The Red House – Watch Full Length Thriller, Film Noir, Edward G. Robinson

The Red House is a film noir staring edward g robinson and rory calhoun and centered aroudn the mysterious goings on in an isolated farm house
Wonder Noir

Wondertrash’s Weekend Film Noir Theater presents The Red House. It’s a promising little flick featuring a creepy farm with a secret that the owner will go to great pains to protect. What could it be: illegal and unregistered fire arms, genetically modified food, or even a stranded extra terrestrial? Where creepy farmers in isolated homesteads are involved anything is possible, possibly even his own hand made mechanical bride cobbled together out of spare parts from junked farm equipment! Now that last one would be a humdinger of a plot! Personally I suspect that he’s probably organizing some kind of weirdo cult based on peace, love, & total world domination! There are a lot of magic mushrooms sprouting up around farm territory, so the combo of boredom and hallucinogens can lead to some pretty freaky trips.

To find out exactly what the secret is, you’ll just have to watch the flick (or cheat and head over to wikipedia) – so butter yourself up some pop corn, roll yourself a joint, then sit back and prepared to be amazed; or maybe mildly disappointed! The film does feature Edward G Robinson and Rory Calhoun, so it can’t be that bad!


Oksana Grigorieva blows Mel Gibson settlement by opening her big mouth on the Howard Stern show - btw Howard Stern also spells Wondertrash
Oksana Grigorieva

For the story of how Oksana Grigorieva just talked herself out of half the financial settlement she got off of Mel Gibson, head over to our sister blog Mocksure & Another crude greedy little scheme gone wrong. Oksie had been offered $15 mill by Mel, but turned that down. Perhaps she thought she could do better. Anyway she wound up with a $750 000 settlement to be paid installments ending in 2016.

Oksie has been griping about being up to her titties in debt. She’s got ‘gofer patrol’ that costs $90 per month, and security for $80 per. In addition to the $375 000 (about half) she’s already got from her Mel Gibson settlement she also has a $500 personal work of art (the mind reels) and $200 in music royalties accumulated over the past several months! So the economic breakdown adds up to $48 000 in assets & $438 000 in debt. That’s bad, but what’s worse is that she just violated the terms of her settlement. So she doesn’t get another thin dime, & a judge is backing that up! For further details you’ll have to link to mocksure!

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