Nelly is like a deer in the headlines!

If you know anything about Sierra Blanco Texas it’s that you don’t go bringin’ your shit in there not even if you’re a celebrity. Bewildered songwriter Fiona Apple brought some hash in on her tour bus and they busted her ass. When she got mouthy and psychotic about it with her “my superfriends are watching you” public statement a Sierra Blanco peace officer went on to make a fool of her with his own public statement – “Now listen here honey“. Fiona should’ve known because that’s where Snoop Dogg got busted for weed – though he didn’t make a stink out of it or anything. The Snoopster should’a known cause Willie Nelson got busted there and Willie is a Texan, & if they’ll bust him then they’re gonna bust anyone.

The latest person to get in shit down in Sierra Blanco is rapper Nelly. Nelly’s tour bus was passing through the SB checkpoint when guess what happened. A police canine – not called Dopey Dogg, got a whiff of something he liked better than dog biscuits (I hear that they get those poor animals addicted so that they’ll be better at finding the stuff. PETA really ought’a get on that pronto!). What he found was a huge stash of weed. Huge stash means over ten pounds. The Crime Dog also found 36 small baggies of heroin (no word on whether they ere doggy bags). That totaled 64 ounces. Then the dogged investagator found a .45 calibre pistol. So the shit had hit the fan!

Now like I said Nelly should’a known better cause everyone I mentioned and Armie Hammer has got busted at that Sierra Blanco checkpoint recently. Fiona Apple only got busted with in the past few weeks and she wanted to make sure that everyone knew about it. Still they act like they don’t know. So they’re either like deer in the headlines headlights or moths at the flame.

Now you can’t blame Nelly for not paying attention to Apple because, who would? Also he was a little smarter than the others who went tumbling into the checkpoint. For oinething he had someone to take the rap – pardon the pun. One of the bus passengers – Brian Keith Jones – fessed up to officers that the gun, drugs, and weed was his. So while he got busted and booked Nelly and his entourage got to go free and pass on through.

So what’s the moral of the story? If you’re gonna go through Sierra Blanco then the only heroine you should have with you should be wearing bullet proof bracelets and a tiara. Otherwise you could be spending some time in the newly installed celebrity detention wing of the SB county jail!

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Bill Maher: CrazyStupidPolitics

In other news Bill Maher is worse than Hitler. That’s a strong statement so let’s just say that they have a thing or two in common. For instance Bill Maher has some strong ideas about who should live and who should die. That’s what he himself said during a recent radio interview in which he described himself as “consistent pro death“. He also said that an added benefit to abortion is that, in addition to giving a woman a right to choose and control over her own body and reproduction, it stops a lot of the wrong people from getting born. He then went on to say that most sensible people think just like he does but they don’t have the guts to own up to it, like he does! Now he has a point there, but the catch is that most people disagree on whom those ‘wrong people’ are. Hopefully Maher has the foresight not to include his own regular viewers on any liquidation death list!

Now Maher’s statements sound like a he’s a raving psychotic a little outrageous. You don’t have to believe me though, not when you can hear Bill say it for himself by running the video below!

BTW Bill also says that he supports not only right to die euthanasia but suicide period across the board for anyone who feels like it. That means don’t call Maher for a pep talk if you’re having a bad day. Now word what got into him. Maybe he was having a bad day. Maybe he was being facetious. Halloween is around the corner and  maybe he was getting in the spirit. Or perhaps he’s really been waiting for that Dexter season premier.

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