Some Bull over Foster

Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster have always been close. Jodie has stuck by Mel through the hard times, defended him publicly, and even employed him in her movie The Beaver. When Jodie won a recent Golden Globe her good friend Mel was there to cheer her one too. Foster made sure that Gibson got an honorable mention in her acceptance speech – ‘Mel Gibson – you know you saved me too.’

It seem that all the mutual admiration has some people talking – namely some one named Sarah Bull over @ the Mail. According to Sarah Mel & Jodie are so close that Mel might even be the bio dad of Foster’s two sons. Even though Mel & the two boys look nothing alike Bull claims that the resemblance is unmistakable. Especially when the whole group are set together in a family style arrangement as they were at other Globes dinner.

I don’t know what Sarah sees but the guy in the front of the picture looks like he might have more blood relationship with Mel (although perhaps by way of Orlando Bloom) that Jodie’s 2 kids.

Speculation about the paternity of Foster’s kids has run wild because Foster has always kept the identity of the father a secret. She claims that she will reveal the truth when her sons turn 21. Since the oldest is 14 that still a few years away. So people get to play the guessing game. Foster & Gibson go back a way so he’s a short list candidate. However the front running favorite is the late Randy Stone. Stone and Foster were also good friends. Stone died in 2007 of heart disease. Since then his mother has been dropping some hints that he may possibly be the bio dad of Foster’s boys Stone’s mother, the Rev. Beverly Bates, told MailOnline earlier this week: ‘Randy told me that Jodie said she’ll tell the boys who their father is when they’re 21.’

Another Pricey wedding

Some one who never keeps people guessing is Katie Jordon Price (nee Katrina Amy Alexandra Alexis Infield ). She started her career as a page 3 girl over in Britain. Page 3 girls are the ones who pose topless on page 3 of the tabs.She’s also known for her reality TV appearances, disastrous marriages, and outrageous public spectacles. Those three often over lap. They seem ready to over lap once again as Katie, 34 (?), has recently married male stripper Kieran Hayler.

Now the pair have been seeing each other since at least Christmas. That’s when Kieran popped the question. Katie Jordon accepted. She thought it was a good idea based on the advice of her psychic. As Katie tells it “My psychic told me I’d marry a man named Kevin and Kieran is so close to Kevin I thought that he must be it!” Now that might be close enough for a Ouija board but if you made a miss like that with medications Katie might have wound up shaving! Anyway Katie is one of those women who never let details, or even common sense, stand in the way of impulsive true love; so the pair were hitched down in the Caribbean just recently. Katie Jordon picked out a 9000 engagement ring which Kieran obligingly paid for.

Katie Jordon has been married before: to Peter Andre whom she met on the set of Help I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, and to cross dressing cage fighter Alex Reid. Her relationship with Andre was unfortunate since the couple came off as mismatched in their frequent reality TV appearance. While Andre seemed good natured and hen pecked, Katie Jordan came off as bossy and shrewish. When the pair busted up most of the public took Andre’s side. Her relationship with Alex Reid was more noisy and boisterous – especially when overseas airline flights were involved. They also allegedly shared and interest in sex fetishes, with rumors that Reid made Katie wear a bondage gag face mask during sex. That was what came up during one of Price’s noisy boisterous plane rides when the former ‘glamor model’ got drunk and started scolding fellow passengers for even thinking that she and Reid were into such things.

Katie’s optimistic about this relationship. In addition to the green light from her psychic, friends say that Katie Jordan is pleased that the new guy has none of the flaws of her previous husbands. Since Jordan is a tabloid mainstay and has been fairly quiet (like a dormant volcano) oiver the past several months, it’s good to see her getting back in action again. Love her or hate her the girl is a hoot!

“Yes, I’m following my heart — but I’m not harming anyone. If I feel something is right, I’ll do it, even if it comes out of the blue.”

