Samuel L Jackson gets mad on air!

Even in this day and age on air TV can be unpredictable. Hosts can get so excited by interviewing famous people that they get carried away and loose their heads a little bit. When you add the recent Superbowl into the excitement mix then the fizz can really settle into the brain cola!

Not that Sam Rubin is  a man to get the bends on live TV. He’s a consummate professional. He works at KTLA in Los Angeles. So he plays in the big leagues. However when he recently interviewed legend Samuel L Jackson  Rubin, who was in a  better place at the time – Happy Hour at Charley Brown’s Steakhous. Then Sam got a little flustered. That’s understandable. Jackson is a major movie star. It’s a live interview. Oh yeah and Jackson wouldn’t get off Rubin’s ass about mistaking him for Lawrence Fishburne!

At least that’s how Jackson took it when Rubin mentioned his recent Super bowl commercial. Jackson hadn’t done a commercial. Fishburne had (Kia). So Jackson assume that Rubin was confusing his major black actors. Although Rubin didn’t actually come right out and call him Morpheus or anything. So we don’t really know. However you can have a look at the blow by blow video footage and decide for yourself!

shameful spankings!

Wow that was awkward! Now Sam says that he can explain. He says that he was actually referring to Jackson’s Captain America trailer. Now he didn’t say that at the time. That’s why it’s so important to be quick witted when you’re a broadcaster. So that what you mean to say will occur to you when, or even before, you say it; instead of sometime afterwards and when things have gone horribly horribly wrong!

However it should also be said that at the very beginning of that tape the Capt America image is up on the studio screen. Just as Rubin begins talking about the Superbowl Commercial. He also reference’s Marvel (“You’re working for Marvel”). So maybe that’s what he was referring to. Maybe he was so taken off guard that he couldn’t explain himself? Perhaps there’s a happier hour waiting at Charley Brown’s Steakhouse? Sam could order a Good Grief Special!

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Celebrity Rematch


Mirando’s copasetic

Remember when Wondertrash posted that Mirando (Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom) were in trouble? That’s a rumour that WT picked up off of some other blog and started making the rounds after Miranda got caught getting flirty or something with Bloom’s bets pal Leo DiCaprio. Bloom’s mom came to the couple’s rescue by issuing an “Oh my gosh” statement claiming the couple were still in love, happy, and getting together for Christmas. Mrs Bloom insisted that the naysayers out there didn’t know what they were talking about. Now there are some picks to back her up. Mirando were recently spotted out in public together and what’s more they were getting flirty with each other. Now if you don’t believe me, and why would you since Internet entertainment gossip blogs have a dodgy reputation, here are those very pix of the toothsome twosome taken recently in Los Angeles as Orlando came round to pick up Miranda from a day at the spa.

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr squelch bust up rumours with a public kiss outside an LA spa
Orlando Bloom picks up wife Aussie hottie model Miranda Kerr after a long day ast an LA spa


Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr share a tender moement outside and LA spa
It’s rough at the top but it has compensations for Orlando Bloom, like public lip locking with Miranda!


Orlando Bloom picks uip wife Miranda Kerre outside of an LA spa where the Victoria's Secret model spent the day
Husband and wife make a clean getaway after their public kiss in


Orlando Bloom rushes to open the car door for wife Miranda Kerr after picking the Victoria's Secret model up from her day at an exclusive LA spa
Miranda flashes the toothies as gentleman Orlando rushes around to open her car door for her


Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr lock lips out side an LA spa where the Vicotia's Secret model spent the day
Mirando lock lips before the prying eyes of the paparazzi

Orlando Bloom and Victoia's Secret model Miranda Kerre prepare to leave an LA spa where she recently spent the day - family have denied that the couple are having marital difficulties
more tender moments between the rumour plagued couple

I know what you’re thinking and the answer is “No those photos weren’t Photoshopped!“. So everything looks copasetic in Mirandoville. See, his mom told ya!

Orlando Bloom Stops By Burton Snowboards While Breakup Rumors Fly About Wife Miranda Kerr

Lindsay Lohan goes to bash for cash

Remember Lindsay Lohan? Everyone was expecting some kind of big New Years Day outrage from her because she promised that she’d stay in quietly with mom and cook pasta or something. That story was so obviously cooked up that it was an insult to the collective intelligence of gossip readers everywhere. Besides Lindz has a track record of mayhem where alcohol is involved and NY’s is the big alcohol related festivity right next to St Patrick’s Day. Lindz last big outrage involved  – allegedly – punching a gypsy so if she followed true to form she might have wound up punching out homeless people and robbing street vendors in a chemical fueled crime spree.

