra cash they can show up as paid partiers.

This time Lindz was the guest of honour and the bash was at the Dorchester in London. Prince Azim flew Lindz and her mother Dina in for the event. Then he put them up in the Dorchester Hotel. When the time came Lindsay partied with the Prince and his guests. So Ms Lohan was running with a very classy crowd and in a very classy locale (give the Chateau Marmont a break for a bit). The upshot is that Prince paid Lindz $100 000 very he pleasure of her company. So she made a little money on the side. Glad that she’s getting her act together. If you must party then party responsibly!

BTW a little update on Lohan. As you might have heard Lindsay has had some tax trouble with America’s Favorite government institution the IRS. She apparently owes them a shit load of unpaid taxes or something so they froze her accounts. Charlie Sheen chipped in with $100 000 or something to help her out. However Lindz is in debt way deeper than that. This new Brunei cash infusion should help. However Lindsay keeps racking up the legal fees. So now rumour has it that she’s considering an offer to do porn for $2.5 million. According to Hollywire, & DNA, she’ll be required to masturbate on film like Octomom.

Naomi Campbell gets mugged

Speaking of one woman crime sprees Supermodel Naomi Campbell has had her share of brushes with the law. She can be a little violent volatile. Now she’s back in the news again in a violence related incident but as victim rather than perpetrator. Naomi claims that she was out and about on the streets of Paris during the Holiday Season – sharing her beauty with the world as you would if you were her and in a generous giving mood. Then as she tried to hail a cab, she was suddenly and without warning set upon by a gang of thugs who beat her up and ran off with her purse. They left her so badly injured that she wound up in a wheel chair and a neck brace – as seen in the photo below.

Supermodel Naomi CAmpbell uses a wheel chair follwoing her alleged assault in the streets of Paris on Nov 21
Hell on wheels – fiery Naomi Campbell is confined to a wheel chair following an alleged assault in  Paris
Supermodel Naomi CAmpbell allelgeds that she was stalked attacked and robbed by street thugs as she tried to hail a cab in Paris on Nov 21
Naomi Campbell trades limo for another mode of transport following her alleged Paris assault

So that’s what she get’s for sharing her beauty with the world – typical!

Anyway the thing is that there are a few elements of the story that don’t quite add up. Naomi claims that she was manhandled by a gang that must’ve been stalking her and waiting for an opportune time to pounce. So the nabbed her at the cab. Problem is that Naomi never takes cabs. She likes to go limo where ever she goes. A source working for the company which organizes limousines for the supermodel when Ms Campbell is in the city said: ‘The thought of Naomi Campbell hailing a taxi in the street is laughable, let alone the idea that a gang would attack her. It all sounds absolutely bizarre.” Also ‘Naomi is quite a demanding lady, and always has lots of assistants around her too. She’s seldom alone!

The police are also baffled by the incident.  ‘A high profile celebrity being attacked in Paris would be something everybody remembers,‘ said a police source after checking crime reports for December. ‘If such a serious crime had taken place then a criminal enquiry would have started by now – especially if the victim ended up in a wheelchair.’

Well it turns out that Naomi’s story might have been a little exaggerated. Instead of being ‘attacked in the street as she hailed a cab, and robbed.‘ during which  ‘Her leg was injured as she was violently pushed to the ground. She was understandably very upset and shaken up.‘; her hand bag was snatched from her hand as she sat comfortably ensconced in her limo. There was a gang involved though – I believe that they were on mopeds or something. Or as a police source said: ‘On November 21, two people on a motorbike attempted to steal Ms Campbell’s handbag as she sat in a vehicle on Rue de Moussy. ‘She filed a complaint with police in the 4th arrondissement but she did not agree to a medical examination.’ The source said Ms Campbell was ‘accompanied’ during her ordeal, and had wisely stayed inside the car.

Her Russian Billionaire Boyfriend Vladimir Doronin did come through for her though. He sent her off to Vail, Colorado to be treated by J Richard Steadman – one of the world’s leading orthopedic surgeons. No doubt Dr. Steadman was well paid to apply his skills to Ms. Campbell real and imagined injuries.