Surly Ms. Hurley

Liz Hurley got huffy lately. Liz was passing through Perth, Australia when a reporter cornered her boyfriend Shane Warne to ask him a question. To be clear Shane Warne ain’t the guy Megan Gale is seeing. Gale is seeing Shawn Hampson who plays rugby or something. Warne is a cricketer. So don’t let the fact that Gale’s ex Andy Lee cracked some post split joke about seeing her kissing Hurley in a ‘lift’, and the fact that their respective boyfriends play sports north americans are unfamiliar with confuse you. Confusing you is the job of gossip bloggers!

Anyway the whole incident occurs when Aussie reporter barrels up to Liz and Shane, pushes apst HUrley, and asks boyfriend about something sports related.It probably had something to do with the Melbourne Stars match against the Perth Scorchers. Anyway for some reason Liz took exception to this – maybe because the reporter wasn’t trying to talk to her. So Liz interposed herself into the midst of the exchange – so to speak. Liz’s response was “I think that you should fuck off!” Since there were reporters around the whole thing got caught on tape – just like Gisele Bundchen at the Superbowl. Now here’s that little incident!

No one is quit sure what put Liz’s knickers in a knot.Maybe it was because Melbourne lost to Perth (unless it was the other way round). Maybe it was just one of those aggressive catty exchanges that go down between women. Either way it made Twitter and has got Hurley, who rose to fame playing ladies in the movies, back in the tabs again!

In other news Michael J Fox expressed the feeling s of many well off Californian men when he recently said that he hopes his son doesn’t date Taylor Swift. That  lead to another Twitter exchange and Swift revealing that “we’re good” & that “Everyone has my back“. At the rate she’s going everyone will have soon seen the back of her.  It seems like only yesterday that she was the darling of the VMA’s. People couldn’t help liking her because they disliked Kanye West. That’s a back door to popularity, if you can’t be liked for yourself then get liked as a reaction to someone else’s unpopularity. Just like Rihanna made it on the anti Chris Brown thing. Anyway Swift has apparently matured into some kind of poison pussy. So maybe there will be a reverse backlash for Kanye now?

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Mel Gibson calls holocast horseshit

Once upon a time it all went wrong

screen writer joe esterhas claims actor mel gibson called the holocast horseshit and threatened to have oksana grigoreiva killedOnce upon a time Mel Gibson was Hollywood’s No 1 man. These days he’s better known for his controversial opinions and volatile relationship with his ex Oksana Grigoreiva. Now that started innocently enough with an impaired driving arrest down in Malibu. Mel was stopped on his way home from a bar by a couple of law enforcement types who found the Braveheart actor to be under the influence. So they took him in. That lead to some colorful and controversial comments about the Jews, Mel’s long battle with the bottle becoming public, and the phrase Sugartits getting coined. Anything that enriches the English language can’t be a total loss.

phone freaking

Mel’s wife left him after that. So Mel made friends with a plastic Russian on the make. That was Oksana. She had a face full of silly putty and a womb full of Gibson Triple A! That was good for her since her son Alex by Timothy James Bond Dalton was 14 at the time and at 18 the child support runs out. So this will keep her in the style to which she’s become accustomed for awhile. Oksie had one more thing going for her – a bunch of taped phone calls in which The Melster was ranting like a banshee at a full moon! Mel went on and on about blow jobs and rose gardens in between fits of hyperventilation. Now many people were gonna cut Mel some slack on Oksie cause she seemed like no prize (& by ‘no prize’ read ‘mistake waiting to be laid made‘).

back to the drawing board

One person who isn’t inclined to cut Gibson any slack is screen writer Joe Esterhas. Esterhas was retained by Gibson to write a screenplay for a project based on the Book of Maccabees. The Maccabees is an apocryphal Biblical book about a clan of warrior Jews who set about to drive the invaders from the promised land. So this would’ve been another religious themed and probably violent work from Gibson.

you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry

Gibson was not pleased with Mr. Esterhas work on the project. Gibson claims that over the course of 15 months Joe failed to produce a script or even an outline. So Mel got mad. When Mel gets mad he can freak like the Hulk after a dose of gamma rays. Mel himself admits in his official public apology to the screen writer that:

“I was very frustrated that when you arrived at my home at the expense of both Warner Brothers and myself you hadn’t written a single word of a script or even an outline after 15 months of research, meetings, discussions and the outpouring of my heartfelt vision for this story. I did react more strongly than I should have. I promptly sent you a written apology, the colorful words of which you apparently now find offensive. Let me now clearly apologize to you and your family in the simplest of terms.”

