Paris Hilton on swine flu

Paris Hilton & Doug Reinhardt take it to the next level

Paris finds a sperm donor, now looking for a home

Things are getting serious between Paris Hilton and her new boyfriend Doug Rinhardt. Word has it that the couple are looking for new digs so that they can move in together! What’s more the couple are talking seriously about starting a family together. Apparently Paris is intent on having some kids. She had picked out the twin brother of ex BF Nicole Richie, Benjie Madden, to plow her field for her, but that didn’t work out. The couple split leaving Paris disappointed and making some comments about not being able to trust men. It also left Benji quickly rebounding onto other gals without missing a beat. Lets hope things work out this time. PH ain’t as bad as she pretends!

Top Celebrity Earners

Here’s a list of how the rich, famous, and crypto human did last year:

$3.3 billion – Barbie, 50 – Doll
$125 million – Tyler Perry, 39 – Actor/director
$110 million -Tiger Woods, 33 – Pro golfer
$82 million – Jay-Z, 39 – Rapper
$80 million – Beyoncé, 27 – Singer
$38 million – Rush Limbaugh, 58 – […]
As you can see no one did better than prototypical celebrity Barbie. Then again Barbie enjoys an advantage over her competitors by being 100% plastic. So no wonder that the rich and famous go to great lengths to make them selves resemble her, by way of awful plastic surgery. Life in plastic is fantastic, so do you have what it takes for the ultimate betrayal of your humanity? Mediocrity isn’t just handed to you; you have to want it! the key is in the marketing!
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