Mackenzie Moves On

The make over do over

A recovery plan with $50 000 stimulus package!

Mackenzie Phillips
has survived a rock’n’roll childhood complete with drug addiction and incest. She’s been struggling for years, battling her demons all the way to celebrity rehab. Nowadays Mackenzie’s is looking great. What’s her secret? Well she’s taken some time for herself by way of a $50 000 make over! She’s had the full facial over haul.

Mac describes this as a part of her healing process. She seems to believe that when the inside matches the outside she’ll be fine, so why not start to work on the outside. With that winning attitude Mac is ready once again to take on the world with her best face forward. Here’s looking at you kid! If she can fake it till she makes it then anyone can.

No matter how dubious Mac Phillips new recovery plan might sound, Mac’s gotta be feeling better than poor old Sandra Bullock right now. To think that this would come out right after her Oscar win and her acceptance speech. If I didn’t know better I would say that Follywood is playing games again.

‘Ultimate betrayal’ sounds so melodramatic, although this does put that stalker who tried to run Sandra & hubby down in their driveway into a new and possibly scandalous light. It’s not like Jesse James knocked Sandra Bullock out – perhaps using chloroform or perhaps not – and then sold her kidney while she was unconscious or anything. I mean why would he even do that anyway since his wife is loaded! We can only hope that neither golf clubs nor celebrity sex rehab enter into this developing story.

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