Pussy Riot

Pussy Riot is the Russian girl punk band that got in trouble over blasphemy for criticizing Vlad Putin – so he’s a god now. The gals got jailed and were facing 2 years in prison, even though many celebrities tweeted for leniency. Eventually even the Russian Othrodox Church asked for the gals’ release, perhaps moved by the plaintive postings of such luminaries as Adrien Grenier, Mia Farrow, & Madonna.

The Russian court system proved a tougher sell but one of the young ladies has gotten released on a technicality. Yekaterina Samutsevichwas sprung because – & as her lawyer explained, she wasn’t actually involved. A guard stopped her before she could make it into the cathedral. Therefore she shouldn’t be punished to the same extent as the other girls. A judge agreed and turned her loose. As for the rest of Pussy Riot tough luck!

Lindsay Lohan and mom Dina get into Long Island limousine fight

Speaking of a pussy riot the cops were called in on an altercation between Lindsay Lohan and her mother Dina. Police arrived at around 8 PM Wednesday to the Lohan family home in Mineola, NY in response to an incident which involved “no criminality”. No one is quite sure what the brouhaha was about except that Lindsay called her dad who then called the cops on Dina. It might’ve been about an unpaid hotel bill.

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Adele flips off Brits

Adele makes ‘irrelevant‘ gesture

Adele was the big winner a the last Grammy Awards and the Brit singer may already be starting to feel her oats. Adelle flipped the bird to the camera, just like MIA did at the Superbowl. That might’ve been a much bigger deal than it was for MIA had Gisele Bundchen overshadowed with her ill advised foray into sports commentary. As it was Madonna put it into perspective by diminishing MIA’s gesture as immature and “irrelevant”. You can’t say that Madonna doesn’t know thing or two about spin, however she should be thankful that Lady Gaga ran out of steam or people might be questioning her relevance. She has been known to flip the bird herself from time to time though.

So what got into Adele? The singer explains that the obscene gesture wasn’t for her fans but a special message to the suits at the Brit Awards. She admits that the gesture is insulting bu claims that they insulted her first. Now here a video on that.

Madonna may say that the bird is irrelevant and immature but I remember a time not so long ago when the was the unofficial celebrity salute.

Celebrities are no strangers to trouble with the law, especially when drugs are involved. However ordinary people can be touched by scandal too. Take the case of Shapelle Corby. She’s an Australian woman who got herself into the middle of a situation that became an international incident. Here’s her story.

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Bad Girls on a Bad Day

the bitchin’ the buffed and the bad

It’s a bad day for divas. Take Angelina Jolie for instance. According to In Touch she’s not just a professional bitch but she’s on shaky ground in mom territory. Says In Touch:

“After she met [Brad Pitt] and settled down, changing her image from wild child to earth mother, Angelina’s ‘bizarre’ early upbringing seemed to affect her parenting skills,” notes In Touch, which alleges her image as an attentive mother is “all a facade.”

So Angie likes putting up a front. Not that you could fault an actress for that, but there’s more, by way of GossipCop:

In Touch says she’s actually an “ice-queen mom who is distant” with her children, leading them to tantrums and bad behavior.

For evidence, a “close source” for the magazine speaks with horror about the time one of the kids spilled grape juice, and Jolie “forced a nanny, who was about to leave, to ’stay and work overtime’ to clean it.” In another instance, Shiloh fell down and cried, and a nanny handled it.

Being self absorbed and a bit of a phony won’t qualify you for the Claire Huxtable mother of the year award, but it doesn’t put you in the Casey Anthony category either. There’s probably more than enough real criticism to make about Jolie, without crying over spilled grape juice.

Now giving Jolie hell over the hired help might be rough but it could be worse. She could be Madonna. Madonna used to be hot stuff. However on Aug 16 she’s gonna be 53. Pushing 60 isn’t giving her the kind of work out she’s used to either. Though she used to pride herself on her buffed bod – even taking it to Vera De Milo extremes for awhile, these days Madge is battling cellulite!

Madge is used to getting her way, and every obstacle in her path has usual collapsed under the weight of her all star will power. However the cellulite is really hard to budge. So something is finally putting up a fight and giving her better than she dishes out – so it’s becoming an obsession with her. According to her former fitness guru Tracy Anderson it destroyed their working relationship. Says the Star:

“Tracy grew to dread the early-morning phone calls from Madonna ranting about what a useless trained she was,” according to one of Tracy’s pals.”Madonna would threaten to fire her, and Tracy had to talk her down each time.”

