Top 10 Grammy Upsets

It’s the Grammy Awards – who knows what to expect?

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Daily Dose of Britney!

It’s Britney Spears, bitch!

Latest Gossip = Slap Egotists

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Asking for it?

When Chris Brown was asked to attend the recent Grammy Awards some people were taken a back. After all he did violently assault his ex girl friend Rhianna. Judging by the pictures he beat the living crap out of her. Now most people think that beating women is wrong. However that’s not a unanimous opinion. Some of the people who disagree with that are them selves women. About 25 of them (at least) also took to twitter to voice their support for Brown, and even volunteer their bodies and well being to the cause. Here are the messages.

It’s clobberin’ time – so take it like a man, baby!

























Like the advertisement says – “You’ve come along way, baby!”

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Lily Allen Hates Simon Cowell

and she has some more complaints

The last time we heard from Lily Allen she was threatening to retire from the music business – so much for promises. She was also blaming the Internet for ruining the music industry. She made known in a number of on line rants that she believed that free on line music downloading was preventing artists – such as herself – from earning a living off of their own music. The reason artists don’t make money from their own music is because recording companies eat up the profits in dubious production costs. That’s why most major acts, including the Rolling Stones – earn their bread & butter on the concert circuit. It’s also why many bootleg recordings come from the artists themselves.

Lily might shoot from the lip, but she is capable of reassessing her opinions. For one thing she has finally realized the the Internet isn’t her enemy. Lily has come out in another online rant and announced that she knows who’s really responsible for the current state of the music industry – Simon Cowell. For one thing Lily thinks that Cowell has shifted the emphasis in the industry away from smart and original indie acts, or even performers like herself; and shifted towards amateurs doing karaoke style covers.

Allen has taken to twitter, and other electronic media previously believed to be the ruination of popular music as she’s come to know and despise it – to publicly attack Cowell. For instance Lily tweeted “X factor – FAIL. Too set up/scripted in my humble opinion. I don’t know how Simon Cowell has managed to get away with essentially copywriting (sic) the talent contest. It’s beyond me, really.” She also fielded questions from fans. In response to one the tweeted “It’s s–t. FACT! It’s everything that I detest about modern western culture. Cowell is the only one who really benefits. People like you EAT IT UP.

So what has gotten into Allen? Well her behavior is no more erratic and volatile than usual. However this might be something she picked up second hand from some one else. For one think Mick Hucknell expressed pretty much the same opinion about a year or so ago. In a very public interview Hucknell basically described Cowell as the JR Ewing (kids get your parents to explain to you who JR Ewing is – but in the meantime think George W Bush). So perhaps Allen thought that she could get herself some credit for being a thoughtful person by recycling previously expressed ideas (I do it daily here – though I’ve never gotten credit for thoughtfulness. 4 out 5 Tibetan Buddhists have described Wondertrash as mindless tripe, and warned the faithful that the time spent on this site is something that they’ll never get back. Then again that’s the nature of time and they shouldn’t need to be reminded of that!). Goodness knows that Lily needs some help formulating ideas, as she no doubt does with writing her own music.

Now some people speculate that Allen has an ulterior motive for her Cowell bashing. For one thing people claim she’s resentful about not being asked on X Factor as one of their celebrity judges. For another some insist she’s jealous about celebrity enemies like Cheryl Cole being asked on. Allen is aware of this, and has addressed the issue in her usual calm & considered manner. Allen says, and I quote (hence the inclusion of quotation marks around Ms Allen’s statements) “I’d rather actually eat my own crap, than sit next to any of those goons. Except Cheryl, obvs (obviously). I’ve better things to do with my time than feed the nation with the notion that doing cover versions will sort your life out.” I’m glad she added the “actually” into that statement though I’m not sure what it proves, unless she was considering “virtually” eating her own crap and then decided that she actually felt more strongly about the issue.

Now Lily was never one to mince words, or ever leave anyone in doubt about what she really thinks. For instance in regards to the above mention Cole, Lily once said that the singer’s husband was “horrendous“. She also described Cole’s bandmate Nicola Roberts as”the ugly one in the group“. Of course that was said during a hi profile word wars between the dueling divas. If you’re a regular Wondertrash reader then you know that a lot of shit gets said online.

So what does that say about Lily Allen. Well for one thing she knows how to get attention by shooting off her big fat mouth. She’s like Megan Fox in that way; except much more obnoxious and a lot less entertaining. Of course it doesn’t take a rocket scientist, or even a Tara Reid, to realize that if you publicly bash Cowell you’re gonna get some easy media attention. He is kind of Mr Entertainment these days.