It’s good that the full story finally cam out. The rumours going around for a while were that instead of a gang of street thugs Campbell had actually run into Halle Berry & Oliver Martinez. Acccording to that unsubstantiated internet rumour instead of a robbery the trio just went off on contact – like nitro glycerine! You know what can happen when three strong personalities get together! Fortunately that was only rumour.

Coming soon to Wondertrash:

As you may or may not know music impresario Jay Z is a 32nd degree Freemason and member of the Prince Hall Lodge – same branch (and same degree) as President Barack Obama

Jay Z fixes sporting event by flashing Masonic hand signal!

Did 32nd degree Freemason and Prince Hall Lodge memeber Jay Z help fix a recent sporting event by using secret masonic hand signals?
Jay Z flashes the secret Masonic “fix it” signal at a recent sporting event – did it help determine the outcome?
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A Boob, a Brawl, & Sofia Vergara!

Once upon a time in New York City there was a severely schizophrenic man who believed that he was being contacted by space aliens. They’d visit him during the night and whisk him away to the mother ship, where they’d implant him with their alien microchips. That way they could stay in contact with him by beaming a continuous barrage of ET space talk into his defenseless brain.

Naturally the mental health people eventually caught up with him, and the poor fellow spent some time in hospital. He’d tell the doctors about his strange alien communications and repeat what the ET’s told him. This stuff was pretty colourful and he was encouraged to write it down. The stuff got read and even circulated a bit – I guess in those journals run by mental health orgs.

Anyway his ‘visions’ were so interesting that they found their way to the National Enquirer. They took a keen interest and wound up offering the guy a job. So he goes from being a homeless schizophrenic with a jammed communicator to a tabloid writer making a 6 figure salary. There’s was only one catch. Every so often his editor would phone up his psychiatrist and ask to have his meds reduced. That was when the stuff he was coming up with wasn’t crazy enough for the paper.

The above story may be apocryphal but the point is that tabloid journalism has a crazy streak running through it. Now let’s move on to the crazy!

Celebrity Story Theater

Not so long ago in Miami TV hottie Sofia Vergara and her boyfriend Nick Loeb went out to celebrate New Years. They could’ve probably used a night out since the couple were in a tense frame of mind. Bystanders say they were arguing through out the evening. So a night of clubbing seemed like just the thing. The fact that they went to hotspot Story may not have helped. That place is run by Sofie’s former boyfriend Chris Paciello.

WhoSayPhotoEmbed.create({vanityRoot: “http://www.whosay.com/sofiavergara”, clientName: “Sofia Vergara”, vanityLink: “http://www.whosay.com/sofiavergara/photos/268482”, photoId: “http://media.whosay.com/268482/268482_lalt.jpg”, title: “Ready to recieve the new year at Bianca! Gracias @ChrisPaciello1”, width: “500”, })

Sofia Vergara on WhoSay

Now they were all adults in this situation so everyone should’ve been cool. Accounts say that Sofie and Chris are no more than friends. However the situation seemed to prey on Loeb’s already frayed nerves. So he quickly went from arguing with Vergara to arguing with a bunch at a near by table. Now you know what happens when there’s alcohol, sexual tension, and strained nerves involved. The sh!t can hit the fan. That’s what did happen when Nick got into some kind of shoving match with the party at the next table.

Well quick as a wink the club security were on him. Sofie bravely thrust herself into the fray, to support her man. The only thing she managed to accomplish however was trashing her dress – and that resulted in an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction where one of Vergara’s boobs got a public airing out. Upshot of the situation was that a battered and bruised Loeb got hussled out the back door by club security, with Vergara in hot pursuit.

Vergara & Loeb were livin la vida Lohan

So it was an eventful night for all involved. Nick got pounded after getting into an altercation with bystanders, Sofie got  exposed after her boob slipped out while she was playing peace maker, and Story night club got into the headlines. So that’s a hectic night even for Lindsay Lohan! However everything ended well enough as Sofie and Nick kissed and made up – where else? – but on Twitter! So it’s a celeb story with all the ingredients. The only way the angles would’ve been completely covered is if the party at the next table – with which Loab got into a fracas with, were a group of visiting extraterrestrials! That would be too much to wish for though!