 Well Lindsay is nothing if not full of surprises. She didn’t spend NYE at home cooking pasta with mom. She didn’t go on a violent front page bender either. In fact Lindz spent New Years making a little money for herself. She did that by becoming the paid guest of Prince Azim of Brunei over the holidays. The Prince is celebrity obsessed. He once paid Lionel Richie to sing for him. Pamela Anderson was a guest at a bash of his – she got $75 000 for attending. Also Mariah Carey, Chace Crawford, Raquel Welch, Marisa Tomei and Dionne Warwick   have been paid guests of his. Basically he’s rotten with oil money and if clebs need some extra cash they can show up as paid partiers.

This time Lindz was the guest of honour and the bash was at the Dorchester in London. Prince Azim flew Lindz and her mother Dina in for the event. Then he put them up in the Dorchester Hotel. When the time came Lindsay partied with the Prince and his guests. So Ms Lohan was running with a very classy crowd and in a very classy locale (give the Chateau Marmont a break for a bit). The upshot is that Prince paid Lindz $100 000 very he pleasure of her company. So she made a little money on the side. Glad that she’s getting her act together. If you must party then party responsibly!

BTW a little update on Lohan. As you might have heard Lindsay has had some tax trouble with America’s Favorite government institution the IRS. She apparently owes them a shit load of unpaid taxes or something so they froze her accounts. Charlie Sheen chipped in with $100 000 or something to help her out. However Lindz is in debt way deeper than that. This new Brunei cash infusion should help. However Lindsay keeps racking up the legal fees. So now rumour has it that she’s considering an offer to do porn for $2.5 million. According to Hollywire, & DNA, she’ll be required to masturbate on film like Octomom.

Naomi Campbell gets mugged

Speaking of one woman crime sprees Supermodel Naomi Campbell has had her share of brushes with the law. She can be a little violent volatile. Now she’s back in the news again in a violence related incident but as victim rather than perpetrator. Naomi claims that she was out and about on the streets of Paris during the Holiday Season – sharing her beauty with the world as you would if you were her and in a generous giving mood. Then as she tried to hail a cab, she was suddenly and without warning set upon by a gang of thugs who beat her up and ran off with her purse. They left her so badly injured that she wound up in a wheel chair and a neck brace – as seen in the photo below.

Supermodel Naomi CAmpbell uses a wheel chair follwoing her alleged assault in the streets of Paris on Nov 21
Hell on wheels – fiery Naomi Campbell is confined to a wheel chair following an alleged assault in  Paris
Supermodel Naomi CAmpbell allelgeds that she was stalked attacked and robbed by street thugs as she tried to hail a cab in Paris on Nov 21
Naomi Campbell trades limo for another mode of transport following her alleged Paris assault

So that’s what she get’s for sharing her beauty with the world – typical!

Anyway the thing is that there are a few elements of the story that don’t quite add up. Naomi claims that she was manhandled by a gang that must’ve been stalking her and waiting for an opportune time to pounce. So the nabbed her at the cab. Problem is that Naomi never takes cabs. She likes to go limo where ever she goes. A source working for the company which organizes limousines for the supermodel when Ms Campbell is in the city said: ‘The thought of Naomi Campbell hailing a taxi in the street is laughable, let alone the idea that a gang would attack her. It all sounds absolutely bizarre.” Also ‘Naomi is quite a demanding lady, and always has lots of assistants around her too. She’s seldom alone!

The police are also baffled by the incident.  ‘A high profile celebrity being attacked in Paris would be something everybody remembers,‘ said a police source after checking crime reports for December. ‘If such a serious crime had taken place then a criminal enquiry would have started by now – especially if the victim ended up in a wheelchair.’

