American Culture & the 1970’s – Yeah baby!

Ever been tempted to start a 70’s style retro pop band called “The Pet Rocks?”

Of course a real 70’s “retro” band would probably be called something like “Yeah Baby“. So the campy fun would get lost in slick parody! That would make it more of a 90’s indie grunge alternative kind of retro. The 90’s was what happened when you were a kid in the 70’s & then the 80’s got in the way.

Johnny Fever & the Retro Rockets!

That leads to the question – “Anyone remember the 70’s?” That’s when pop culture as we know it became more pop than culture! Mary Richards made the cover of time, and when Rhoda married Joe it was the wedding of the decade. Chicks from that era will still talk about crying when the characters in the Mary Tyler Moore spin off broke up! Still it was good fun. So fire your retro rockets & take a look back now at an age of bell bottom trousers, mood rings, & pet rocks with the following documentary!

Attention kids because 80% of The Simpson’s references come from this shit!

So keep reading the old new Wondertrash for more new old pop culture clutter!

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