The Rise of ABC: The Stars, Struggles, and Egos That Transformed Network Television

There’s more to entertainment than rehab & court dates!

Behind every flambouyant celebrity is a grey suited businesslike execuctive who's job it is to keep the whole show running. They're people like Brad Grey and Sumner Redstone. They're also people like Leonard H. Goldenson who did what they said couldn't be done, that is creat ABC as America's viable third television network

Most normal healthy people enjoy a little bit of entertainment gossip. Celebrities are larger than life, and even their problems seem more glamorous than our own. However behind every outrageous public personality is a serious gray suited executive type quietly deciding which pilots to promote and which scheduling slots to fill.

Apart from big name execs like Sumner Redstone and Brad Grey you might not know who they are, or even thought much about their existence. They’re the flip side of entertainment. Think of them like the wizard in Oz, hiding behind the curtain while keeping the whole wild show going. They’re the ones who make it possible. So let’s spend and hour with Leonard H. Goldenson, former president of ABC & the man who built that networkto find out about what goes on behind the curtain!

courtesy of  The Film Archives

Leonard H. Goldenson (December 7, 1905 — December 27, 1999) was President of the U.S. television and radio broadcaster ABC.

was born in Pennsylvania in 1905. He grew up in the town of Scottdale,
Pennsylvania and graduated from Scottdale High School. He is arguably
the most influential person from Scottdale. He was educated at Harvard,
and entered the entertainment industry in 1933 as an attorney for
Paramount Pictures after graduating from Harvard Business School.
Goldenson was hired to help reorganize United Paramount Theatres,
Paramount’s theater chain, which at the time was nearing bankruptcy. So
skillful was his work at this assignment that Paramount’s chief
executive officer, Barney Balaban, hired Goldenson to manage the entire

Goldenson orchestrated the merger of United Paramount
Theatres with ABC in 1953 (after Paramount was ordered to spin it off in
the wake of United States v. Paramount Pictures, Inc., a 1948 decree of
the U.S. Supreme Court). ABC was originally formed in 1943 in the wake
of an earlier Supreme Court decree effectively ordering the spinoff of
the largely secondary-status Blue Network from its then-parent, NBC; its
buyer, industrialist Edward J. Noble, tried valiantly to build ABC into
an innovative and competitive broadcaster, but by 1951 was rumored to
be on the verge of selling the nearly bankrupt operation to CBS, who
apparently wanted ABC’s critically important owned-and-operated
television stations.[1][2]

Goldenson rescued ABC with a $25 million
cash infusion, becoming the founding chairman of the merged company
which was named American Broadcasting-Paramount Theatres. The modern ABC
dates its history from the effective date of the Goldenson transaction,
and not the Blue Network spinoff.

Although he focused chiefly on ABC
Television, Goldenson oversaw all areas of ABC-Paramount’s
entertainment/media operations for over thirty years, from 1951 to 1986,
including the creation of the AmPar Record Corporation in 1955 and the
‘rebadging’ of the ABC-Paramount group as the American Broadcasting
Company in 1968.[3] Goldenson also was instrumental in the sale of ABC
to Capital Cities Communications in 1986. Very early on in his tenure,
Goldenson also hired the first African-American staff announcer in
network television and radio history, Sid McCoy.

Goldenson, whose
first-born daughter was born with cerebral palsy, co-founded United
Cerebral Palsy in 1949 and used station WBKB (at the time owned by
United Paramount Theatres) to be the flagship station for the inaugural
UCP telethon that year.

In 1974, Mr. Goldenson received The Hundred
Year Association of New York’s Gold Medal Award “in recognition of
outstanding contributions to the City of New York.”

The Leonard H.
Goldenson Theater at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
building in North Hollywood, California is named in his honor.…

Now you just have to give Leonard his full measure of credit. He helped create ABC. ABC is the network that brought us Wonder Woman in the form of Lynda Carter. So he’s entitled to the same measure of gratitude as Lucille Ball is for giving the world Star Trek through her Desilu Productions! On behalf of comic fans everywhere, a hearty thanks to you sir!

ABC is the network that gave the world Wonder Woman in the form of Lynda Carter, and Leonard H. Goldenson gave America ABC!
Keep Calm & Call Wondertrash!

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Chris Hedges: Americans Are Living a Fantasy – The Illusion of Love, Wisdom, Happiness

wondertrash in the land of milk & honey

Is the entertainment industry based on make believe? Actors play dress up, “just like tards” as Jennifer Aniston told Regis Philbin. You can off set aging by getting a plastic surgery over haul. Thier aspirational personalities set a fine example for the rest of us. However & according to Pulitzer prize winning journalist Chris Hedges, we live in a culture of make believe. Make believe has it’s inherent dangers. So let’s take a little time to consider the larger issues at work by watching the following highly informative video!