Gibson then goes onto point out thatI will acknowledge like most creative people I am passionate and intense.

Screenwriter claims that Gibson “hates Jews,” & called the Holocaust “horses**t”

Joe Esterhas has had some things to say about Mel Gibson too. It’s the usual stuff but embellished with details. Some concern antisemitism, and involve comments like:

“You continually called Jews ‘Hebes’ and ‘oven-dodgers’ and ‘Jewboys.’ It seemed that most times when we discussed someone, you asked ‘He’s a Hebe, isn’t he?’ You said most ‘gatekeepers’ of American companies were ‘Hebes’ who ‘controlled their bosses.'”

“You said the Holocaust was ‘mostly a lot of horses**t.’ You said the Torah made reference to the sacrifice of Christian babies and infants. When I told you that you were confusing the Torah with The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, … you insisted ‘it’s in the Torah — it’s in there!’ (It isn’t).”

tough cookie is a bitter pill

Other details are about the ex. Granted Grigorieva is a tough broad to like (she’s right down there with Courtney Love on the personal magnetism scale), but Gibson seems to be making no effort. According to Esterhas:

“You were raving at Oksana even after you’d reached a custody agreement over Luci,” he writes in the letter.

“And then you were even more explicit about your threat: “I’m going to kill her! I’m going to have her killed!” You said you’d become friends with two FBI agents (or former FBI agents) and they were going to help you to kill her.”

So that’s lead Esterhas to form some harsh conclusions about Mr Gibson. Says Esterhas:

I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason you won’t make ‘The Maccabees’ is the ugliest possible one. You hate Jews.” Ezterhas wrote in the letter obtained by The Wrap.

coming soon – the Twitter account

So where does that leave Mel now? It’s probably safe to say that his goose is cooked. In the Twitter era the public has come to realize that their favorite movie idols are more than facelifts and big white teeth. Along with the passion and drive that makes them superstars can go some pretty flaky personality traits combined extreme & erratic behavior. However Gibson goes off of the celebrity personality disorder scale. He’s perceived as hateful & angry. That makes it hard for the public to support him. So his public image may be shot beyond redemption. It’s a shame that Mr Gibson entertains such feelings because he is also a talented and charismatic actor who had a very promising career as a film maker ahead of him at one point. Nowadays the most you can say for him is that at least he doesn’t have a Twitter account! It’s also a reminder that showbiz is a dicey game. Even after you’ve arrived a & got it made it’s still snakes & ladders.

aiming for trouble, missing at Hollywood

Speaking of which it’s been a rough time for one of Hollywood’s royal families. Clark Gable was one of the original screen icons. If playing Rhett Butler in Gone With the Wind ain’t iconic than nothing in Hollywood is. His son – Clark Gable Jr – who bears his name was born 4 months after his famous father’s death. Until recently he was seeing make up artist Christiane Lange. Lange was found dead at the couple’s shared residence in Malibu only just recently. No one is still sure how she died but there is some talk about prescription drugs. The last time a Gable got in the news was last summer when Clark Gable III got himself arrested for pointing a laser at a LAPD helicopter. He claimed that he was aiming for the Hollywood sign and missed. He still got held on $60 000 bail since the LAPD doesn’t take pointing lasers at police choppers kindly. Before that Gable 3 made headlines when he was stabbed in the rib cage while attending a party.

spooning with Hayo

A while ago Wondertrash reported that Heidi Klum was seeing her Top Model co host Thomas Hayo. Now there’s some confirmation on that. The following photo shows the pair involved in some intimate behavior. So either they’re seeing each other or Heidi was having some difficulty figuring out how plastic spoons work & Tommy was demonstrating the right technique for her. While the helping hand must’ve been appreciated for clarity & simplicity’s sake plastic spoons work pretty much the same as regular spoons. So perhaps there was some personal motivation for the hands on approach.

