Pam Anderson Nip Slip on Ice!

Pamela Anderson‘s on ice nipple slip!

Former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson recently got booted off of reality TV series Dancing on Ice – despite the fact that her nipple got a public airing during the episode. Let’s have a peep at that –

Now Pam did pretty good in an earlier performance on the show. She scored 18.5 out of 40 which was respectable, and even impressive for a gal not used to skating. Or as Judge Robin Cousins told her: “Every crossover you did was correct, it was natural and not forced at all. It was beautiful.

However things took a turn for the worse during her second outing. That’s when Pam had an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. That seemed to throw her off. Or as Pam put it – “I wobbled because my dress fell off!” “Well, you know. I feel sad, but it was really fun and now I know how to skate a little bit. I feel so bad – I just stumbled in my dress, my boobs fell out. It happens!” The result is that she blew the performance and got booted off the show.

So remember that in entertainment it’s not just performance that matters – wardrobe counts too! That goes double when you’re trying to contain your enthusiasm!

Now let’s have a look at Pam’s routine with nipple slip up.

Bad news is Pammie got booted. Good news is she’ll probably be invited back!

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Pamela Anderson Answers Extra Questions

In the following short video clip Pamela Anderson answers such questions as “What’s the most difficult part of Dancing With the Stars” – probably dancing without a stripper pole. Working with Kate Gosselin might have been a more honest answer, but cash strapped Pammy may not feel like making enemies right now. In fact Pam likes everyone right now – she even thinks that Tiger Woods is great. Lets have a closer look at Pam as she ducks the questions and dodges the bullets.

She doesn’t exactly dish the dirt. When you’re $1 million in the hole you have to stay on everybody’s good side. In Hollywood friends are what you try to make when you can’t make money.

Update: Some good news on the Pamela Anderson front. Current estimates have her debt reduced to a mere $500 000! Dancing With the Stars must be paying off, not to mention dropping her drawers and flashing her boobs at Richie Rich fashion events. At this rate Pammy will soon be able to afford more plastic surgery, although it’s hard to imagine Pam any more plastic than she already is. I hear that her dancing with the stars partner had some concerns about whether or not Pammy might come deflated during their on air performances!


Pole Dance Pam

Top heavy and over the hill

Pamela Anderson is facing some stiff competition in Dancing With the Stars. She’s up against Erin Peephole Andrews and one of America’s most formidable uteri Kate Gosselin. Olympian Apolo Ohno has also said that he thinks she’s too top heavy to stand much of a chance. Plus Pam’s no spring chicken anymore. She’s 40 years old (although she could easily pass for 50!). So what can Pam do to give herself an edge? Well maybe something involving a stripper pole would help.

To give Pam a break she doesn’t have to be that good. Most people will only be tuning in for the inevitable wardrobe malfunction.

pole dance pam

pole dance pam

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