Proof that Megan Fox is a monarch slave

If you are familiar with Megan Fox you know that she shows the signs of Monarch mind programming. Signs like her Marylin Monroe tattoo, her gilded butterfly quote tattoo, etc. Well the plot thickens in the following video where Megans refers to her Wizard of Oz obsession. Fritz Springmeier readers will be well aware of the WoO significance in mind control.

The Wizard of Oz is actually a ‘programming script’. A script, described loosely, is a ‘context’ for programming instructions to be embedded in. A person who’s had Monarch may have been brainwashed using Wizard of Oz, or alternatively Star Trek, Star Wars, etc, so that the movie forms the architecture of their inner world. Their primary sub ego (main programmed alter) may believe themselves to be Dorthy. They will have a need to act that out, and even surround themselves with movie memorabilia, posters models, and dress in character, or get script themed tattoos; which reinforces the programming. Trigger phrases to activate the programming may come from the film or refer to it like “Over the rainbow”, “Now place like home” and “We’re not in Kansas”. Once “Dorothy” is activated commands can be given. Meanwhile the favoiurite movie forms an analogy or metaphor for everyday life and experience in which any reference to the programming script becomes a reinforcer. The person goes through life like a train on a pre laid set of rail way tracks. “Clickity clack – don’t talk back!”

Plus in reference to her time as a competitive swimmer she refers to having a “strong butterfly”. View the following video and see for yourself!

A common programming technique is “mirroring”. If Megan had the appropriate mirror programming anchored to Marylin a picture like this could set the wheels in motion. Deeply embedded script commands from years back could be activated by a trigger image like this, for instance “It’s time for Marylin to take over”, “She’s back”, or even “When the butterfly emerges from her cocoon a star is born”.

MKULTRA Documentary: CIA Mind Control Research – Human Experiments

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