Keith Olbermann Resigns from "Countdown" LEAVES MSNBC 1/21/11

Keith Olberman is an outspoken member of the ‘allegedly’ liberal media, a bane to Sarah Palin, and until recently the hot of Countdown. He also did some stuff that violated MSNBC’s journalistic policies – which might come as surprise to those who questioned whether MSNBC had any journalistic policies. Olberman either gave some money to a candidate, or came out in support of them. Either way some members of the ‘allegedly’ right wing media (oh come on, let’s not pretend that political coverage in America today isn’t like a football match with side pretty clearly drawn). That caused the shit to hit the fan. There were calls for Olberman’s head on a plate, or in lieu of that, his job. MSNBC told Olberman to take a little break while they decided what to do with him. So Olberman went on a 2 day hiatus.

Basically this amounted to a weekend off. Olberman was back on Monday as both he and Rachel Madow whooped it up in a shameless on air gloat fest. They could’ve saved their breath, and maybe some face, since the other shoe has now dropped. It seems clear now what MSNBC decided to do with Olberman.

Seems like Olberman’s contract was about to expire. That couldn’t have been more convenient since it allowed MSNBC to bring him back, temporarily. That allowed MSNBC to take a public “we won’t be pushed around” stand. The when the contract ran out they could cut him loose by simply not renewing it. That sends out the right message too. That message would be something like “We won’t be pushed around, unless it’s just too damned convenient to get rid of the guy; in which case no sensible person will blame us for taking the course of least resistance”. Anyway that adds up to “Buy bye” for Keith. Now here’s Olberman with a message of his own.

Caught on camera
ON the bright side: We’ve still got Contessa Brewer!

Keith took the classy route by refusing to do the whole mad as hell Network thing (although he sounds like he was sorely tempted). I’m glad he took the high road. For one thing movie references are so overdone. Yet in his position I’m not sure I could’ve kept my dignity. Who am I kidding, I’d have dropped my pants and mooned the camera. Good luck Keith – and happy landings!

Wonder Woman Love

Erin Barry is spicy, Google search spicy!

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are in the middle of an on again off again divorce. That’s a kind of sarcastic way of putting it so let’s just say that they’ve had an eventful week. At the week’s start there was a rumour going around that the power couple were decoupling in the form of a high powered celebrity divorce. After that tidbit had been circulating through the grape vine for 24 hours or do Eva people released an official statement that the rumours were bullshit. She and Tony were happier than ever and nobody had no plans about going no where. That brings us up to mid week. Now, with the week running out, it seems like there’s some confirmation on the Longoria-Parker bust up rumours.

The confirmation comes in the form of a young woman named Erin Barry. She’s the wife of a former Spurs teammate of Parker’s – Brent Barry. Apart from a Spurs connection the pair have something else in common too – text messages. There are 100’s of ’em if the scuttlebutt is to be believed. They came to light in the worst possible Tiger Woods type way too. Eva found ’em. With that Eva went out and filed for divorce. Eva has denied filing for divorce, but such reliable sources as Sports Illustrated are going with the story – unofficially anyway!

Sports Illustrated Bryan Armen Graham tweeted, Have it on good authority from entertainment sources that “former teammate” in Tony Parker-Eva Longoria affair is Brent Barry… Don’t have much else on Parker/Longoria affair. Source did mention Barry and wife are going through a divorce. Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush revealed to his Twitter followers, “We spoke to Erin Barry…Brent Barry’s wife from San Antonio Spurs…she cried and said “No comment”.

This was a particularly stupid thing for Parker to do. For one thing he and Longoria married without benefit of a pre nup. Thatw as a major bone of contention between Eva and her future former mother in law back when she and the Spurs point guard got hitched in Paris a few years back. Tony’s mom thought that a prenup was a must have form of marriage insurance. Her rational: Tony made way more money than Eva. Plus he had better long term prospects. Eva was a TV actress who’s career was uncertain from one TV season to the next, whereas Tony was a world class athlete who could look forward to maybe 10 years in the game. That gave him a earning potential of several dozen times Eva’s.