playing trashy & sitting pretty

If you’ll recall Heidi Klum used to be one half of a super couple with Seal. They were the celebrated as having it made and making it work – as their periodic recommitted ceremonies seemed to show – until it came apart. Immediately after the separation was announced Seal continued to wear his wedding ring and claimed that he would always love Klum. Now divorce proceedings are rolling along with Seal filing for joint custody of the couple’s 4 children. Which once again goes to show that you can’t count on much in a lifestyle that promises everything. Even the top of the Hollywood food chain don’t get to rest on their laurels. However keep checking with Wondertrash cause it’s the blog that leaves you sitting pretty!

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Kanye West in Love With Kim Kardashian?

More sad sexy stories

Beep, beep!

Yesterday Wondertrash brought you the sad story for Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. It seems that when ever Jen starts seeing some one it turns into a sad story but this time it was worse. Jen apparently got hen pecky and controlling ot the point that she’s slowly and painfully eating Theroux alive. The rumours are so bad that you can look for Jen to start shopping for special orthopedic shoes she can force Theroux to wear, thereby hobbling him and thwarting any possibility of escape! After that it’ll just be a matter of adding braces and some extra thick goggle glasses and he’ll be the funniest looking kid in class. You know the kind of a mess over possessive mothers can make. However if Theroux can develop some appropriately nerdy new interests, like documentary film making – then this bad turn might pay of in geek credibility! Or he could just run like hell assuming that his radio tracking transmitter hasn’t yet been installed & he still can!

the moral of the story is better safe than sorry

The moral of the story is that when it comes to romance men never learn. That’s because testosterone causes brain damage! It impairs the cognitive functions so that no matter how many close calls a man has he still thinks that he can keep getting away with it, instead of realizing that his luck’s about to run out!

Gettin’ lucky or just fucky fucky?

Speaking of luck running out the subject of today’s post kind of proves the men never learn with sex idea. He’s Kanye West. Now KWest has one strike against him from the word go and that’s a fondness for booze. You’ll probably remember way back when Taylor Swift was just some chick with an overbite that Kayne made a spectacle of himself over her at the MTV Awards. After an evening of knocking back the Hennessy’s Kayne hopped up on stage during Swift’s award acceptance and cried “foul“. That incident prompted the President to refer to him as a “jackass“. The little buck toothed country singer got a lot of sympathy out of that and it paid off in career dividends too!

low profiles in high places

Kayne had to keep a low profile for awhile after first performing the necessary public mea culpa’s. The situation was bad but not critical. He didn’t go off like Mel Gibson or anything. He didn’t do anything mugshot worthy. So his image was theoretically salvageable. Rehab might even be bypassed. All he had to do was straighten up and fly right, and keep his nose clean from there on in.

when the ice berg met the love boat

Well Kayne might be in immanent jeopardy of screwing up his last chance. See the thing is that West’s nose has allegedly found one of the dirtiest places it could possibly get into, and that’s Kim Kardashian. Rumours are that they’re seeing each other and that Kayne’s serious enough to use a four letter word about it – starting with “L”. Now Kardashian is like an ice berg in search of a cruise liner so the best advice Kayne might get is “Jump back, Jack!

short, informative, & flirting with disaster

Here’s a short informative video on Kayne’s decision to flirt with disaster.

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Love American Style

Love and the age of Reality TV

Just because bloggers want to go on mad drunken tears for months at a time doesn’t mean that the exciting world of celebrity gossip comes to a stand still. In fact it goes remorselessly on. There are the new and developing stories like Kim Kardashian’s alleged marriage and very real divorce, after on 72 days to whomever it was that she was married to. While Kim hummed and hawed about giving the wedding gifts back – “why should I? People wanted me to have them and they help me feel better after my divorce” the mercenary TV personality might say -others wanted to know if it was true that she got a big 20 million pay out for the marriage, in the way of deals from cable TV nets works. For the amount of time that she was married those massive too big to fail pay outs almost amount to what Mike Tyson used to get fore his seconds in the ring, back in his glory days. Of course a marriage can be far nastier than any boxing match.