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Lindsay Lohan is still dodging bullets

Lindsay Lohan might be in serious shit. Back in June while she was filming Liz & Dick Lindz nailed an 18 wheeler on the Pacific Coast Highway. This was a major f up on many levels because for one thing she wasn’t supposed to be driving. The studio had sent some one to make sure that she was up and ready to get to work, and also to drive her. Lindz went on to claim that her assistant was driving when the accident occurred, even though multiple witnesses put Lohan behind the wheel.

Lindz has an answer for that. She’s been telling her friends that the cops are out to get her. Apparently she’s the target of some kind of legal vendetta. Now Lindsay is terrified of lanbding back in the pokey, & is afraid that one strike could blow things for her. That’s because she’s still on probation from her jewelry heist!

The jewelry heist was that misunderstanding a while back in which Lindsay walked out of a shop with some pricey bling. According to Lindsay the shop assistant was totally cool with her borrowing a necklace to wear to some event, as long as she returned it the next day. That sort of thing happens in Hollywood. You ride the red carpet in some borrowed jewels and then bring them back the following morning.

The shop owner said that they knew nothing about it and since the security cam showed Lohan breezing out with the necklace some legal problems ensued. One probable scenario is that the assistant let Lohan have the rocks on loan – after which shop keeper realized what had happened and panicked. You would too if you realized that an employ let Lindsay Lohan walk out wearing $18 000. Lohan got charged and put on probation by Judge Stephanie Sautner.

This is wear it gets complicated. Lindsay says she was driving when her Porsche hit that truck. However her assistant is saying that in fact Lohan was behind the wheel. That confirms multiple witness reports from the scene – police vendetta or not. Cops interviewed the fellow at the hospital where Lohan was being treated post crash and he confirmed that he was in the passenger seat. This also corroborates the truck driver‘s claim that Lindsay was behind the wheel – incidentally he’s currently got a law suit against Lohan. Not surprisingly Lohan swears that she was in the passenger seat.

So this puts things in a mess. For one thing Lohan is now suspected of lying to police. That’s a probation violation on her jewelry charge. The Santa Monica City Attorney is filing criminal charges against Lohan. That has the L.A. City Attorney’s Office gathering info on probation violation in the jewelry thing. Worst case scenario for Lindz is that she gets slapped with a probation violation and goes to jail. Lying to the cops can result in serious jail time. Since the cops took Lohan’s statement at the hospital right after the crash they’ve got it in writing, in their report. So this one could be a tough bullet to dodge.

BTW police also found a plethora of pills in Lindsay’s purse after the crash. Lindsay lawyer – the hardest working gal in her profession – Shawn Holley, has provided a doctor’s note for all of them! So any pill related charges have been dropped. As for Lindsay she’s already working on her cover story, claiming that she would never ever tell a lie, but was merely confused following the crash. Maybe Holley can get the same doc who signed off on the pills to cover the confusion angle. In the meantime bullet dodging has made legal drama Lindsay’s new job!

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NYC’s Cannibal Cop – "Hey good lookin’, what’s cookin’?"

Girls with chemistry

Tweeting for democracy – Lindsay Lohan is actively apolitical

lindsay lohan has as much trouble as any American young woman like parents drugs arrests rehab and choosing which presidential candidate to vote for

If being Lindsay Lohan were easy then anybody could do it. Let’s face it the gig comes with some problems. Like the usual mother daughter situation. Lindz and Dina got into a spat recently over $40 000 Lindz loaned mom to keep a roof over her head. That lead to a tense Long Island limo ride and a visit from the cops. Lindz papa Michael got involved, because Lindz phoned him. He’s the one that called the cops. He also taped the called and sold it to TMZ. It also prompted Michael to take more interest in his daughter’s life: he surprised her with an intervention – that’s for the kind of life events Hallmark doesn’t make cards for, and is rumored to be seeking a conservator ship. Lindz has reportedly said that her father is now dead to her.

