Some things you need to know about Nephilim

retelling an old story

Area 51 has an audio file from Michael Tsarion in today’s post. In the file Michael will be discussing the Nephilim. He talks about many things but Nephilim is the unifying thread. Now to get you up to speed on the Nephilim they’re one of the oldest and longest running stories ever told. Long story short long ago ancient astronauts, or demons, depending on whether you’re following Erich Anton Paul von Däniken or some of the more traditional sources, came to Earth from their home world. Their home world may have been heaven, or it may have been from the dog start Sirius by way of Nibiru.

lost in space

They came to earth basically because they were chased out of where ever it was that they were from. Or they escaped. Anyway they came down to earth to get gold for the atmosphere of planet Nibiru, cause the atmosphere needed it to filter out sunlight. That sounds odd considering how far away from the Sun it must be during most of it’s 5000, or 3500, year elliptical orbit. The elliptical orbit does explain why no one has seen it in modern times. So it’s not completely inconvenient.

unusual sources

Other sources say that they came to earth to have hot passionate sex with earth girls. This would be the more traditional pseudepigraphical explanation. Pseudepigrapha is a fancy scholarly word for something that may not have been writen by the person it’s purported to be written by – such as Enoch. According to the pseudepigrapha about 200 rogue angels really wanted to get some hot earth sex so they made a vow amongst themselves. Then they touched down on Mount Harmon – which is on the 33rd parallel, and started wining the ladies over with promises of secret powers and occult knowledge (knowledge like astrology, numerology, and sacred geometry; in addition to writing, art, and science). Earth girls are easy as the movies say.

bad romance and left over eye of newt

While the women were busy learning new recipes for eye of newt, the angels lost their superpowers. It was a side effect of sex. they had to take on human form to get it on, but once the deed was done they couldn’t change back again. It’s like superman getting stuck in Clark Kent mode after he can’t find a phone booth to change in (I personally believe that the phone booths were phased out to keep the superhero community under control). Now the angels still had their alien intellect and occult knowledge, just like Superman would still have his advanced intelligence and Kryptonian knowledge if he got stuck as Clark. They just had they’re wings clipped. Bad luck but not the first time some one got fucked up through romance.

little angels are holy terrors

The angels did have some kids by the local girls. These kids inherited some unusual traits. They tended to be bigger and stronger than normal humans. So they were called giants. They also tended to be fiery and impulsive. That lead to constant fighting. It seems that they needed to go off on heroic exploits and try to distinguish themselves by becoming kings and dominating everyone. In addition to these pleasant personality traits they also had a pretty high opinion of themselves. Probably comes from being descended from angels; they got the idea that they were a cut above. The powers that be didn’t find them any more likeable than their neighbors did, and soon enough some thing got arranged to get rid of them. According to the Bible it was the flood. According to the Greeks like Hesiod, it was the Bronze Age Wars, in which they wiped each other out through constant fighting among themselves. According to the Old testament the rogue giants had corrupted the human bloodline. plus they were killing everyone.

too big for their britches?

Now these brings up some interesting points. Like every ancient culture had it’s giant myths. In Judeao – Christianity it was the Nephlim who descended from the race of watchers that touched down on Mount Harmon. In Greece it was the Bronze Age Heroes who were fathered by Olympian gods on mortal women whom they’d fallen in love with. Either way prodigious children were born and then came to a bad end. In Greece this became classical tragedy where a person with great characteristics gets brought down by a fatal flaw in their own nature.

is Superman a fallen angel?

Another interesting point is the Superman reference. Superman is basically a retelling of the old watchers story from Enoch. Informed comic readers will know that Superman’s Kryptonian name is Kal El (as is Nic Cage’s son. Cage is the guy who wants to be buried in a 9 foot masonic pyramid which he has already purchased for his mausoleum), and that all Kryptonians have names ending in El. It’s kind of like the family name on Krypton. This is where the informed part comes in – so do Old Testament spirits like as Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Chamuel, Jophiel, and Zadkiel. Superman, as the son of Krypton, is basically a nephilim, with the strength and ability of heroes and giants.

movie stars

It doesn’t stop with Superman. Remember the Highlander movie. According to the originals movie series the Immortals come from space and fight among themselves so that the can have children by breeding with earth chicks. They idea being that an immortal could only reproduce when there was only one left. Of course at that point he’d also lost his immortality! Once again we have trans humans from the stars coming to earth and fighting with each other while doing plenty of ladies in real heroic fashion!

more than meets the eye

You’ll also have seen the same motif in the Transformers movies. Here the star people are robots instead of organic based humanoids. They still fight each other to determine the destiny of the human race – in this case with a little help from Shia Labouef and until recently Megan Fox. In the Transformers movies it’s revealed that Earth’s tech boost in the early 20th century came after the body of a Decepticon (think demon, the autobots are in the angelic role) was discovered and reversed engineered.

So the upshot is that this story in one form or another had gotten a lot of telling. So here and without further adieu is Michael Tsarion to fill you in with the salient details.
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