Twilight – at least it’s not Love Story

Twilight fans – please, & in the words of Capt James T Kirk, commander of the USS Enterprise – “Get a Life!”

People come on – this is only a teen vampire movie. It’s not like this is Star Trek or anything!

Now that Pattinstew are unofficially officially back together after unofficially officially splitting people are asking “WTF?” Well Kristen cheated or something and broke the hearts of Twilight fans everywhere. She did that by cheating on the love of her life with her Snow White boss. Twihards’ hysterical reactions made the whole film franchise suddenly look silly.Like beyond Star Trek Convention silly!  That left Kristen wandering around in Rob’s old shirts and dragging Rob’s pet dog Bear by the leash as she cast her eyes about forlornly trying to see which direction her career left in, or which direction an attack of Twihards might come from. Meanwhile the final flick in the series was getting released. So clearly something had to be done!

Krissy & Robsy up in a tree

“Are we back on?” she asks

& he says “we’ll see”

Whether or not something was does something happened, or seemed to. Robsy and Krissy are back together, sort of. Apparently it’s at some tentative reconciliation phase yet where they’re living together but on a “we’ll see” basis. So Twihards can heavy a giant sigh of relief, & Krissy Stew is more or  less off the hook. Now that was a close one for her cause she was catchin’ backlash – though it’s not like she violated the Prime Directive or anything. That still leaves the general question of “WTF?” open. It’s best not to question the phenomenon that is Pattinstew too closely, because like any gothic soap opera, Twilight is full of shadows & misunderstandings – as the following short and entertaining clip will demonstrate!

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