Show it off, take it off, take it too far

Two much, too far

A few years ago Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt could have laid claim to the dubious distinction of being America‘s most irritating celebrities. Then they went away for awhile. Now they’re back with a vengeance, pissing of the Brits they way they once did their own country men. So what has brought them back from obscurity? Believe it or not the Mayan calendar!

According to the Daily Dish on SFGate the Pratt Montags were once worth $10 million dollars. Then the spent the lot, blowing their whole wad, because they were afraid that the world would come to and end. According to Spence in Britain’s OK MagazineWe made and spent at least 10 million dollars. The thing is, we heard that the planet was going to end in 2012. We thought, we have got to spend this money before the asteroid hits. “Pratt adds, “I would give my friends $15,000 for their birthday. Just cash. I would buy people cars. Every valet I met got a couple of hundred pounds tip. I would pay people $200 just to open doors for us.” So now they’re out there again trying to hustle up another fortune. Remember that $10 mill is their ‘going away’ price. In the meantime they’ll still be hitting our collective attention like an asteroid.

Heidi & Spencer are like some couple that won a lottery in which the 1st prize is fame. That might’ve even been the premise of a reality TV show back a few years ago, during their hey day. That was when normal person were pulled out in front of the camera’s for the amusement of people like themselves.

  Showing it off – Fair Olivia Vanity Wilde

Montag Pratt ain’t the only ones you’ll be seeing more of. Olivia Wilde is about to get revealing. Wilde is going to be doing something with Vanity Fair – probably and interview that’s and set up for a photo shoot. Anyway there are photos cause it is Olivia Wilde and people like seeing more of her.

This issue is gonna be some kind of Hollywood tribute. That’s one of those things big name mags do from time to time to ensure a list participation. This one will feature the photography of Bruce Weber and includes Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, etc. Incidentally Olivia is doing Bruce Wondertstone with Steve Carrell in which she plays the magicians assistant. No word on her wardrobe for that.

Taking it off & taking liberties

Seems like you can never get enough exposure  Take Liberty Ross for instance. She was some kind of hi powered fashion model or something. That means she’s accustomed to baring the bod for fame and fortune. Then she got married.  That was to Rupert Saunders. Now he’s some kind of hi powered director or something. I think that’s how he got to meat meet  Kristen Stewart on Snow White And The Huntsman. They got along pretty for while.Then the relationship mead to tabloid scandal. Then we got to hear even more about Liberty Ross.

Now it’s time for the next chapter in “Taking Liberties“. She’s leaving Rupert. She may or may not have a tell all book planned. She’s also gonna be posing nude for Britain’s Love Magazine, for their “Clean” issue released on Feb 4. Liberty gives an interview about her recent life events “It is very intense,” she tells the magazine. “I feel like recently I am finding out who I am“, but she doesn’t regret anything. As said she also takes her clothes off.

Celebrities thrive on revealing themselves. They’re exhibitionists in a voyeur world. You might find it challenging to stay as interested in them as many of them are in themselves. In some case, like such as the Pratt Montags, you might wish they’d give us a little break now and then. However remember that deep down you love it and can’t get enough! No one forces you to look, and if you didn’t wanna see you wouldn’t. So sit back, relax, and let yourself off easy – the world is your peep show!

Wondertrash never shows you anything you weren’t looking for!
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Mila Kunis with a mouthful

Mila “Mouthful” Kunis

To make it in Hollywood you’ve got to have some extraordinary talents, & Olivia Wilde ain’t the only one who’s got ’em. This pic recently turned up over at political blog Zaiusnation – where some apes are more equal than others but it’s monkey business all the time. It’s a picture of the fair Mila Kunis showing exactly what her mouth is capable of!

Her tongue ain’t the only thing in her cheek!

Wowzers! That yap exceeds the occupancy limits of most elevators! Now that’s two steamy ones in a row, which just goes to show that here at mocksure we can be subtle too – for instance “mocksure” also spells “suck more”!

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Olivia Wilde goes chick on chick in new flick

Don’t worry – it’s real subtle.

Remember those old signs that used to read “FUCK! Good now that I’ve got you attention…“. Now I’m not saying the teaser is like one of those because you can see that for yourself. So I’ll just say “pay attention” & see how wild Olivia is in the following short teaser!

I guess that’s what you call the ‘hard sell’, or at least ‘totally in your face’.

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