drawing fire

Things have kinda been hectic for the girl. So it’s not surprising that she’s backing off of her Mitt Romney endorsement. The actress came out in support of him recently saying that it was because the economy & employment was an issue. That drew some fire – since politics is a hot button issue. Since Lindz is in more hot water than she can handle right now she’s toned down the partisnaship.

twittering debate

The recent Presidential debate was the perfect opportunity to moderate her position. Lindz took to Twitter with a series of non  committal tweets in favour of both candidates, like “RT if you’re #ProudOfObama as our commander in chief.” & “We should be focusing on @BarackObama and @mittromney’s policies rather than their personal cliff-hangers w/women.” – which was in response to Vanity Fair. She topped the evening of politics & tweeting off with “Nice work to both @BarackObama and @mittromney. I’m so relieved that [the debate is] over. Maybe more than both of you…severe anxiety- God bless xo L” Now you have to give Lindsay credit for at least one thing, in choosing between father figures she’s learned how to hedge her bets!

Lindsay Lohan tweets the debate and learns an important lesson - when choosing between father figures remember to hedge your bets

artificial nudity – Megan Fox is blatantly satirical

Lindsay Lohan started out with Megan Fox, back when they were in Mean Girls together. Megan was the Mean Girl. Behind the scenes Megan says that Lindz used to get her to go to the corner store during shooting breaks to buy her cigarettes. The idea being that Meggers looked old enough to buy ciggies without raising suspicion. That was probably the last time Meggers looks didn’t raise suspicion!

Foxy big mouth

Since then it’s been a wild ride for both of them. Lindz has had her public battles with addiction, her parents, & the law, while Megan became a star in Transformers & the most ogled gal on Google, before falling out with her studio masters and slumping back into career low gear. The official story behind that was that when she called Transformers director Michael Bay “Hitler” in an interview Bay’s boss Steven Spielberg got miffed. Spielberg – who did Schindler’s List and who is active in Jewish charities, called up Bay and told him to get rid of the girl with the big mouth. After that Megan married long time partner Brian Austin Green and had a son Noah Shannon, born about 1 month ago.

and nod and a wink with your tongue in your cheek

Not that things have slowed down for Meggers & BAG. Green had to fork out $200 000 in a law suit to a former girlfriend.  Now Meggers is in legal shit of her own. Seems some naughty pix of Foxy have found there way onto a website called Celebrity Jihad. – if you’re an ent blogger then you wish that you’d thought of that name. CJ is a celebrity parody site –  if you’re an ent blogger then you’d wish you’d thought of that idea *wink* –  that likes to post “satirical” pix. In this case satire meant pasting Meggers head onto another woman’s nude body. You didn’t need to be a ent blogger to think of that (unless you’ve got the same idea of satire as a 14 yr old boy)! Foxy was not impressed.

appreciated but hard to believe

The Fox got in touch with her lawyers and they sent out some cease & desist orders – those things seem to be getting popular, hopefully Kate Gosselin hasn’t started a trend. Foxy wants the pix taken down as soon as possible, & may seek damages. Says Celeb Jihad to TMZ – “While we appreciate Megan Fox’s concern for her image, we find it hard to believe that a woman who spent two Transformers movies bent over with her breasts pressed together could have her reputation damaged by a blatantly satirical website.” While that may – allegedly – be true, Meggers has also just given birth, and you ain’t gonna calm down a hormonal woman with language like that. They should’a known!

Is Mandy Caruso the new Megan Fox?

BTW on the whole Megan Fox Nude Scandal – Foxy’s people claim that Celeb Jihad took Megan’s head and pasted onto an anonymous woman’s body in much the way Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend have recently had their heads placed on each others’ bodies. Miley’s rational is that even though it doesn’t really allow them to spend more time together at least it prevents them from spending more time apart. Codependent relationships can be a pain coupled with a burden!

