Judge goes medival on Michael Lohan’s ass!

Looks like the Lohan Family are having bad luck litigation wise these days. First Lindz gets her ticket pulled for violating probation. She got hauled off in cuffs for that, without bail. Now her dad Michael is in a spot of bother over his ex Kate Major. Michael was supposed to stay away from major due to some kind of pesky restraining orders – those things are the most formidable barrier to true love and psychotic stalkerish obsession! Now Mike claims that Kate was calling him the whole night and that he only returned the call. The judge said that wasn’t the point – the point was that there was an officer at Major’s listen on speaker phone when he called back. Plus there was that incident where he broke down her door or something and then had to escape by jumping off of her balcony. Upshot is that Mieky’s gonna miss a lot of important appointments like his daughter’s court date and Dr Drew’s Celebrity Rehab! It couldn’t have happened a t a worse time because Reality TV needs Michael Lohan now more than ever before!



Now the judge might have come off as a little bit harsh, what with not giving a damn about Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab, but you can’t balme her for playing to the cameras. There’s an important Michael Jackson Conrad Murray trial going on so you have to fight for every viewer!

BTW Halloween is coming up fast. Now there’s more to Fright Night then arson and ritual blood sacrifice; there’s also eye catching costumes. There’s one costume that always makes an impression, and even some people you know of have tried her on for size!

Sometimes it’s wonderful to be trashy!

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