Truly love is a many splendored thing. Kim isn’t the only one to show it either. One of the big on going stories was the Passion of Saint Mel. Mel got into some heavy duty trouble when he started two timing Jesus with some Russian slut on the make. That wasn’t the best public relations follow up for his hi profile DUI and subsequent separation from his wife Robyn. When Mel got his new Russian sweetie Oksana Griegorieva preggers the shit hit the fan. That ultimately lead up to a whole mess of tape recorded phone calls get made public on celebrity gossip sites like Radaronline – you know how those commies are for wiretaps! It also lead to some domestic abuse charges in which Oksy claimed that she had been sacred and abused by a man who would not allow her the space for her love and gratitude to flow freely, and express it’s dubious existence in that way; as opposed to expressing it’s dubious existence through tape recorded phone calls and criminal charges.

Anyway that thing has come to a head now, for now. Mel has had his big court case on his crime against womanhood, and the judge has handed down the sentence. Basically it’s the usual celebrity deal consisting of community service, with some kind of rehab stint to get tacked on later if Mel ain’t enthusiastic about the comserve. Some celebs, like Lindsay Lohan, seem to have a real problem with that stuff. Any way here’s a short clip of our hero in his big meet up with the judge and she laid down the law – Hollywood style. Go on and grab a closer look cause you know that you want to!

no good deeds go unpunished even in Hollywood

BTW tings are getting nasty for the Kardashians with lots of rumors about her mom falling out with her BFF Kathy Lee Gifford. The National Enquirer is also reporting on some kind of Kardashian Oprah Winfrey rift. It’s apparently a falling out over charity in Haiti. While both women went there to be seen in the presence of the world’s unfortunates; Oprah roughed it with Sean Penn – and you can’t get much rougher than that except maybe Mickey Rourke 15 years ago, while Kim seemed more interested in snagging 5 star accommodations and getting pedicures! BTW Kim says the whole thing was way exaggerated. As if this wasn’t bad enough the Kardashains are having some problems with the help – no revolutions from down in the bowels of the Bastille or anything, as in the following short video:

I just hate it when people are exploitative, or exploited! Speaking of which Rick Perry has aimed some new gimmick at teens. That shows he has vision, meaning that since kids are too youg to vote he must be aware that he’s already blown it this time around. As for the gimmick – I think he’s floating a rumor that he’s related to singer Katy Perry or something.

Just what the youth of America crave – more Jesus! Anyway Jerky Dicky ain’t the only hi profile Repub making waves. Ron Paul is doing it without Jesus. He merely made recourse to a pop culture short cut by way of American Idol contestant Kelly Clarkson, and a Twitter outrage! Here’s somwething from that from our good friends over at the Young Turks (not that I know them personally or anything, I mean beyond trying to borrow money!)

That brings us to our final story of the day, and back to the themes of sex and crime with none other than Paris Hilton. Apparently the snow’s been falling out of season for her down in sunny California!


Drunken Mel Gibson calls Jewish Winona Ryder an Oven Dodger

Neigh & Winnie

Winona Ryder: Genre babe of the week #23

Winona Ryder has been called many things over the course of her career: a beautiful woman, a talented actress, occasionally “Wanna Ride Her“, and once something very objectionable by disgraced superstar Mel “Worse Than OJ Simpson” Gibson. It was a comment that put Winona ahead of the curve on what sort of fellow Gibson is, and the sort of comment that he was later to become infamous for.

Allie Macabre

This all began back about 15 years ago. It was a simpler and more innocent day when Robert Downey jr. was still on the skids, or worse doing Allie MacBeal (she’s some good feel!). Back then Mel was the most popular leading actor in Hollywood, next to fellow superhunk Tom Cruise. Winona still had a thriving career as a pretty and talented leading lady in character type roles. Her melancholy good looks and screen presence had put her on the upswing in Hollywood. Within a short time she would be starring opposite Angelina Jolie in Girl Interrupted, and then go on to get caught with sticky fingers in a series of embarrassing shoplifting cases (Winona has issues ranging from prescription drug abuse to kleptomania). Next stop would be obscurity. At the time of the incident that train wreck had yet to leave the station. Winona still had a viable career presence in Hollywood. Viable enough to get into some A List mega parties. Parties like the one where she crossed paths with Archie Bunker on Methamphetamine Mad Mel Gibson!