As for Foxy’s recent head swap – my usual fictitious sources tell me that Celeb Jihad took an anonymous woman’s body and pasted Comic Con’s Mandy Caruso’s head on it. Now you can see how Mandy might be mistaken for Megan.

is Mandy Caruso the new Megan Fox?

Shit – Caruso might look more like Megan than Megan does!

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Scary Resemblance: Lindsay Lohan & Fergie

No one has said anything about Fergie – from the Black Eyed Peas – for a while. But clever Fergie has found away to get back on the public radar and without having to resort to political short cuts either (or getting busted in Sierra Blanco Texas). Halloween is coming up and Fergs merely gave folks a special sneak peek at her trick or treat gear via Instagram, the social networking app that celebs like as well as Twitter!

In case ya missed it Fergs will be impersonating Lindsay Lohan this Hallowee.

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Lindsay Lohan gets political

Atlas belched

Lindsay Lohan announced which candidate she’s supporting and I’ll give you a hint – she says it’s because the economy is important (she has been struggling with unemployment)! I’ll give you another hint – Tumblr Blogger Communism Kills alias Ayn Rand Paul Ryan is either having an aneurysm or has decided Lohan is a great underrated actress ever. If those cryptic clues don’t do it for you then just hit the damned link!

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Rihanna sighting

looks like Rihanna missed the VP debate

Lindsay Lohan wasn’t the only one out and about recently. Rihanna was also out in the LA area on Thursday. She seemed to fare better than Lindsay. She didn’t need anyone to hold her up, not even Chris Brown, who wasn’t even in the picture. It’s just Rihanna and her nipples – a kind of girls night out.

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Lindsay on the town

It’s been a rough week for Lindsay Lohan. She got in that fist fight with her mother over the $40 000 she lent mom so Dina wouldn’t get tossed out on the street. That was a pretty rough limo ride that ended with a visit from the cops. That’s cause Lindz phoned her dad Michael and he phoned the cops. he also taped the call and sold it to TMZ the next day or something. It’s jsut not easy being Lindsay (only being Kristen Stewart is more challenging – so some day soon those two should start hangin together. Kris is more than capable of keeping lindz supplied in weed though Lindz could be a bad influence on Stewie. the pair would be bound to wind up in rehab toether!).

So naturally Lindz needed to get out and let her hair down. That she did just recently  -within 24 hours – at the Chateau Marmont, her favorite spot in the whole world! She can stand up right with only slight assistance too!

Now you can’t blame Lindz for cutting loose. It’s been rough for her lately with family problems and work set backs. The Liz Taylor deal is the first paying gig she’s had since stripping off for Playboy. Plus she’s been handing out the cash hand over fist to her mom. Now if she’d give cash to an irresponsible lunatic like Dina Lohan then who wouldn’t she give money to? So she might be supporting a half dozen or so low lifes, dead beats, & drop outs! The result is that Lindz is in straightened circumstances. She goes out because she doesn’t even have a decent room to come home to – this is the bedroom in Lindz current digs!

Man that’s rough – if that was your place you’d go out and get drunk too!

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Lohan mother daughter fist fight update

Lohan Family Values

A little while ago Lindsay Lohan and mother of the year Dina got into an “altercation” while taking a limo ride in Long Island. The cops got called on that cause Lindsay phoned her dad Michael and Mikey phoned the cops. I believe that he also recorded the phone call. You could call that “Lohan Family Values” but if you had to deal with Dina you might record your phone calls to, just to be on the safe side.

So what was the big brouhaha over? Seems that Dina’s long island home was about to go into foreclosure and Dina worked out a deal to keep a roof over her head. ‘Worked out a deal’ means that she got Lindsay to give JP Morgan Chase Manhattan some money on her mother’s behalf.

Well and good except that Dina fell behind again and made another trip to the well. This time devoted aughter Lindsay forked up about $40 000 to help keep her mom from getting put out on the street. It was the 40 thou mother and daughter were arguing about when the pair came to blows. Rumour has it that Dina’s made plenty of other ‘withdraws’ on her daughter including college tuition for Lindz brother and being Dina who knows what else.

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