Tracy’s not the only casualty of Madonna’s body image obsession.
“The Measuring and ranting used to drive her ex-husband Guy [Ritchie] crazy,” reports the insider. “He would mock her and joke that he noticed a few dimples, which he thought was tremendously funny, but she obviously didn’t.”

Madonna does have the situation under control though. According to reports she’s spending upward of 75 000 per week to keep the unsightly stuff under control. Glad to hear that the depression ain’t hurting everyone. Guess her bail out stimulus package came in.

Over the hill is something that happens to people, well most of them anyway. That doesn’t mean you’ve hit rock bottom, unless you’re Faye Dunaway that is. Faye is having a hard time with one of her residences. It’s a rent stabilized NYC apartment that Dunaway holds for $1000 a month rent. You can tell it’s hers cause the buzzer label in the lobby read “F Dunanway“. Now Faye’s landlord is peved about this since he could be getting way more for it. So he’s sued to get her booted out of the place. The idea is that it’s not her primary residence in the city, so is exempt from the rent stabilization laws. To that end his hauling her ass into court on Aug 11 to try and get some more reasonable arrangements worked out. Dunaway can get nasty when she’s crossed so stay tuned to see how this one works out.


Jesus Leaves Madonna

People called him a toy boy, but give the toy boy some credit: he figured that situation out a lot faster than poor old Guy Ritchie! The George W. Bush years were bad for so many people. Did Madonna let him keep the cell phone and Kaballah bracelets to remember her by?


Madonna IN Malawi

It would be easy to take a few shots at Madonna, but this time she really deserves credit for doing something constructive. Also young Lourdes seems usually well adjusted and even ‘normal’ for a celebrity offspring.

On a lighter note here’s a little something I call the burka Boogie.



Gossip Roundup

Madonna is up and full of beans again. Not only is she on her Sticky & Sweat tour, toying with ARod, and doing some Brazilian model named Jesus Luz (people have commented that the lad looks like he’s hand tons of PS, but who in Brazil hasn’t? It was Brazilian plastic surgeons who invented that technique for stitching women’s privates back together after years of hi activity, so that they could pass for as virgins, or close enough, on their wedding nights). She’s also released some ‘old nude pix‘ of herself. She’s determined to prove that she still got it. However are the released photos ‘old pix of a nude’, or “pix pf an old nude’. Ewwwwww! I hate to say it, but this isn’t the kind of economy where you can unload those things easy. Madonna will also be participating in the FTI Winter Equestrian Event in Florida. No word on whether she’ll be in the saddle, or wearing it.

Apple’s Steve Jobs is gonna be leaving his position for a while due to ill health. Now Jobs was diagnosed once with pancreatic cancer – but has held that at bay for 5 years. Now he’s gonna be taking some time off for a liver transplant. Maybe one of his celeb friends could help him out? I hear that Larry Hagman has several spares that he’s not using at the moment.
Speaking of pancreatic cancer, Patrick Swayze continues to beat the odds. He’s been fighting cancer for a while now with the help of a combo if traditional medicine, natural remedies, a positive attitude, and 2 to 3 packs of cigarettes a day! he was recently admitted to the hospital suffering from pneumonia, but has bounced back once, more, and been released to continue with his A&E TV work.
Things have gone from bad to worse for mercury victim Jeremy Piven. He bailed out on Speed the Plow by David Mamet. Though he is reputed to have said on his final might on stage “This is the first time of enjoyed doing this thing“, he still insists that he’s sick I tell ya, and that the dog ate his lines! Mamet isn’t pleased, and told Piven he could shove it, in his own witty way, and with reference to thermometers. Piven then went on TV with Diane Sawyer and insisted that he has only the up most respect for Mamet and the great institution of Broadway theater. No one was buying it though (much like no one’s buying tockets to Speed the Plow anymore). Now Pivers will get another chance to prove he means it – because Equity is in on the act (no pun intended). I’m surprised that Pivers can’t get people to believe him – you’d think that he wasn’t much of an actor. However I’d put the blame on script problems. That excuse wasn’t anything that I’d wrap fish in!

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