“You ain’t all that and a bag of chips!”

As Winona recalls in a recent GQ interview she was at one of those mega parties with a gay friend of hers when who should she run into but Mel all drunk and belligerent like. Mel opens his yap an immediately makes some kind of anti gay slur. Winona thinks to herself “OMG” – or whatever people at the time thought of instead of OMG – “This guy’s anti gay“. She still goes right on talking though cause this is Hollywood, the guy is Mel Gibson, and gay acceptance is still waiting for Will & Grace to carry the cause over the mainstream threshold.

Mad to the Max

So Winona bravely disregards the feelings of her gay friend and keeps chatting away with Gibson (there’s no folk like show folk). Some where between the jigs and the reels it slips out that Winona is Jewish. Her actual last name is Horowitz. Everyone knows how Mel is about the Chosen People. They set him off like a Jihadist at a Koran burning. So Mel, liquored up, makes a remark to Ms. Horowitz about her being an “oven dodger“.

“Are they like the LA Dodgers or something?”

The ‘oven dodger’ crack takes a little while to register on Winnie. Maybe at first she thought it had something to do with her escaping a life of domestic servitude and drudgery. Probably she was much to out of it for anything to register on her right away. Then slowly 2 and 2 come together and she realizes that she’s been called something a lot more offensive than “Sugartits“. No word on whether or not Ms. Ryder continued the small talk after that remark, but she does go on to say something like ‘I knew he was a racist homophobe 15 years before any of you and no one would believe me just because I was a fucked up mess!

He has swastika underpants – we get it!

It’s not like Winnie rated high on the creditability scale. She was to rate rock bottom on it in a short time and some shop lifting sprees later. You have to give her credit: even a stopped clock is right twice a day! Also you have to ask “Why speak up now if you knew for 15 years?” Part of the reason was the no one was ready to listen. The more important reason is that the 39 year old Ryder has finally managed to claw her way back from Sean Young like obscurity to a supporting role in the new Natalie Portman flick Black Swan. Ryder plays a washed up ballerina in that and is anxious for it to do well so that she can stop playing a washed up actress in real life! She can also get back to boosting from LA’s finer boutiques.

leave Mel alone?

Since Mel is a magnet for publicity these days dragging him into it might help her film in some way that only Winnie’s pilled out unstable brain can fathom. It ain’t gonna do anything for Mel’s Beaver film. Then again Mel has been done for a while now. At worst this is only the final nail in the career coffin. As for Winnie she working and flat on her back back on the map. No word on whether Winnie has opened a Twitter account yet.


Mel Gibson’s slut under criminal investigation!

Meloxie blues

THINGS HAVE TAKEN A BAD TURN FOR Mel Gibson ever since he got arrested for drunk driving, made some anti Semitic, anti freemasonry, conspiracy type comments, left his wife of almost 30 years, hooked up with a plastic Russian whore, then made a lot of threatening comments about her on tape recorded telephone calls that some how got posted to gossip sites like TMZ and Radaronline. That’s the nature of life; it has it’s ups and downs. The good news for Mel, & his many fans is that he’s gone from a down turn to an upswing. Ironically that’s due to those many many tapes Oksana Grigorieva made.

Seems that Ms. Grigorieva and Mel had some kind of understanding. It went something like “I won’t release these tapes and ruin your image, and consequently your career; if you pay me an awful lot of money.” At least that’s what Oxie said in some e mails she sent Mel’s way. Since that’s a felony – blackmail – & since Oxie was silly enough to spell that out, the authorities are taking a closer look at the whole sad sorry mess.