In other news Thinkprogress is reporting that Justin Bieber could get deported (by Esther Yu-Hsi Lee) because his most recent vandalism spree racked up $20 000 in damages. Anything over $400 is a felony conviction, and convicted felons can get deported. So what got into him? According to TMZ Biebs uses some heavy duty cough syrup with codeine added! So he’s become drug addled and violent, if rumours are to be believed. Just like Little Alex in A Clockwork Orange! That pack of droogs he hangs with prob ain’t helping either. Bunch of damned enablers.

Who’s gonna cut Bieber some slack? He is young. So some hi spirits are expected. Still a full onslaught egg assault on a neighbor’s house is taking it a bit far. If you’re gonna go engaging in random acts of vandalism then try doing some thing creative. Like maybe a bit of graffiti art. The thing about graffiti art is that about half the people think it brightens up urban landscapes. That includes the property owners who’s premises get tagged. Some graffiti artists even get acclaimed! Like that Dr Cyclops guy, or whoever he is, down in New York City! Start with some Che Guevara stencils, add some catchy slogans like watching the watchers, and then work up to more ambitious projects like portraits of disgraced presidents sprayed onto condemned buildings. Who knows where that could lead (possibly fine & imprisonment). There’s a fine line between trash and wonder, but you ought a know the difference.

there's a fine line between trash and wonder
Is Wonder, like love, happiness, and wisdom, wherever you find it?

BTW TMZ is doing full blanket coverage of the Bieber with the whole 9 yards – vandalism, codeine cough syrup, and cross country stripper binges! He reputedly blew about $75 000 on the stripper binge – if you remember his South American fiasco then you know he likes to follow up vandalism sprees with trips to the bordello, or in this case strip club.

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A Boob, a Brawl, & Sofia Vergara!

Once upon a time in New York City there was a severely schizophrenic man who believed that he was being contacted by space aliens. They’d visit him during the night and whisk him away to the mother ship, where they’d implant him with their alien microchips. That way they could stay in contact with him by beaming a continuous barrage of ET space talk into his defenseless brain.

Naturally the mental health people eventually caught up with him, and the poor fellow spent some time in hospital. He’d tell the doctors about his strange alien communications and repeat what the ET’s told him. This stuff was pretty colourful and he was encouraged to write it down. The stuff got read and even circulated a bit – I guess in those journals run by mental health orgs.

Anyway his ‘visions’ were so interesting that they found their way to the National Enquirer. They took a keen interest and wound up offering the guy a job. So he goes from being a homeless schizophrenic with a jammed communicator to a tabloid writer making a 6 figure salary. There’s was only one catch. Every so often his editor would phone up his psychiatrist and ask to have his meds reduced. That was when the stuff he was coming up with wasn’t crazy enough for the paper.

The above story may be apocryphal but the point is that tabloid journalism has a crazy streak running through it. Now let’s move on to the crazy!

Celebrity Story Theater

Not so long ago in Miami TV hottie Sofia Vergara and her boyfriend Nick Loeb went out to celebrate New Years. They could’ve probably used a night out since the couple were in a tense frame of mind. Bystanders say they were arguing through out the evening. So a night of clubbing seemed like just the thing. The fact that they went to hotspot Story may not have helped. That place is run by Sofie’s former boyfriend Chris Paciello.

WhoSayPhotoEmbed.create({vanityRoot: “”, clientName: “Sofia Vergara”, vanityLink: “”, photoId: “”, title: “Ready to recieve the new year at Bianca! Gracias @ChrisPaciello1”, width: “500”, })

Sofia Vergara on WhoSay

Now they were all adults in this situation so everyone should’ve been cool. Accounts say that Sofie and Chris are no more than friends. However the situation seemed to prey on Loeb’s already frayed nerves. So he quickly went from arguing with Vergara to arguing with a bunch at a near by table. Now you know what happens when there’s alcohol, sexual tension, and strained nerves involved. The sh!t can hit the fan. That’s what did happen when Nick got into some kind of shoving match with the party at the next table.

Well quick as a wink the club security were on him. Sofie bravely thrust herself into the fray, to support her man. The only thing she managed to accomplish however was trashing her dress – and that resulted in an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction where one of Vergara’s boobs got a public airing out. Upshot of the situation was that a battered and bruised Loeb got hussled out the back door by club security, with Vergara in hot pursuit.