Eva had a counter argument – they were gonna last forever. For one thing she’s Eva Longoria. So no man could ever possibly leave her. Besides this was her very special day and she didn’t want Tony’s mom fucking up the festivities with her divorce talk. That’s such a downer. So Eva laid down the law in the form of an ultimatum – “You can come to the wedding, but you gotta cut out the prenup talk!” Tony’s mom tried another appeal to reason. Guess who won out?

So that has left our lovebirds working without an net. That’s fine and well, as long as you don’t trip up. With Eva’s career in a terminal down turn, this could be a great time for her to cash in on this divorce thing. You can’t say that the cunning little minx doesn’t know what she’s doing. As for Tony – you should’a listened to your mom! Still it could be worse. Gloria Allred could be horning her way into the act!

Read more: Erin Barry, the lady behind divorce of Eva Longoria and Tony Parker |

what’s on in the box?

This has got to be kind of embarrassing. Especially when you’re Eva Longoria and have a certain reputation for sexiness to live up to. It might help to put things into some kind of perspective – like such as it could have been worse. “How could it have been any worse than it is?” you might well ask. I might well ask that myself and I’m an entertainment blogger! Just look at it his way – at least you’re not Contessa Brewer!

“I’m a valedictorian – get me out of here!”

Slimey Hidey Hole

What the hell is going on there?” you might well ask. It would be another excellent question. What’s going on there is Contessa’s coverage of the fall of Saddam Hussein. During the fun and frivolity of Bagdad’s fall Saddam’s hidey hole got discovered by some intrepid journalists. So what with things being as they were some one got the bright idea of getting Brewer to give ti a try. Getting locked in a box rife with a madman’s funky scent just had to be the reason she became a journo in the 1st place (that would explain her time with Don Imus). I can just imagine some mischievous crew man saying out of microphone range “Hey Contessa, he must’ve whacked off plenty while he was in there!” Not like there was much else to do.

let me slip into something uncomfortable

Now the rationale behind that little stunt is obvious. Contessa is one hot babe with a reputation for heart stopping sexiness second only to Eva Longoria’s. So some one probably got the bright idea that the whole story would be far more titillating if Contessa slipped into something more red, and then climbed into the stink box, damsel in distress style. To give Brewer credit she does seem unenthusiastic about the whole deal.

I can only give Ms Brewer the very same advice and consolation that I would to Eva herself – half assed platitudes! It could be worse. Besides Lynda Carter did that stuff all the time back on Wonder Woman. Of course when she got locked in boxes she was usually also bound and gagged. Kudos to Brewer for refusing to take it that far! Then again she was already in Al Capone’s vault territory – so the stunt couldn’t stand going any farther!

So that about clues everything up except for the outstanding question”What possessed Tony Parker to cheat?” He’s got a hot wife and no prenup so if he found himself tempted the right answer should have been obvious – practice gun retention. “Brother get the rocket back in your pocket!” As usual cartoons have a certain insight to share on the human condition, and in this case Tony’s motivation may have been something like this:

So remember to keep on trucking but give the old giggity giggity a rest long enough to come up for air, and to check in on Wondertrash!


Keith Olbermann Back

ya win some ya lose some

may have lost the American Mid Term Elections, but they’ve won the Keith Olbermann fight. Now MSNBC is a news network that most impartial people describe as “liberal“, or even “left leaning“. Among MSNBC personalities Olbermann is considered to be the most left leaning. He might not be so much leaning as limping like a ship sailing along with a visible list. In this case the iceberg comes in the form of $2,400 donations to the campaigns of Kentucky Senate candidate Jack Conway and Arizona Reps. Raul Grijalva and Gabrielle Giffords. Now that’s a problem because MSNBC has a policy about that. It seems that in addition to publicly pillorying Tea Party candidates, they also like to maintain an official stance of impartiality! So they forbid their on air commentators from donating to political candidates unless it’s cleared with the network president.

