Jordan Maxwell & the Matrix

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Is the Bible predicated on a conspiracy? Is the CIA a Vatican front ( ex Agency spook William F Buckley was a Knight of Malta)? Has the Democratic Party been taking orders from Moscow (not lately, but you know what I mean), and are the Republicans a pack of Nazis? Does democracy has it’s flaws, like it’s tendency to put thieves, liars, sex fiends, drunks, drug addicts, and other degenerates in positions of power? You probably haven’t confronted these questions seriously, because you’re busy finding people to tell you what you want to hear, when you’re not obsessed with sports and game shows. The truth just doesn’t pay.

Is he shooting shit? A better question might be “who’s his target?”

One guy who has found a way to make a living out of it, or at least out of confronting these pressing questions – plus the whole Freemasonry mess, if Jordan Maxwell! Jordan not only has some violent torpedoes of truth armed and ready for launch at the drop of a hat, but once you get him started he’s good for a couple of hours of air time. That’s good because he covers shit that George Noory is too gutless to touch with a ten foot extra terrestrial anal probe. So if your sick of Coast to Coast AM’s latest 8 parter on coral castle, flick on the widget below and get a dose of something trippy and mind blowing! He’ll blow the whistle on what the Bible’s hiding, what those Illuminato reptilians (like those nasty Brit Royals who as a group – called the Firm – make the mafia look like the Vienna Boys Choir!) are up, plus what the fuck is wrong with you too! Jordan doesn’t pull any punches, because he knows that you can take it!
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Jordan Maxwell: Is he in on it or what?

Is Jordan in on it? Well he has spent some time lying in coffins while ancient Egyptians prayers were chanted over him! That sort of thing happens at Skull & Bones, and at Shriners’ meetings, on an almost daily basis; but what happens in Egypt stays in Egypt. He is pretty shameless about admitting to his heathen antics though!

Megan Fox is a conspiracy victim!

Speaking of the Egyptian Mystery religion connection it might interest you to know that Megan Fox ran a foul of Hollywood sorcerer Michael Bay during Transformers 2, while filming in Egypt. Micky made a big deal out of getting the cast and crew to visit the Great Pyramids. Probably to open their minds in preparation for some Illuminati initiation ritual. Lazy smutty Meggers made some disparaging remarks about the whole pyramid junket, basically because she wanted to soak her ass in bed for the day. Anyway Michael didn’t take her lack of enthusiasm kindly, and it was down hill for her from there. The whole feud. and the rumours of her meth amphetamine use, were merely the cover story for getting rid of her! So it was bye bye Foxy!

Film reviewing for the paranoid – there’s no people like star people

The thing is if you analysis Bay’s Transformers flicks with a critical, or paranoid, eye, then you see the ‘spiritual’ under current to the films. Good and bad star people, who have been on the planet lying dormant for millennia, fight for control of the human race. Substitute fallen angels, nephelim, or watchers, for homicidal robots; and you get the picture.

Has the Matrix corrupted your mind? If you said “no” then the answer is “yes”!

This puts Transformers in the same category with other Illuminati propaganda films like Star Wars, anything Steven Spielberg has ever done, and more recently The Matrix Trilogy. The Matrix was complete Freemasonry propaganda. Neo is an anagram for One; but of course you figured that much out on your own already. The flicks are full of other pseudo spiritual references too. Carrie Ann Moss is called Trinity – which is a word with strong spiritual connotations. Neo’s mentor is Morpheus, the name of the Greek God of dreams. The ships is called the Nebuchadnezzar – which is an Old Testament reference very meaningful to the Illuminated ones. More to the point Neo becomes a pawn in a power struggle between an archetypal male called The Architect (This is a Freemason reference since their god is depicted as a celestial architect – hence the importance of Hiram and the temple builders in their cult) and an archetypal female, called the Oracle.

A nice little system with a huge basic flaw – a battle of the hexes

This goes back to the age old war between the sun and the moon. All early calendars were moon based, because they were used for agriculture and the moon was a good guide to planting. So calendars had 13 months; as lunar calendars still do. As time measurement became more abstract, and as astrology played a more important role; the calendars became solar. They had 12 moths to coincide with the 12 zodiacal signs. This divided up neatly into quaternities of earth air fire and water; and into trinities of cardinal fixed and mutable. It was a nice balanced system with one flaws. It didn’t sync with the moon calendar of 3 months. That’s why the local witches flipped the fuck out when that talk about a 13th sign came up a little while back.

When you’re at the top everyday is Friday the 13th

For thousands of years the powers that be drove themselves to madness trying to revise the calendars, but couldn’t make sun time and moon time match up. This is referred to in the Matrix as the mathematical remainder that Neo’s sacrificial death has to balance out, by rebooting the whole system. It’s the Architect who brings this up, while the Oracle speaks chidingly of the Architects need for mathematical certain, and inability to put up with the messier aspects of life. The feminine exults in those messy aspects, which can be hard to put up with when the take the form of floods and tidal waves. Yet everyone is sympathetic in theory, because the feminine is also about sex. That’s what she sells, and that why she’s put up with; because almost no one is against that! You gotta take the good with the bad; especially when the good is few and far between!

Hollywood takes on the calendar problem

Anyhow after a few cycles of time this cosmic dissonance builds up and has to be rebalanced, by starting over from a reset point. That’s what the Matrix was about. So the trilogy ends with the matrix renewed after Neo dies his death laid out spread eagle suggestive of Christ on the cross. That’s after his show down with Agent Smith, who becomes a ‘legion’ in the final conflict. Apart from those obvious religious references, Smith is once again a ‘builder’ or Mason reference. As the program that freed himself from control and went rogue, he’s clearly the devil in the piece; and so Neo’s arch enemy.

Where there’s smoke there’s mirrors – it’s a trick, what ever “it” is!

The point is that these cult believes worm their way into movies on a regular basis. Presenting it in disguised form is a way to get you to accept the ideas, without you’re knowing exactly what you’re accepting. It becomes a subliminal reference, in a “it’s like that film” sort of way. Of course if you knew you might be sales resistant. It’s very important for those so called Illuminati to keep you in the dark in order to go on enlightening you! So if you hear about some one having religious awakenings in Egyptian coffins, be wary! You might want to cut down on you movie viewing, too. Those guys have been into strange shit since before Charles Manson! In a war for your heart and mind the best defense is being a non combatant! If you don’t buy into it then you won’t be disappointed by getting turned down for a refund.

Hollywood’s War on God

Does Hollywood have an occult agenda? Well Hollywood has always maintained that regular folk want to see sex & violence, instead of stuff about Jesus – so that just what they give them. Then mel Gibson came along with his Passion of the Christ, and it became a world wide hit. Though it made a ton at the box office Hollywood didn’t start pumping out movies about St Francis or Mother Theresa. They went right on making movies about vampires and serial killers. Mel gibson did eventually get into shit. Mel had backed the Passion with his own money and his own reputation, and pulled it off. I guess he won’t be doing that gain anytime soon.

Now here’s a little something on Hollywood’s War On God.

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