Vergara & Loeb were livin la vida Lohan

So it was an eventful night for all involved. Nick got pounded after getting into an altercation with bystanders, Sofie got  exposed after her boob slipped out while she was playing peace maker, and Story night club got into the headlines. So that’s a hectic night even for Lindsay Lohan! However everything ended well enough as Sofie and Nick kissed and made up – where else? – but on Twitter! So it’s a celeb story with all the ingredients. The only way the angles would’ve been completely covered is if the party at the next table – with which Loab got into a fracas with, were a group of visiting extraterrestrials! That would be too much to wish for though!

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Comic Con Cosplayer encourage girls to be brashly shameless

pretty tough – part time super heroine becomes a minor celebrity!


mandy caruso as red sonja from comic con

 Mandy Caruso is a 22 year old aspiring fashion designer from New York City, & a part time super heroine. The part time super heroine part involves dressing up in cosplay gear and hanging out at comic book conventions. Last year she was Red Sonja and since Mandy’s pretty enough to play Megan Fox‘s sister in a movie the photos caused a minor stir on the Internet. It was a good venue for her because comic con has become kind of a big deal. It’s not just cause movie people hang around hyping their latest comic related projects, either. Pretty girls in fetish wear also have something to do with it.

comic con goes pussy riot?

Mandy showed up again this year as Marvel’s Black Cat. She’s still a part time super heroine while she’s waiting for the fashion design thing to take off. This year Mandy even got a chance to combat evil (& in true superheroine style), if not exactly fight crime. The evil in question was vulgar drooly creepiness in the form of a middle aged video corespondent and his crew. They picked Mandy out right away, cause she was dressed up as you see at the left. Now you gotta admit she’s a miss that’s hard to miss! Anyway the video correspondent got started right away with the borderline sex harassment questions like ‘what are your turn ons?’. He explained that repeated requests for spankings and questions about Miss Caruso’s cup size were only in good fun. However Miss Caruso pointed out that good fun is subjective and largely dependent on your perspective and his was staring down her cleavage. So she told the guy to fuck right off, and then took to her tumblr account to take it out & give account of the situation. She also put out a call for cosplayers to start acting more like real heroines instead of souped up super bimbos. Here’s what Miss Caruso had to say:

fighting evil with witty fiestiness & cups of wonder


At Comic Con today, I went as Black Cat. This is a shitty picture and there will be better ones of my whole costume coming up but I just want to say something.
Black Cat’s costume has a fair amount of cleavage (conservative compared to many other female comic characters but a good amount as far as what I’ve ever shown). I guess I was not surprised to have a couple men ask to pose with me and then do some doofy “WHOA LOOK AT THOSE KNOCKERS” poses. I just make a really ugly face when I see they’re doing it. One guy with the social graces of a lemur said to me “I was this close to wearing that same outfit. My breasts are large and supple and I think it would have been nice.” Nope. Stop talking.
But aside from guys being doofy and awkward (but clearly not foul-intentioned), I did have my first truly skeezy experience at Comic Con today.
And my first truly empowering moment as well.
This group of men from some kind of Stan Lee fan club blah blah internet video channel blah blah asked to interview with them on camera about Comic Con. I said well okay, sure. Camera is rolling. The “host” is a middle aged, rotund dude. It’s an all-male crew and lots of people (mostly guys) were beginning to crowd around. The following is the interview as burned in my mind. Keep in mind that I expected this to be about Comic Con in general.

  • Him: I’m here with…
  • Me: Mandy, aka Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat
  • Him: ..And she is HOT. Do you think I’m hot enough to pull that off?
  • Me: Uh, I’m not sure, I’ve never seen you in drag.
  • Him: I’ve got a great ass. Go on, spank me.
  • Me: (look at his large ass, popped up mere inches away from me then look into the camera like are you kidding me . No thanks. I may hurt you, I’m a lot stronger than I look.
  • Him: Aw come on!
  • Me: No, seriously. Stop.
  • Him: Damn, alright! Well let me ask you an important question then…what is your cup size?
  • Me: (big talk show smile) That is actually none of your fucking business.
  • Him: Oh! I think that means to say she’s a C. 
  • Me: I actually have no breasts at all, what you see is just all of the fat from my midsection pulled up to my chest and carefully held in place with this corset. It’s really uncomfortable, I don’t know why I do it.
  •  Him: (to the male crowd) Aw, come on what do you guys think? C cup? 
  • —a few males start to shout out cup sizes as I stand there looking at this guy like this has to be a fucking joke, then look at the crowd and see that no amount of witty banter or fiestiness will stop making this whole thing fucking dumb. It was clearly a ploy to single out cosplaying women to get them to talk sexual innuendos and flirt with this asshole and let him talk down to them simply because they were in costume and were attractive. Whether I’m in a skintight catsuit or not, I’m a fucking professional in everything I do and I don’t need to play nice for this idiot.
  • Me: This is not an interview, this is degrading. I’m done. (I walk away)
  • Him: (clearly dumbfounded and surprised) ..Come on, it’s all in good fun!
  • Me: Being degraded is fun? That was unprofessional and I hope that isn’t your day job because you can’t interview for shit, my man.

