Michael Douglas has throat cancer – Julia Roberts goes holy cow

When it rains it pours. First Michael Douglas’ oldest son Cameron is arrested for drug trafficking, now the actor himself is diagnosed with throat cancer.

In other, less tragic, news Julia Roberts decision to convert to Hinduism has created turmoil at home. Roberts made the jump from Christianity to Hinduism while filming Eat Pray Love in India. She was so taken with the teachings on meditation and reincarnation that she even had her children renamed after Hindu gods and goddesses, and had the production blessed by a swami (hopefully not the same guy who predicted that Brad Pitt would dump Angelina Jolie to go back to Jennifer Aniston several years ago).

The children is where the trouble comes in. Julia’s husband Danny Moder is Catholic, and is outraged that Roberts would take her children out of the fold and into some heathen religion. As a matter of fact the couple have had so many blow ups over it that sources are referring to it as a domestic holy war. Danny’s dad and Julia’s Mom aren’t thrilled about Julia’s new religious convictions either, not to mention the possible effects of full tilt veganism on her children’s development. Young Americans don’t grow up to be strong healthy linebackers on a diet of tofu & lentils!

Not that the concerns of family and friends would deter Julia – when she wants something she goes for it (That’s how she got Danny). So sorting this mess out sounds like a job for Oprah Winfrey (who’d better step in before Bill O Reilly accuses Roberts of undermining Christianity).

Speaking of making an uproar, the trailer for Joaquin Phoenix new flick I’m Still Here is out, and here it is!


Spaced out Saturday: L Ron Hubbard & Scientology

Swingin’ with the stars

You can’t write a blog about celebrity without occasionally mentioning the beliefs of some celebrities. Celebrities are people who wanted to stand out as the best of the best and then settled for ‘different’. If they were anymore different they’d be special. Being special is the ‘operatinational’ code of every celebutard, and that includes having ‘special needs’; whether it be in cars, sexual partners, wacky children names, radical political beliefs, and out of this world spiritual views.

The Post-modern Profit

Among celebrity gurus L Ron Hubbard is easily the most celebrated. He even eclipses the Beatles guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Mahesh Yogi naively tried supplying westerns with answers. Since that had been a losing proposition ever since the days of Sigmund Freud, Westerners quickly cottoned on to this. Hubbard instead offered personality, space ships, and unbelievable PR combined with the promise that anything is possible for those who obey (the “operational” mantra of any cult leader).

Walter Mitty: “When can I stop pretending to be some one else and get back to pretending to be myself?”

In other words he made a lot of stuff up. He claimed that he had fought with pirates, bonded with Hopi Indians, discovered Uranium while mapping the interior of Africa (“It was through my exposure to the radiation that I was able to access inner sections of my Akashic memory”), and in fact enough for ten lifetimes. So much stuff that he had to include reincarnation into his schema to account for being in too many places doing too many things. Reincarnation left him too much time to fill, and so he had to spend ten million years as a clam (Hence the “Operation Clambake” motto of some of the cults equally fanatical detractors).

Truth is stranger than science fiction

His real life exploits as a megalomaniacal con man were easily more interesting than his made up life as a swashbuckling adventurer. L Ron Hubbard was a failed con man who was never a WW2 combat hero – as he claimed. He was a member of Aliester Crowley’s ORO Templis lodge. Crowley later kicked him out for being too crazy (an opinion Charles Manson would later voice about Scientology). By then Hubbard had met Jet Propulsion Laboratory founder and rocket scientist Jack Parsons. They were both heavily into the occult. Hubbard cheated Parsons out of $5000 and his wife. This was also about the time he came up with Scientology/Dianetics, since he had concluded that “In order to make real money I’d have to start my own religion“. After allegedly stealing a lot of ideas and also some writers’ manuscripts he was in business. The rest is tabloid history.

Minds should be free, but the tech is gonna cost ya!

Now here’s Doc Film about the strange life of Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard.



Drugged out Peahces Geldorf sluts it up @ Scientology center

Peaches channels her inner Jerry Blank @ Scientology Center

Sir Bob Geldorf started out as a rock musician but became better known as a charity organizer. He’s still relevant as the father of Peaches Geldorf (not a Tolkien character). She’s best known as a celebrity screw up. Now there are rumors that Peaches has been involved in a heroin fueled sex romp at a Scientology center. Let’s get the details from a friendly Aussie commentator in the following short video clip.

She’s a rich girl who’s gone too far cause she knows it doesn’t matter anyway

That young woman is a boozer, a user, and a loser; but she can afford to be.
Peaches Geldorf isn’t the only one making a Scientology related spectacle of herself. Kirstie Alley is gloating over the demise of Conan O Brien’s career to anyone who will listen. Back in the days when Conan had a TV show, Kirstie Alley was a favorite topic of his. Or more like a big fat target. Nowadays Conan has been relegated to Twitter (something he and Kirstie now share in common) and Kirstie has a brand new series called The Big Life. Kirstie wants everyone to know how pleased she is with the way things worked out too. Here’s Kirstie enjoying the table turning in the following video.

BTW The Big Life is still not a Scientology scam, but they still do have adjoining office space with high ranking Scientologists.

Kirstie mentioned in the above interview that this might be karma. Of course that’s what Sharon Stone said when the earth quake hit China. Stone is a very good friend of the Dalia Lama, as well as of numerous plastic surgeons. Well Stone wound up in shit very fast over those insensitive and thoughtless comments (Sharon can be a bitch, so can karma).

It’s no secret that celebs are very much into that whole karma-New Age-Laws of Manifestation deal. It was only a matter of time before they learned how to harness the force for evil. So here now are some helpful tips on how to rid yourself of bad karma. It might be worth paying attention to just in case there are some big bitter fatties in your past.

Remember that what goes around comes around – so don’t let it catch up with you!

Conan and karma


Hey Jack, Deepak’s back!

I’ve never had any complaints about the way my jeans express themselves! Just see for yourselves below (guess which one I am! – clue: I’m the one wearing the well expressed jeans!).

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