limbo lately

So when the brass found out about Olbermann’s extra curricular activities, they pulled him from the air pending a decision on what to do with him. Conservatives must have been delighted – a mid term win and picking off Olbermann too must have seemed like double happiness. However liberal, calling themselves ‘progressives‘, took to facebook to take up Olbermann’s cause. After all if facebook can get Betty White on Saturday Night Live, and put the Social Network in a No 1 box office spot, then the awesome power of social networking media might be able to do something for Keith.

opinion in the unanimerse: include me out & in that I am unanimous

Keith had more than facebook going for him. Rachel Maddow also stood up on his behalf. The MSNBC host took to the airwaves to publicly demand Olbermann’s reinstatement. Her bosses were informed of what she would say shortly before she went on air. Michael Moore also took to Twitter to voice his support for Olbermann, in 140 characters or less.

not good enough to host SNL but good enough to get your MSNBC job back

The facebook petition did well – over 300 000 signatures. Now that’s not in the Betty White on SNL level – but must have made an impression on some one. MSNBC’s chief executive Phil Griffin announced Sunday morning that Olbermann could get out of the doghouse and come back on the air again. He said that 2 days suspension was “an appropriate punishment for his violation of our policy.” “We look forward to having him back on the air Tuesday night,” Griffin said in a statement.

“Progressives” are “liberals” with “image problems”

Progressives” are counting this as win. The online petition was organized by a group called the Progressive Change Campaign Committee. They made a cause out of Olbermann and repeatedly emailed Griffin with petition updates. The committee’s Adam Green said “Progressives proved that when one of our own are targeted, we will have their backs.” Olbermann is pretty pleased about this too. The freshly reinstated commentator took to the medium that saved his bacon – the Internet, and posted via Twitter: “Greetings from exile! A quick, overwhelmed, stunned THANK YOU for support that feels like a global hug.” That should take some of the edge off of those mid term results. BTW “progressives” are the new “liberals” like “The Tea Party” is the new “same old same old“. Not that all this new nomenclature is the same old attempt at political obfuscation.

newspeak doubletalk

The whole Olbermann brouhaha has raised some interesting questions about media impartiality. Olbermann defenders point out that he’s a commentator, rather than a journalist. The distinction means that he’s paid for his opinions. In effect that means he doesn’t have to be impartial or objective. His FOX counter parts like Sean Hannity are clearly in the opinion game. Hannity has also donated to conservative politicians (he made a $5,000 donation to Minnesota Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann’s PAC this summer). His corporate masters at FOX have donated over 1 million to conservative campaigns. So did Olbermann really do anything that bad?

he’s more than a commentator; he’s a personality with opinions!

Critics point out that Olbermann in not strictly an MSNBC commentator, but often switched into the news/anchor role. That, they maintain, blurs the impartiality line. Other point out that the nature of the news media is changing. Hosts like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have made satirical commentary a part of the news coverage. FOX has thrown the notion of impartiality out the window. So do the rules governing journalists and their political affiliations need to be revamped? As off now MSNBC has no official plans to do so. However as American journalism gets more politically bifurcated, it’s likely that this situation will arise again, and again. Especially around mid term elections!


Body English

how to win friends and influence people: first, stop being yourself

Movie TrailersMovies Blog

IN show business PR is big business. When millions are invested into the image of some young waiter or waitress on their way to becoming the next who ever – you don’t want any malfunctions derailing things. You want to build on their likability and creditability as much as possible, so that people will want to see their movies and support their projects. Interviews can be rough since it requires young performers to answer questions and often give opinions. If they say the wrong thing then it could be the train to goodbyesville for ’em.

dancing with the stars, singing for their supper

You can almost imagine a small battalion of image wranglers and interview coaches employed by the studios to help young talent to keep their feet out of their mouths! They might offer such helpful hints such as “When Letterman asks about your previous relationship act like you’re cool with it and totally get the joke – don’t stare off in the distance and start talking to yourself” or “If anyone asks, Sarah Palin is a wing nut but you’re enjoying her daughter in Dancing With the Stars“.

attack of the Krisbians

So with the sad fates of Mel Gibson and Tom Cruise serving as cautionary reminders more and more emphasis gets put on faking it – or prepping for those risky public interviews as if they were high school examinations or job interviews to be tap danced through. That makes it even more difficult to get to know what sort of person our favourite celebrities really are. “Not finding out” is the point, I guess. Occasionally though an interview will be minor enough and the question awkward enough to provoke some kind of psuedo human response. AS in the case of Kristen Stewart when asked by an MTV host if she knew what “Krisbians” are.