Well it turns out that Naomi’s story might have been a little exaggerated. Instead of being ‘attacked in the street as she hailed a cab, and robbed.‘ during which  ‘Her leg was injured as she was violently pushed to the ground. She was understandably very upset and shaken up.‘; her hand bag was snatched from her hand as she sat comfortably ensconced in her limo. There was a gang involved though – I believe that they were on mopeds or something. Or as a police source said: ‘On November 21, two people on a motorbike attempted to steal Ms Campbell’s handbag as she sat in a vehicle on Rue de Moussy. ‘She filed a complaint with police in the 4th arrondissement but she did not agree to a medical examination.’ The source said Ms Campbell was ‘accompanied’ during her ordeal, and had wisely stayed inside the car.

Her Russian Billionaire Boyfriend Vladimir Doronin did come through for her though. He sent her off to Vail, Colorado to be treated by J Richard Steadman – one of the world’s leading orthopedic surgeons. No doubt Dr. Steadman was well paid to apply his skills to Ms. Campbell real and imagined injuries.

It’s good that the full story finally cam out. The rumours going around for a while were that instead of a gang of street thugs Campbell had actually run into Halle Berry & Oliver Martinez. Acccording to that unsubstantiated internet rumour instead of a robbery the trio just went off on contact – like nitro glycerine! You know what can happen when three strong personalities get together! Fortunately that was only rumour.

Coming soon to Wondertrash:

As you may or may not know music impresario Jay Z is a 32nd degree Freemason and member of the Prince Hall Lodge – same branch (and same degree) as President Barack Obama

Jay Z fixes sporting event by flashing Masonic hand signal!

Did 32nd degree Freemason and Prince Hall Lodge memeber Jay Z help fix a recent sporting event by using secret masonic hand signals?
Jay Z flashes the secret Masonic “fix it” signal at a recent sporting event – did it help determine the outcome?
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Halle Berry Fallout

Fair lady – Stormy weather

Halle Berry‘s life has enough drama for any ten lunatics. It seems like there’s always a “Storm” brewing around her. Take just recently for example. Halle was enjoying Thanksgiving in her spacious home with her foreign lover Oliver Martinez when her ex foreign lover Canuck Gabby Aubry showed up with daughter Nahla as per court agreement. Court agreements might be some kinda sort spot at Casa del Berry what with Halle getting denied permission to take her daughter away from the horde of stalkers psychos and paparazzi she says is stalking her and over to the relatively safety & civility of la Belle France. Court said no way cause Nahla’s dad was just too important a part of the little girl’s life. So you can see how any reminder of the courts intrusions into Halle’s beautiful life might be unwelcome triggers for ballistics!

if you push my buttons I’ll pull your trigger

Ballistics is what happened because current and ex came to blows. To put it in a nut shell Martinez “allegedly” con fronts Aubry and tells him that the time has come to move on. That sets Aubry off – he and Martinez might share a version of the same language and (former & present) relationships with the same woman, but that’s where it ends. Gabriel raised his fist in anger – so we’re told – and let fly. Marty let him have the first one or two, but then nailed him and pinned him to the ground – breaking Gabby’s jaw and rib in the process (& and also causing unspecified head injuries).

What’s the big Hallebaloo?

Now men can be beasts. Fortunately Halle had it under control. While the men folk were busy trying to kill each other Halle got right on the phone and called the cops! Maybe inspired by her good example Martinez places battered Gabby under citizen’s arrest, and hands him over to official authority types when they arrive. Gabby is then whisked off to hospital to gets his injuries tended to, and then off to the pokey for booking. That’s cause Marty pressed charges. If you saw the lump on his highly photogenic knuckle you wouldn’t blame him either! Anyway Aubry got held on $20 000 bond or something – so that’s a couple of grand his Halle lawyers won’t get, and then was released.

more knuckle headed publicity

Now the think about Halle is that she’s a real trooper – as she herself will tell you in her “plain old crackers” way. Being an attractive superheroines has it’s difficulties, which she has had to struggle with her entire life! So when shit happens you don’t let it get to you. You keep clam and carry on as if you were normal. That’s just what Halle did, by getting out and about in public. It gave Marty a chance to show off his manly knuckle boo boo too! Here’s a picture of that.