That leads to another theory as too why Allen is shooting off her big ignorant mouth in again. She must have some new project coming out, and needs to attract the spotlight in her direction. If that’s true then the bad news is that the rumors about her leaving show business were exaggerated. That story had to be too good to be true. Besides, Allen isn’t actually qualified, or even competent, to do anything else with herself (and that includes tweeting without gorss spelling and grammatical errors). Still the cheap grandstanding is unbecoming. Lily should try to put the issue in proportion – it’s not Simon Cowell’s fault is the public finds 70’s & 80’s amateur covers more interesting than anything she does. In fact maybe Cowell could come up with e few pointers for Allen to sharpen up her already tiresome routine.


Does Shaq really listen to Owl City?

Guess who’s in the following Owl City video! Well that’s not much of a challenge since the post title kind of gave it away.

Does Shaq really listen to Owl City


All we hear is telephone GAGA

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The $64 000 dollar question is whether the Green Zone will ride on The Hurt Locker’s Oscar success.


Carly Simon’s "You’re So Vain" Man? David Geffen!

Remember when Carly Simon had that hit “You’re So Vain” and everyone tried to figure out who it was. The finger of suspicion finally landed on Warren Beatty since he was so vain he wouldn’t get why the song wasn’t about him. Even Warren Beaty figured that it sounded like him, since he called Carly to thank her for the lovely song. Later on in an interview he told a reporter “Let’s stop kidding and face it, the song’s about me.” See, he still doesn’t get it.

Well no one should be more surprised and disappointed than Warren himself to learn that the song really wasn’t about him. It was about Simon’s boss and sometime lover, the sometimes heterosexual David Geffen (That’s right, you heard me – rock music is so gay). Carly wrote the song in a jealous fit when Geffen took up with rival Joni Mitchell, and began hyping her career at Carly’s expense. If it’s any consolation to the so vain Warren Beatty, Robert Wagner did almost shoot him over Natalie Wood (Robert Wagner and Warren Beatty are old geezers that your grandmas used to get wet over back in the days of Betty White, John Barrymore and Fred Flintstone). That’s gotta be worth something.

Now from vain to hot with hot fact girl’s hot TV babes.

Hot’s a relative term since Liv Tyler gets the ‘wondertrash position’.

liv tyler wonder woman
Wondertrash Entertainment Trivia: They never said it! TV and movies are filled with things that though remembered clearly, were never said. For instance lines like “Play it again Sam“, “Win one for the Gipper“, “Beam me up” are famous one liners that were never actually said.

As an entertainment blogger I often asked about examples like these. Person repeats a line and then asks if it was ever actually said in film or on TV. I recently received one e mail from just such a reader who wanted to know if a throw away line he’s been using for years was ever actually said as he remembers it. Well I’m sorry to inform the aforementioned e mailer that no Leo Gorcey never said “Yap, yap, yap! What are you mutts yappin’ about?“, neither as one of the Dead End Kids/Bowery Boys, nor in any other film/TV project. I guess this explains those bewildered looks you mentioned. Hope that I’ve been helpful.
leo gorcey
PS. The reader might actually be thinking of James Cagney’s “Yap, yap, yap, quit your yappin’!” in the grapefruit scene from Public Enemy.

There, you see!!!


Gaga explains McQueen dedication

All we hear is radio Gaga

Take that Madonna. I don’t know if Madge ever won a Brit Award, but Gaga did it without having to marry some British guy! I love it when celebs start explaining. It usually means that they’re riding for a fall. Just like Tom Cruise! I’m sure that her moving and vulturous tribute to Alexander McQueen ain’t motivated by publicity either! Although Lady Gaga does know a thing or two about PR! Good public relations is like money in the bank to people who ain’t got any yet. BTW Lady Gaga also says that she thinks Michael Jackson was the greatest song writer since Mozart, except for the Beatles. She didn’t actually say that – only ’cause it would be too obvious!


Lady Gaga driving Akon out of the business


What does Nick Jonas look for in a chick?

What does Nick Jonas look for in a woman? At his age probably a drivers license. The “Proust Questionnaire” and Clevver TV might shed some more light on that burning question.

It’s not surprising that Nick Jonas should come off as even more likable & sincere after taking the test. If he’s like most professional celebrities he comes off more likable & sincere than he actually is – right up until the freakout, meltdown, or trainwreck. Hopefully he’ll meet some one who tests just as well!

The good news is that you don’t have to fill out lengthy questionnaire, or have your PA fill them out for you, to reveal your true self. One airline traveler in Phoenix found away to reveal himself that left nothing in doubt,. nor to the imagination!

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