Celebrity tweet of the day – Paris Hilton

something romantic, something pedantic

No one has ever accused Paris Hilton of being a ‘rock scientist’, except for the befuddled Tara Reid. Tara might not even know what she means by a ‘rock scientist’. Ms. Hilton’s mistake is more mundane (and one that any blogger might have made). Paris makes a fairly basic grammatical error in the following tweet. Can you spot it?

That’s right, Paris uses the plural for ‘families’, instead of the possessive – ‘my family’s house’. Then again in Tinseltown it’s hard enough knowing who your friends are, let alone your family! More to the point it’s hard to know who you are in Follywood.


Paris Hilton Reveals Beauty Secrets

Just when you thought that there was nothing left to reveal about Paris Hilton, here she is to share her special health & beauty secrets!


Paris Does Push Ups

By push ups I don’t mean the exercise. We know that Paris Hilton never bothers with that, and instead relies on a high octane combo of booze, pills, and round the clock partying to maintain her ‘too rich & too thin’ figure (that’s a recipe that only needs a fuse, as in the case of Lindsay Lohan; or a match, in the case of Amy Winehouse). In this case push ups refers to the kind of bra that makes Paris look like she’s experienced a recent growth spurt. Now this is giving Paris the benefit of the doubt when she says that it’s a bra and it’s for her boyfriend Doug Reinhardt. You could be forgiven if you jumped to the conclusion that she had something done, like Carrie Prejean. Carpe squeeze’em!

her cups runneth over


Paris gets egged

So is there some kind of crime wave in Hollywood in which celebs are the victims? First Lindsay Lohan gets burgled. Police are still looking out of a person of interest who showed up on CCTV. Michael Lohan swears that it wasn’t him either (Now that statement is technically untrue so i should clarify for the sake of liability – Michael Lohan has not denied it was him, he has only said he intends to find the guy responsible, and that the guy ‘has problems’. ). Now Paris Hilton’s blue bentley gets egged up!

Seems that some calls were made to the cops about some out of hand party at the residence of Paris and boyfriend Doug Reinhardt. It was the usual complaints of loud noise. When there was no satisfaction forth coming some one took matters into their own hands and egged up and bunch of vehicles including the Bentley.
Now Paris swears that there was none of the usual hi jinks at her pad. Supposedly Doug was spending a quiet evening playing poker with some buddies. There was no loud music cause the stereo wasn’t hooked up. So the egging couldn’t be the reprisal of irate neighbors. Paris thinks that it’s probably the horde of paparazzi that followed her and Doug home from the restaurant they were at earlier – Koi (so I guess that the D List ain’t meeting at Beso anymore. Sorry Eva, but I hear that your joint has got problems). It’s an interesting theory. The paps were bound to be looking for revenge after their egging at the hands of Lindsay Lohan following her Samantha Ronson ‘break’. Then again some anti celebrity vigilantism – aside from internet blogging – was bound to happen sooner or later. My only question is “what took so long?”

Paris Hilton on swine flu

Paris Hilton & Doug Reinhardt take it to the next level

Paris finds a sperm donor, now looking for a home

Things are getting serious between Paris Hilton and her new boyfriend Doug Rinhardt. Word has it that the couple are looking for new digs so that they can move in together! What’s more the couple are talking seriously about starting a family together. Apparently Paris is intent on having some kids. She had picked out the twin brother of ex BF Nicole Richie, Benjie Madden, to plow her field for her, but that didn’t work out. The couple split leaving Paris disappointed and making some comments about not being able to trust men. It also left Benji quickly rebounding onto other gals without missing a beat. Lets hope things work out this time. PH ain’t as bad as she pretends!

Top Celebrity Earners

Here’s a list of how the rich, famous, and crypto human did last year:

$3.3 billion – Barbie, 50 – Doll
$125 million – Tyler Perry, 39 – Actor/director
$110 million -Tiger Woods, 33 – Pro golfer
$82 million – Jay-Z, 39 – Rapper
$80 million – Beyoncé, 27 – Singer
$38 million – Rush Limbaugh, 58 – […]
As you can see no one did better than prototypical celebrity Barbie. Then again Barbie enjoys an advantage over her competitors by being 100% plastic. So no wonder that the rich and famous go to great lengths to make them selves resemble her, by way of awful plastic surgery. Life in plastic is fantastic, so do you have what it takes for the ultimate betrayal of your humanity? Mediocrity isn’t just handed to you; you have to want it! the key is in the marketing!
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