Movie TrailersMovies Blog
Different strokes for different folks

Kristen does a lot of nail chewing in that one. If she ain’t highly uncomfortable then she’s a much better actress than several Twilight installments would suggest. As for Krisbians, if you didn’t get it they’re lesbians who want to bend the fair Ms Stewart to their will! You can see the appeal, Ms Kristen is an attractive young woman. They didn’t mention how many people Ms Stewart may have turned Krisbian, or whether the rumours are true about her being a practicing Krisbian herself – but that was neither the time nor the place. Let us just be thankful that so successful a young woman – successful enough to be on Emma Hermione Watson’s hit list, is still capable of some human, or at least human like, responses. Of course I suppose that those human touches will get airbrushed out by the time she’s ready for her big magazine cover or spread.

It amazing that the celebrity class, who are schooled in the black arts of fake sincerity, are still sometimes capable of giving themselves away through body language. Then again a life of constant deception must be rough. No one can ever know what you’re really feeling thinking etc cause if they did then they might not like you as much any more and your future career as a talk show host or info-mercial pitch man might go down the toilet. Then you’d have nothing to look forward to but reality TV redemption, and that’s a hard path back! So you’re stuck with constantly faking it and suppressing yourself for the sake of the image. Must feel a lot like being Clark Kent!

freaking Megan out

Speaking of which the woman who was almost Wonder Woman, Megan Gale, is usually a pretty controlled customer. She’s hardly the kind ot blow her cool. Yet some Italian TV presenters got quite a reaction out of her for their show. It only needed a amorous Italian driver behind the wheel of a high speed automobile to freak Megan out! Then she showed viewers all kinds of body language!

Even non Italian speakers will have a fair idea whats going on their by Ms Gale’s shocked expressions. That’s part of what made the practical joke so good – Gale’s responses are universally understandable and no explanation is necessary. Plus there’s no need to edit out naughty language! When she crossed her self and started praying even the most obtuse should’ve caught on. I like the way she took control and pulled the keys out of the ignition. Now that lady is an Amazon! You’ll be happy to know that Megan reverted back into her mild mannered alter ego in time to attend the studio audience screening for the clip!


A meme is born

Every so often an idea catches on and goes viral. When it does it’s called a meme, and it’s usually a picture or gif, maybe even a short video clip like Keyboard Cat. The latest such meme involves Matrix actor Keanu Reeves.

Like many successful celebrities Keanu’s had a rough life. His long term girlfriend drove her car off a cliff while under the influence of cocaine. This happened shortly after their child was delivered still born (Marylin Manson was implicated in the death of Keanu’s girlfriend since he is believed to have been the one to supply her with the cocaine. According to some reports he then either sent her home in her car, or called her to come back to his place after she’d successfully made it home.). That’s a terrible blow but it didn’t stop Keanu from being one of the nicest guys in the business. He bought crew members on the Matrix their own motor bike, for one thing. Still those kind of tragedies have to leave a mark.

Whether or not they left an imprint, the hunky actor has been seen looking sad quite a bit lately. The recent pictures of Keanu on his birthday, shown wandering the streets of New York City looking lost and disheveled, and stopping for a solitary snack of a cupcake, made therounds of the Internet. Since Reeves is one of the genuinely best liked of Hollywood actors, the actor’s apparent angst made his many fans uncomfortable. As often happened they responded to the discomfort with black humour. By black humour I mean that a whole bunch of “Sad Kenau” photmanips began showing up on message boards. Here are a few such photomanips that popped up on the Internet’s premier celebrity gossip message board Gossiprocks:

Now all y’all can have a portable Sad Keanu!