And the entire crew and the crowd were SILENT. NOTHING. SHOCK, HONEY. It felt like I was in a heated fog, full of rage and pride and I sashayed away feeling like the most badass motherfucker in the whole damn room, but kind of also on the verge of tears. A slow build of applause would have been appropriate, but from the looks on people’s faces, they were just completely not expecting me to do what I just did- which was really nothing more than speaking up for myself. It wasn’t something one should feel brave for doing but crazy for not doing when necessary.
It’s because many people at these cons expect women cosplaying as vixens (or even just wearing particularly flattering costumes) to be open/ welcoming to crude male commentary and lecherous ogling, like our presence comes with subtitles that say “I represent your fantasy thus you may treat me like a fantasy and not a human in a costume”. And maybe that will always be how the majority of people see us. But that does not mean we have to put up with shit that crosses the line, it does not mean we owe them a fantasy, it does not mean we dress up to have guys drooling over us and letting us know that we turn them on. It is not all about your dicks, gentlemen. So I encourage cosplaying women everywhere to be blunt and vocal with their rights, their personal boundaries, and their comfort level at conventions. I actually encourage girls to be brashly shameless about these things, to not be afraid to speak up if you feel uncomfortable and to let the person doing it know that they are crossing the line. Don’t keep quiet because you’re scared of what they might say or think- because if you say nothing they will continue to see what they’re doing as OK.

Comic Con has been way over due for an outbreak of genuine Comic Girl Superheroics!

comci con has been long overdue ofr an outburst of genuine super heroine heroics

This thing has kinda gone viral on Tumblr with 33,352  reblogs and notes so far. There’s gotta be more to it than Caruso’s Black Cat photo because many of the comments are from young women describing Caruso as a “real heroine“. So she must’ve hit a nerve or even struck a common chord. That must be because men with minimal social skills are getting carried away in the presence of  attractive young women in super fetish gear. It’s like the guys just don’t know where the line is drawn – so to speak. Now it helps to have some gently confusing comebacks to deflect creepiness, like “I can’t spank you because cosplayers are forbidden to by Comic Con management,. It’s a matter of legal liability. The last guy we spanked got seriously injured when his girlfriend walked up, caught us, & beat the shit out of him. Since then there’s been a strict no spanking policy“. It’ll take em a while to figure out if that’s on the level. However Caruso encourages cosplayers to be brashly shameless – not only in their choice of apparel, but in reminding people just when attention stops being cool and starts getting creepy. They just have to remember that you’re on display, not on the menu! That goes double when the dish has teeth enough to bite back!

It is comic con season in New York and the Big Apple is getting in the spirit of things. Only recently former MSNBC anchor Contessa Brewer ran into Subway Batman while she was out and about. So she made sure to get a picture of them together. Contessa looks a pretty as Lois Lane & Elementary looks like it’s on Thursday @ 10PM and only on CBS! Never let em tell ya that these ads don’t work!

former msnbc news anchor contessa brewer is as pretty as lois lane while meeting subway batman

Contessa ain’t the only one who has some superheroic moments (her highlight was penetrating Saddam Husein’s cubby hole for NBC during one of the Gulf Wars, either the original or the sequel – God help us if there’s a prequel!). Kim Kardashian has had a comic related costume every Halloween (72 day bride in a divorce proceeding was her most bizarre Halloween role). She’s been Wonder Woman & Poison Ivy among others. Well All Hallow’s is around the corner and Kim is already trying out her super gear. This year Wonder Woman nemesis Cheetah seems to have made the short list. Here’s Kim in her erotica villainess outfit!

Katty Kardashian dressed to kill – but is she trick or treat?

kim kardashian gets catty for halloween by trying a costume on for size

Pattinstew makes a Comic Con Comeback!