Now Gibson claimed this all along. He said that Grigorieva demanded $10 mill to keep the tapes under wraps. Naturally no one believed him because he was a rabid racist psycho. However since the incriminating e mails have surfaced, the The Los Angeles County District Attorney is taking a closer look at the extortion angle. In fact according to ROL, they’re considering whether they have enough to charge Oxie! According to an unnamed source in law enforcement – by way of the National Enquirer: “These are the text messages that Mel’s camp turned over the Sheriff’s detectives as potential evidence of the extortion claim.

So how much trouble is Oxie in? See for yourself by linking to Radaronline, where they’ve posted exerts of the e mails. That’s kind of ironic ’cause Oxie made pretty good use of ROL while she was trying to nail the lid on Mel’s coffin shut. Now they’re busy helping Oxie on her way to a jail cell. One thing about professional gossips is that we’re equal opportunity nuisances operating without discrimination. Oxie might have figured that out when the paparazzi she set loose on Mel started following her around and asking her embarrassing question like “Did Mel threaten to kill you today?” and “Did you blow Mel?“. So suffice it to say that the publicity game is a double edged sword. If you play with fire, you might get burnt!

BTW & speaking of the publicity game, step one of Mel’s rehabilitation seems to be a guest starring role on hit TV series Mad Men. Mad Men maker Matt Weiner is a big fan of Gibson’s and is in talks with Mel’s people regarding a series of appearances for the controversial actor. In fact he may even have an ongoing or reoccurring role in the series. Now appearing on MM would be a shrewd move for Gibson. It might even be a better format to reintroduce him to the public than the usual vehicle Dancing For Redemption, I mean Dancing With the Stars! Though don’t underestimate DWTS. If they can make Heather Mills and Bristol Palin likeable, the show is still a force to be reckoned with!

BTW remember to keep checking wondertrash. It may not be the most reliable gossip source, but it is consistent!

PS: A little more back story on Mel & Oxie – when the tapes were released some of them featured Mel making disparaging remarks about Oxie’s mothering skills by way of her son, Alexander, by Timothy Dalton. Mel referred to the lad as a mess. Tabloids were quick to push Mad Max vs 007 stories. Dalton did come out of the wood work, but when asked about Mel responded “Absolutely no comment“.

In fact he seemed much more concerned with getting the boy away from Oxie than in taking on Gibson. Oxie balked cause she said it would make her look like a bad mother in any upcoming custody hearings with Gibson. Since this was said to Dalton that leaves only a limited number of ways that the statement could’ve gotten out. After dealing with Slutsana for over 14 years I guess 007 figured that he couldn’t take her on directly. That would make Oxie a more dangerous whorebag than any of the sexy Russian spies James Bond had to deal with in the whole campy movie series. That is with the possible exception of the woman who had the extendable knife blade in her shoe.


More trouble for Mel Gibson

More trouble for Mel Gibson. The Oscar winning actor has had his ups and downs ever since his notorious Malibu squad car freak out. That’s the one where he got busted for impaired driving and made a bunch of anti Semitic remarks in the back of a sheriff’s dept car. He also called a female officer “sugartits”. Since then he had a high profile break up with his wife Robyn, and an even higher profile break up with his ex mistress – gold digging skank Oksana Griegoriva.

As if this wasn’t trouble enough Mel has had some more bother behind the wheel. Seems Mr Gibson was motoring around Malibu Sunday last when his car mysteriously left the road. Then it collided with a rock. Since that would be an odd thing to do on purpose the sheriff’s dept came out to investigate.

The Sheriff’s dept was quick to issue a statement too. Given Mel’s colourful history with the bottle the first thing Malibu’s finest wanted to do was address what was on everyone’s mind. According to the professionals Mel was not drunk and alcohol is not a suspected contributing factor. As confirmation of that officers on the scene report that Gibson was both alert and cooperative. Mel himself stated that he was not talking on the phone – another vice that gets him in trouble; nor had he dosed off. As to what caused the 2008 Maserati to veer of the road, investigating officer Leland Tang says that it has been ruled an accident, which might have happened to anybody.

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