So what are we to make of this? Making a game out of some one’s sadness seems cruel, but it might not be personal. It might just be an attempt to understand the phenomenon by re contextualizing it: putting it in combination after combination after combination in an attempt to gain some feel or insight. It might also be an attempt to deal with our own awkwardness in the presence of that kind of low key “I’d ask ‘what’s the point is I still gave a damn” malaise (Keanu does seem surreally detached in the original photos and the copies seem to emphasize that). If we can say one thing with relative certainty, it could give birth to new and more dangerous memes, like Prancing Michael Sera or Silly Leo Dicaprio!

Incidentally this whole thing got started with an article reporting that “Sad Keanu talks to himself alone on birthday“. So that started people speculating on how rough things were for him. Now it should be pointed out that talking to yourself isn’t unusual for people in that profession. Even some of the most grounded Hollywood actors have been known to have an ‘off moment’, like this!


Rick Sanchez Fired From CNN – The Damned Jews Got Another One!

the following is written in conspiracy theory form, as a satire of ideas that are becoming more apparent in our society

News, views, and Jews!

Rick Sanchez used to be an on air personality with CNN. Nowadays he’s hotter under the collar than George Dubya in a burqa. So what’s got Rickie’s hijab in a twist? Well Jon Stewart doesn’t like him and only gets away with it because the media is controlled by Jews! That puts guys like him at a disadvantage. Guys like Sanchez, are in his words guys whose parents worked hard, who were never quite white enough (“white enough” is WASP as defined by the ruling secret Jewish kabal!), and who never had anything handed to him.

Didn’t Carroll O Connor used to sing this song at the beginning of All In The Family?

Guys like Stewart, on the other hand, are guys from the college educated middle class. Their father’s have degrees, while their mothers have part time jobs of choice that allow them to maintain their dignity and afford pretentious off season vacation packages. Their parents send them to prep schools where they wore penny loafers with dimes in them just to be assholish, and learn to stick their nose in the air by thinking that everyone else is stupid.

a couple of teabags shy of a pot, or just thought no one was listening to Sirius

So naturally there’s an ‘animosity’. That animosity spilled out last night during an astonishing Mel Gibson type radio rant out featuring Sanchez on Pete Dominick’s Sirius XM show. Rick was pissed off about getting replaced as CNN anchor in favour of an Elliot “Quagmire” Spitzer Show (The Jews again! When will they leave this man in peace?), and to promote his perhaps ironically titled new book “Conventional Idiocy“. Sanchez was mighty steamed about getting the ax, so he had a full head of steam to work off.

Guys like the snob on MASH, not the drunks on Cheers!

Now he had the explanation for CNN. The guys there just don’t get it. They don’t get it because they don’t get where he’s coming from. Where he’s coming from – in more or less his own words – is an ‘off white’ background of hard knocks where dads did real jobs for chicken feed and their sons didn’t get into Ivy League colleges with a letter from the bishop or local state senator. So when they see him they just see some ‘latino’.

“It’s not just the right that does this. ‘Cause I’ve known a lot of elite, Northeast establishment liberals that may not use this as a business model, but deep down, when they look at a guy like me, they look at a … they see a guy automatically who belongs in the second tier and not the top tier … White folks usually don’t see it, but we do, those of us who are minorities … Here, I’ll give you my example, it’s this, ‘You know what, I don’t want you anchoring anymore. I really don’t see you as an anchor, I see you more as a reporter. I see you more as a Jon Quinones.’ You know, the guy on ABC. That’s what he told me, he told me he saw me as Jon Quinones. Now, did he not realize that he was telling me, ‘when I see you I think of Hispanic reporters?’ ‘Cause in his mind, I can’t be an anchor, an anchor’s what you give the high profile white guys.”

Rickie has some ‘splainin’ to do

Now what Rickie actually says is that when he sees when he looks at Jon Quinones is a Hispanic reporter. Though “Jon Quinones” are fighting words, let’s not get sidetracked on side issues when there are bigger fish to fry. Fish like that little know it all Jon Stewart. Stewart is similar to those North Eastern Bean Towner types except more so. More so means raised in New Jersey with over educated parents and a temperature controlled silver spoon up his ass (that probably came with batteries & a remote control – you know what ‘those people’ are like with science & gadgets). That’s why the little snot boy just has no respect for anyone who isn’t a member of his little junior chamber of commerce clique of privileged, uptight, smugness. However let’s let Sanchez say it for himself:

“It happens all the time. I think to a certain extent, Jon Stewart and Colbert are the same way. I think Jon Stewart’s a bigot … Yeah, I think he’s a bigot … I think he looks at the world through his mom who was a schoolteacher and his dad who was a physicist, or something like that.