Sometimes life hands you a turd – count on Halle to make Shit-ade out of it! Halle however is not one to leave her Shit-ade half stirred! Life goes on! So Halle was determined to get out there and display a positive attitude. Perhaps with that in mind she took young Nahla off for an enjoyable after noon out. Mother and daughter took in something called Yo Gabba Gabba . Now that’s not something Halle takes to make her easier to live with – like an L Dopa inhibitor – and washed down with a glass of that Shit-ade. Yo Gabba Gabba is a kids show that young Nahla is wild about. So Halle thought it would be good to indulge the young girl. A thoughtful way to take her wee mind off of her father’s recent beating and booking. So off they went to the Nokia Theater in Hollywood (though it should be mentioned that Halle pronounces “theater” as “theatre” now, because she’s with a Frenchman and planning on moving to France).

Halle goes from ballistic to staging a small invasion!

Halle’s a thoughtful woman and this time she thought of everything. For instance when she went to Yo Gabba she covered the angels. That means she traveled with an armed escort. You might think that I’m exaggerating or perhaps even being sarcastic when I write that If Benazir Bhutto had traveled around with this kind of goon squad she’s be alive today! Just to show that I’m on the level in everything I write, here’s a photo of Halle & Delta Force 1!

You & what army?

The above might seem a little bit excessive but don’t blame Halle. Some mothers are over protective! Besides – you cynically suspicious celebrity gossip readers – how do you even know that the armed guard is for Halle and Nahla? It might be for Martinez. Think about it – he popped his good knuckle mangling Aubry’s face. So now he’s defenseless, while Aubry still has many other body parts to work with! What if Aubry pops out of the bushes and ambushes Marty? Why he might attack Marty’s foot with the seat of his pants or something. So naturally Martinez must be terrified. Halle, being the thoughtful woman she is, may have called out an armed guard to keep things under control, because she wants this relationship to work, for a change.

Coming soon – more of the same?

So far we’ve had a Thanksgiving Day Fist Fight, a military style invasion of the Nokia Theater, or Theatre, in addition to numerous court battles. So many of you might be now asking “What next?” If you are then you haven’t been paying attention. What comes next is probably gonna be more court battles & legal issues. The big question is how far is it gonna go, how long can it go on, and how crazy is it gonna get? To find out the answers to those question you might have to keep reading Wondertrash, the blog that gives celebrities the benefit of the doubt no matter how far fetched it might be! That goes double when they’re a super heroine!

bullshit disclaimer

Coming Soon – Shocking Scandals! 

Angelina Jolie – things are as bad as you thought!

There are some stories currently in development that could quite literally shake the entertainment world straight to it’s foundations. I can’t too much about what we’re cooking up but this picture was recently smuggled out of Angelina Jolie’s residence and confirms some worst suspicions!

In other news: though Anne Hathaway is now happily married tot he guy she was dating for several years, the sad news is that she is still a mind control MK Ultra monarch slave! That was reported right here on this blog back when she had her programming meltdown on the Conan O Brien show and broke out in rap. Anne has starred in many MK Ultra themed movies over the years starting with the Princess Diaries (hidden bloodline programming) followed up by Ella Enchanted ( Magical Power Slave script). Hopefully Anne will break free of the terrible mind control used to keep her enthralled. Meanwhile remember that you don’t get this kind of dish from Tila Tequila!

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Kristen Stewart Ditches Robert Pattinson For Daddy-Daughter Florence & T…

Kristen Stewart Ditches Robert Pattinson For Daddy-Daughter get together

Latest Gossip = Slap Egotists

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Modern Masters: Andy Warhol – Documentary – Artist

The Art of Celebrity is Teasing a Sluttish Muse

No one is still sure whether Andy Warhol put culture into pop, or pop into culture. He did make his mark, & a shit load of money. Hugh Grant, who’d been working in Hollywood for years playing shy cute English gents, before getting blow jobbed and scandalized in LA, has Warhol to thank for finally becoming independently wealthy in Hollywood. Back when he was starting out some one persuaded him to buy a Warhol print of Liz Taylor for about $250 000. Grant probably thought it would be a cool thing to do and a possible hedge against inflation. He eventually turned that over for about $18 million. So Hugh doesn’t need to work much anymore, which is good since he came out of that whole BJ thing a lot worse than former President “Bull” Clinton! Whether or not Warhol actually quipped “Who’s Art? I’ve never heard of him.” he did reputedly say that making money was the highest form of art. So let’s take a look at Andy: his life & times & his pretty freaky pictures!