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were the biggest celebrity super couple going. Then they split. DC Comics announced shortly after that they were pairing Superman and Wonder Woman. Perhaps they were trying to lift people’s spirits by giving them something to fill the void. Never underestimate the power of superheroes – or of Comic Con either. The San Diego Comic Con was a big enough deal to get Pattinson and Stewart out in public together,  where they promoted their Twilight Breaking Up Breaking Dawn Part 2 movie. So you know that this whole comic thing is big. BTW how many people will be going out as Bella and or Edward this Halloween?

Robert PAttinsons and kristen Stewart maske a reunion appearance at san diego comic con

Celebrity, like superheroism,  is a Halloween State of Mind

Kim looks good enough to campaign for PETA, that is if they hadn’t nailed her with a bag of flour at some public event. That had one of her sisters – I forget which but her name starts with K, saying that PETA, whom she once proudly supported, was now dead to her. So the Kardashian Sister will either have to find new worthwhile causes to support, or continue with their life of crime. Which ever route she chooses she picked the right time to debut her costume, cause Halloween is the holiday that brings out the cartoon hero in celebrities who spent the rest of the year waiting at the autograph booth & hiding behind their thinly disguised and easily recognizable secret identities!

wondertrash is the blog that's edgy and fun

BTW as previously mentioned Mandy Caruso is a fashion designer, when she’s not in costume and battling creeps. Here’s a look at some of her work which has been described as “edgy & fun“, just like the young lady who created them!

 Drawing inspiration from visual and metaphorical juxtaposition, her thoughtful selection of fabric, materials and technique make for a designer to keep an eye on. Her latest collection is a fusion of classic tailored women’s wear with handmade intricacies that are imaginative, to say the least, but the mastery of the often painstaking details, unorthodox as they can be, is all part of Mandy’s charming edge.

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Rob Pattinson Dating Sienna Miller’s Sister, Savannah

Despite reports that Robert Pattinson is back with Kristen Stewart, a new report suggest that he’s dating a mystery girl. Rob was spotted at Electric room in NYC with his new girl which is rumored to be Sienna Miller‘s sister.

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Adriana Lima opens VC in Puerto Rico

It’s Adriana Lima, more of the gal you just can’t get enough of, & this time in orange! Adriana posted this one on a facebook page. Adriana says: At a Puerto Rico store opening for Victoria’s Secret. I love my fans!

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Robert Pattinson makes new friends

Robert Pattinson has been making new friends ever since Kristen Stewart shocked the world & the Twilight Fandom Netherverse by cheating on him with her Snow White director Rupert Saunders. You’ll recall that Kristy was photoed making out with Saunders and then had to do a public mea culpe. Fans were more furious than democrats following the last presidential debate. It looked like Spiltsville with an option on heartbreak hotel as the U Haul lugged Stewart’s shit out of Pattinson’s home, and Stewie took his dog Bear hostage.

Stewie & Patzy patched it up, in time for the Twilight Breaking Up Part 2 promotional tour. So that had the fanverse split. Half figured that this was some PR spin move for the sake of the movie, and protecting Kristen Stewart’s fan base – an important movie industry asset. The other half wonder when Pattinson was gonna buy the ring and the pair would start popping out their brood of dark spawn. The latter were the ones who never stopped believing in Santa Claus, they just thought he grew fangs as they got older.

Rob, 26, was seen at New York City’s Electric Room with the sexy unidentified blonde at 3 a.m. on October 6. His arm was draped around her, and it totally looked like he was getting flirty!

Well it looks like the other shoe has finally dropped. Patzy was spotted out and about recently. He was busy nuzzling up with some mystery girl too. From the fuzzy pictures that are making the rounds we can’t actually be sure of who he’s with – maybe it’s not really a chick. One thing we can be relatively sure about is that it ain’t the love of his life, Vampira. This one’s a blondie.

Now steady on Twilight fans cause this might not be what it seems. Perhaps Patzy got a little peckish and was drawing some blood from a victim’s neck!

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Amanda Bynes Updates & Timeline

Debbie Harry looks like a girl half her age.

It’s good news bad news for 80’s rocker Debbie Harry. The good news is that she looks like a woman half her age. The bad news is that the woman is Lindsay Lohan! Harry was leaving the Mercer Hotel Sunday morning when she attracted the paps’ attention. Thay gathered around and started snapping under the misapprehension that she was Lindsay Lohan – who’d just done Saturday Night Live. Here are the ladies together – let’s see if you can tell the difference.

To be fair to Lindz, Harry may have had almost as much botox.

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