“Great, I’m so happy that he grew up in a suburban, middle class New Jersey home with everything that you could ever imagine.”

Jon Stewart thinks he’s a big man – a regular Jerry Lewis!

Now bigot is a strong word. When Dominick asked Sanchez to be more specific – that’s supposed to be his job as a serious journalist, Sanchez comes up short. It was as if he were just throwing the word around for effect. Just to prove he’s serious though, he reiterates:

“I think Jon’s show is essentially prejudicial … against anybody who doesn’t agree to his point of view, which is very much a white, Liberal establishment point of view. He can’t relate to a guy like me, he can’t relate to a guy whose dad worked all his life. He can’t relate to somebody who grew up poor,” Sanchez said.

Dominick, who was previously the “Daily Show’s” warm-up comic, continued to press Sanchez for specific examples of bigoted conduct by Stewart.

Sanchez ended up attempting to back off the comments slightly. “I’ll take the word ‘bigot’ back. I’ll say prejudicial — uninformed,” he said.

Rick Sanchez’s minority report

Now Sanchez may not have all his facts straight – which as a serious journalist makes him a prime target for satirists like Stewart – but he does have a point. Jewart does seem to pick on Sanchez for some reason. Maybe it’s because he’s intimated by Sanchez’s macho. Maybe it’s because he resents Stewart’s – supposedly – up tight upper middle class Jewish American upbringing. It’s the kind of angst non Jews feel every time they see Biloxi Blues: “If only I’d grown up a whiny little momma’s boy then I could be funny too!“. Then again Stewart picks on almost everyone. So how does he keep getting away with it since he’s not that funny?

The appeal of the Daily Show is lost on me. It seems awkwardly satirical with some downplayed PC ass kissing thrown in. It’s hardly good enough to justify the fuss. In fact it’s barely better than Bill Maher (though much less obnoxious!). Once the genuinely funny and genuinely clever Stephen Colbert came along with some genuine satire, Stewart should have been obsolete. Rick Sanchez has an answer for that one too.

those kind? “Nose” kind!

You see There are a lot of guys like Jon Stewart at CNN. There are a lot of guys like that at other networks to. Whether by consensus of mutual interest or deliberate, nefarious design – these no gooders control the media! When I say a lot of guys I don’t mean Freemasons, though they control freemasonry (and Hollywood, Las Vegas, & the Vatican! That’s part of their insidious plan to control the world by controlling America, and to control America by controlling the entertainment, the gambling and the religion. Although America doesn’t identify it’s self as a Catholic country, a disturbing number of American’s are, and even one President was, Catholic! You dirty mics no who you are! The fact that they managed to get a Catholic elected president, but managed to keep their boys behind the scenes by not getting a Jew elected president should tell you everything about how these types operate! As of this time Disneyland is still in pretty good shape, but it’s getting Jewed up with a vengeance!). They don’t have secret handshakes – though then again they might for all we really know. These guys are Jews, and they like to look out for each other. Kind of like a mafia! Here’s exactly what Sanchez had to say on that:

“Yeah, very powerless people. [laughs] He’s such a minority. I mean, you know, please. What are you kidding? I’m telling you that everybody who runs CNN is a lot like Stewart and a lot of people who run all the other networks are a lot like Stewart. And to imply that somehow they, the people in this country who are Jewish, are an oppressed minority?”

That was both concise and lucid! He summed it up admirably! Now the powers that be, and I shouldn’t have to tell you who that is *winkstein* *winkstein* are trying to shut him up! As of posting time CNN had made an announcement that Sanchez was no longer working with their channel. I guess he must’ve violated some of their little Nazi thought crime rules or something.

Dirty Sanchez, or was Mel Gibson right?

