The Illuminati Card Game & Stem Cell Transhumanism!

Remember that Illuminati card game that came out in the early 90’s and supposedly predicted the World Trade Center bombing? It got a lot of talk on the conspiracy radio show circuit among people who thought that it was some kind of predictive programing mind control tactic. Well here’s a glimpse at some of those little cards from the Infowars forum site, in the Gary Bell/View From Space thread.

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BTW Jones is very well informed. He’s just referenced Aubrey de Grey – the trans-humanist, on the show. Not many have heard of Grey but he’s the guy who’s seriously into Trans-humanism, which is the buzz word of life extension, or vice verse.

Transhumanisn is a major part of the Illuminati agenda, since they think they’re gonna live for 100’s of years, with Biblical pre flood life spans, after they get rid of the rest of us. this is why stem cell research is being hyped up. It’s supposed to be the key to DNA renewal that will allow the kind of cellular regeneration odometer role back that will allow aging reptilians to go from 80 years back to 25, then live and extra 300 years or so – just like Zardoz!

The idea is: your body cellularly regenerates every 7 years. Every cell gets broken down and replaced. So your body is a little like George Washington’s ax. The joke being that the guy goes into a museum, curator says “This is Washington’s original ax, with which he chopped down the cherry tree. The handle has been replaced 7 times and the blade 5 but it’s still the same ax!”

Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence SENSThe down side of the process is that the DNA degrades each time it get’s copied. Just like when you try to photocopy a photocopy. By the 3rd or 4th generation the image becomes a blur. In fact science has determined that human life span can’t go much past 120 years at most. The DNA just starts dissolving! This “replication decay” also posed a problem, with Illuminati cloning techniques – until the discovery of stem cells!

The question was “If DNA breaks down through copying then why doesn’t this happen in populations, through sexual reproduction?” For years people believed it did and that people were naturally more degenerate then their parents and grand parents. It’s the Hesiod and the Iron Age sort of thing. Eventually the race would go down hill.

The catch there was that the women carried the original seed cells. At birth a woman already has as many eggs as she ever will. By adulthood that’s 416, after some spoilage. She can’t produce more, like a man. The male however carries a kind of “second rate” DNA in his sperm. While he can keep popping put more sperm, it’s not the premium building material. It’s just the mortar between the bricks.

The ‘seed cells’ are the original copying template, & women are the seed carriers. That’s why all races from Jews to Vedic Indians have have been matrilineal. Women determined race & caste. They were the seed bearers and as long as your breeding base of women were intact your tribal group survived. Men were ‘expendable’, and so were allowed to go off on risky heroic exploits like war. Women were to valuable to their racial tribal group to risk. “Women and children first” as the saying goes.

That brings us to the stem cells. The stem cells are most directly derived from these original seeds (the seed cells form the DNA template from which everything else gets copied in cell division). So they contain the prime DNA, not the kind that rapidly breaks down. So you can use these magic seeds to make premium clones that don’t contain the usual coding defects or start falling apart after 7 years.

It also means that if you have your own stem cells you can theoretically reinforce your own DNA – sort of like overwriting decayed code with the original pattern. as long as you have good stem cells you can regenerate to your prime and keep rolling back the odometer. There’s no decay problem since you can keep over writing broken down code with the fresh source material! Theoretically a person could live a Biblical 1000 year life span, and stay youthful & healthy for most of it. 400 year olds might look like 30 year olds!

So the Illuminati have been hungry to push the stem cell thing. The problem being that they want to keep the benefits for themselves – among the elite. They don’t want us cattle benefiting. So the whole thing has to be brought along carefully, and not to fast. So much of this research is slow, and down out side of North America. That keeps the break troughs under wraps. Plus it allows some risky research to get done on 3rd worlders that might not be gotten away with here in North America. Then when the whole genetic witches’ brew is done, the Elite will be ready to live as virtual immortals in a depopulated new world. That’s the deal on transhumanism!

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