Modern Masters: Andy Warhol – Documentary – Artist

The Art of Celebrity is Teasing a Sluttish Muse

No one is still sure whether Andy Warhol put culture into pop, or pop into culture. He did make his mark, & a shit load of money. Hugh Grant, who’d been working in Hollywood for years playing shy cute English gents, before getting blow jobbed and scandalized in LA, has Warhol to thank for finally becoming independently wealthy in Hollywood. Back when he was starting out some one persuaded him to buy a Warhol print of Liz Taylor for about $250 000. Grant probably thought it would be a cool thing to do and a possible hedge against inflation. He eventually turned that over for about $18 million. So Hugh doesn’t need to work much anymore, which is good since he came out of that whole BJ thing a lot worse than former President “Bull” Clinton! Whether or not Warhol actually quipped “Who’s Art? I’ve never heard of him.” he did reputedly say that making money was the highest form of art. So let’s take a look at Andy: his life & times & his pretty freaky pictures!

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