Anyway they made this announcement way in advance of any announcement by Sanchez about his future. They didn’t want to give the man a chance to step out with dignity! Not that those kind understand dignity. You’d think that they pushed Sanchez because they were afraid that Rickie wouldn’t do the honourable thing and jump! So if there’s been no official statement from Sanchez on this, it’s because one is no longer necessary now that the deck has been stacked! So when attempts to reach Sanchez for an official comment on why he went Mel Gibson on the radio repeatedly went unanswered, it’s not because he’s gutless or anything. Let’s just say that the Jews got another one! Besides I’m sure that Rick is taking some needed time off to catch up on reading the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Did you know that reading that thing is like reading today’s news! It’s like it was written by Nostrodamus or something!

BTW since my eyes first started opening to the shadow world behind this one I’ve learned some amazing things. Here’s the most important things you have to know about the World Zionist Conspiracy!

1. Einstein stole the Theory of Relativity while still working as a patent clerk. The thesis was included as part of some guy’s perpetual motion invention!

2. “High profile white guys” mean Jews. The ‘white elite‘ are the front people, like Rockefeller was for the Rothschilds when he created the Federal Reserve by sinking the Titanic!

3. Jews have suppressed evidence of an alien crash at Area 51 to maintain faith in an Old Testament god, which is their lock on Western Culture. Of course they also try to undermine tradional values, but that just the Hegelian Dialectic in operation!

4. Jews have been spreading the rumour that Jesus Christ was Jewish for centuries!

5. The Jewish didn’t build Stonehenge, but repeatedly tried cheating Stone Age Briton’s out of it!

6. Every time you pay your cell phone bill portions of the money go to sponsor Israel!

7. The Jews not only started Hurricane Katrina, but then tried to blame it on black people!

8. Bill Clinton is secretly Jewish!

9. Jews killed Princess Diana because they feared the influence that Dodi Al Fayd might gain!

10. Some of your best friends might be Jewish. Even worse, you might not know it! They routine anglicize their names, Like Bernie Schwartz to Tony Curtis. This way they can inveigle themselves into society and work it’s ruin. It’s like a kind of Fifth Column right here in our midst. So be on guard, lest they come for you too! My advice – never trust a guy who’s been circumcised, or a woman who’s had a nose job!

Now a little more of Mr Sanchez and some borderline comments about the pres. Wait for it cause it’s about 1 minute into the video.

Well I guess Sanchez’s goose is cooked, and rightly so. His career looks like it’s going the same way as Mel Gibson’s, Michael Richard’s, Don Imus’, etc. Who knew that world was still such a racist place? Still, if Sarah Palin has shown us anything it’s that just because some one has no business having a career doesn’t mean that the public has heard the last of them.

Maybe Sanchez will get onto reality TV via race rehab. Now that’s not a bad idea since at the rate celebs are fucking up in public the powers that be – Jewish or otherwise – are gonna have to do something or their won’t be a celeb left that isn’t racist, drug addicted, a sex offender, or otherwise retarded (I can still say that because the retarded aren’t a race, right? Or are they?). Who knows, maybe inflammatory FOX News can do something for him. They’ve aired more extreme, equally insane views on their network. Glenn Beck, with his chalk board and greasy finger of Vick’s, is already running his news show on an X Files basis! FOX is America’s No 1 source for news related information, just like The Daily Show is America’s No 1 source for news related commentary.


French Pres Married to a Whore

Carla the Ambitious to former journalist, turned biographer, Besma Lahouri, French 1st lady Carla Bruni’s past was so checkered that she needed an extensive media make over.The make over tried to create a likable and even demure Bruni. The real Bruni is a ambitious woman who’s agenda’s set herself as no 1 priority. She’s a woman who has been described as a “female Don Juan“. She’s also been described as solitary, capricous, and demanding. How demanding? Well she forces her husband French President Nicolas Sarkozy to socialize with her ex lovers for one thing. There are a lot of ex lovers.