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64th Primetime Emmys red carpet

There was a brief look at some of the VIPs strutting the red carpet last night at the 64th annual Emmy Awards.

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Get Jennifer Aniston’s Arms with a Yoga Workout

Get Jennifer Aniston’s Arms with a Yoga Workout

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From Wiki:

On February 11, 2012, Houston was found dead at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, in Beverly Hills, California, of causes not immediately known.[214] Beverly Hills paramedics found the singer unresponsive and performed CPR for about 20 minutes before declaring her dead at 3:55 p.m. PST[214] According to TMZ, Houston had been removed from a bathtub before the emergency medical technicians arrived.[215] Local police said there were “no obvious signs of criminal intent”.[216]

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Sandra Bullock out and about

This picture of Sandra Bullock courtesy of our friends at Starpulse

Latest Gossip = Slap Egotists

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Princess Diana police facing possible arrest

After her mother's death in 2003, Stella Vine ...Image via WikipediaRemember when Princess Diana said that Prince Charles was gonna have her bumped off? No one paid too much attention at the time. That’s just what people going through a bad divorce say. Still Diana was pretty insistent that something bad was gonna happen to her. She told a number of people – including her butler, made a number of semi public statements about it, and even put it in writing several times. Diana said that she would be gotten rid of possibly through some kindof car accident. When she actually died by in a car accident, while vacationing in Paris with fiancee Dodi el Fayd, it seemed like one hell of a coincidence.

secrets in safe keeping
It was even more of a coincidence that a few weeks after her death, Lady Diana’s lawyer Lord Mishcon handed Scotland Yard chief Lord Condon a note in which Diana predicted her death by auto accident. The highly-respected lawyer’s document records the line: “Efforts would be made if not to get rid of her (be it by some accident in her car, such as a pre-prepared brake failure or whatever)…at least to see that she was so injured or damaged as to be declared unbalanced.” That note took some time to get to light. That’s partly because it spent at least three years locked in Condon’s office safe. I say that it spent at least three years in Condon’s safe because the safe was only Condon’s for three years. After he stepped down Lord Stevens took over the office and the safe. The note stayed on as a long term resident of the office strong box.
hi balls & chasers
This is where things get sticky. There were separate Diana Inquiries in both France and Britian. The British one clued up by concluding that it was a damned shame that Princess Diana allowed herself to be chauffeured around by a drunk, pill popping, mentally unstable Frenchman. The drunk unstable Frenchman would have been Henri Paul, who was taking medications for depression and was allegedly drunk on the night of the crash. Some reports had him 5 to 10 drinks under the weather and not up to a high speed chase with the paparazzi. Add those crazy French drivers into the equation and it was a recipe for disaster.
those French sure do things different
Not surprisingly the French see things a little differently. The current head of the French inquiry – Judge Gerard Caddeo, is concerned about the ‘murder note’. Specifically he wants to know why something relevant to the investigation, and possible evidence of foul play, had been kept under wraps for so long. To that end he’d like to have a little chat with the particulars Lord Condon and Lord Stevens; those two fine English gentleman who kept Diana’s death memo in the office safe for so long. In fact he’d even like them to take a little jaunt across the channel so that he can ask them some simple question while they enjoy some French hospitality.

French fields
Now neither of these fine and illustrious gentlemen seem to have any plans for a French vacation anytime soon. Lord Condon said only the other day, in regards to the issue, that “I have not been asked to go to Paris,” he said. “There was discussion of all these things at the inquest and if there is anything else, you will have to speak to the legal affairs department at Scotland Yard. This is not the time or place for this.
noblesse oblige, or something like that
Meanwhile Judge Caddeo has been in contact with Sylvie Petit-Leclair – a French Judge attached to the French Embassy in London. Petit-Leclair specializes in cross channel legal issues. Judge Caddeo has also been in contact with the Home Office – busy fellow – demanding their help in getting interviews with the rogue gentlemen. Now these letters aren’t freindly “how do you dos” but ‘International Letters Rogatory’. Those are formal requests, and they name Condon and David as suspects. Caddeo especially wants to speak to Condon, to ask him why a note reporting that the Princess had been “informed by sources worthy of her trust” that an attempt was being made to “eliminate her in an orchestrated automobile accident” was withheld from French investigators by the British Embassy & Scotland Yard. So the Diana issue is heating up!
For more on the story go to


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