20 odd years

Now the singer/model has gotten around in the past 20 odd years. She was pursuing a career as a singer – not very credibly – so she slept with anyone who could help her a long the path. That’s normal in the music biz. These wern’t just no names she was gettin’ it on with either. She’s been bedded by such sundry paramours as Eric Clapton and Sir Mick Jagger! Many of these people keep popping up again and again in the lives of France’s 1st couple. Says author: “Since he married the woman that some called a ‘man-eater’, (Mr Sarkozy) has to put up every day with this burdensome tribe. Singers, philosophers, lawyers, bosses, men of the press or politics.” They often show up at Bruni’s Riveria Villia. Tedious dinner parties with your spouse’s wind bag ex lovers sounds like some kind of existentialist mightmare!

an empty shell

Lahouri does more than dish up dirty details. The author also shares their insights into Burni’s character. According to the excerpts. Burni’s character might be inferred to be “whorish”. Of course the “maneater” crack got made. Some other stuff got said, too. Stating that “I did not set out to be unkind but to reveal what she really is… The image of Carla Bruni is totally false,” the author then describes Bruni as “attractive and impetuous, free and calculating… faithful in friendship and fickle in love” (Add “psychopathic” & “oversexed” and she could be a bond girl!). Now that pretty much is the public perception of Bruni, but Lahouri get’s more specific. For one thing Bruni’s foundation to fight AIDS is a sham! Lahouri’s exact words are “an empty shell“. Looks good on her resume though.

Coming out Carla: touched & retouched

Not that Bruni can be blamed for that. When she started going with Sarkozy, she got all kinds of advice about cleaning up her “rock groupie” image. Bruni herself had warned that “they are going to say a lot of things about me, about my past life. Things, photographs are going to come out!” So that lead presidential aide Pierre Charon onto a Henry Higgins trip. His mission was to turn a Madonna Like over ambitious aspiring singer music groupie into a creature of effortless chic. That transformation involved a world wind romance and a total image make over! The image make over also included extensive plastic surgery. Fortunately Bruni had a guy on hand – she’s been seeing a Paris plastic surgeon for 20 years! Bruni has always denied getting touch ups.

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the kind of a gal who if told nude pix of her were coming out might ask how recent they were and whether or not she looked good in them

As for Charon, he’s still guarding the image. He personally tried to deter Lahouri from writing her book. There were no ugly threats; he merely opined that the life of Ms Sarkozy was just “too complicated” for a bio treatment. That didn’t deter Lahouri from her exhaustive 2 year investigation into Bruni. What emerged was a picture of Bruni as one of a new group of public persons; the political celebrity (what’s a political celebrity? They’re some one who set out to be famous and found themselves in politics by chance. Think Sarah Palin, who wanted to be a sportscaster.). It’s the story of an ambitious woman who was determined to rise in the world one way or another; and who might as well have been come to public attention as a Mrs Eric Clapton than as a political wife. Carla herself doesn’t seem like a woman who was too particular about how she got there. She might have been just as much at home in a reality TV series as in the Elysee Palace. Carla, A Secret Life is due out later this month!

PS Ms Bruni – Sarkozy seems to evoke almost as much excitement as Sarah Palin. Perhaps some people hold her rock music background against her now that she gone legit and entered the world of politics without having to organize a benefit concert and get knighted. Rock music does have a reputation; one that’s almost as bad as politics. So I guess that the moral of the story is that if you must get involved in show business, then do it using an alter ego, to protect you secret identity.

Secret identities are very important and even more so if you’re famous. Apart from the good fun of sneaking around, getting away with shit, and taking off clothes in odd places; it affords a layer of personal privacy that often gets stripped away when you step out of the day to day world and into the glass house for the sake of fortune & whatever.

Besides, all the golden and silver age Hollywood stars had ’em. Tony Curtis was really Bernie Schwartz, John Wayne started out as Marion Morrison before he became the Duke – when asked how he got that nickname Wayne explained that as a boy his pet dog was “Duke” and peoples tarted calling him after the dog, and of course Marylin Munroe started out as Norma Jean Baker. It makes you wonder sometimes whether Rock Hudson is buried as Roy Fitzgerald, or under his studio slave name. So remember to keep you super powers under your shirt the next time you go out, or something like the following might happen to you!

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