Celebrity nudity – Shia LaBeouf!

Since Megan Fox is preggers lets take a look at what she might have had!

Now from Modest Mouse to Fraidy Cat – it’s a real tabloid story & you can get the full details over @ Calvin’s Cave of Cool!

Check the tongue in cheek!

Yes you did read that right – “Agoraphobic cat refuse to leave futuristic egg house”. In the old days they’d get stuck up trees and refuse to come down, so this one is a new twist! Cal also has something breaking on pizza now being delivered by drone helicopters, but that maybe something he picked up off of Colbert, so it could be tongue in cheek.

So keeping checking in the Trash, where there are wonders to behold!

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Jennifer Aniston: "I Will Be Married By The End Of The Year"

Jennifer Aniston has a good feeling about this year! You know it’s serious when they adopt a dog – a dog is a practice child the way a girlfriend or boyfriend is a practice spouse! It’s important to keep relationships in the proper context! So for those who say people take animals more seriously than children – take that! A child practically is a dog, once removed.

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Bitch Kate Beckinsale Gone To The Dogs

She & Heather Mills Should Meet!

Kate Beckinale is in shit but she ain’t smelling like a rose. Seems Kate was out and about in the LA recently and decided to get her hair done. It pay’s for and actress to look her best when she’s pushing 40. So she went in for an extended over haul. Nothing wrong there. The problem is that she had her pet pooch along for the ride and left the critter locked in the car with the windows up and no water while she was getting herself pretified!

Since LA is thick with PETAns (there are so many animal lovers down there that there isn’t room to swing a cat!), Kate is finding herself in the dog house. To make matters worse on a previous occasion Kate was photoed taking her new little friend out for a walk. If the pic was any indication Beckinsale was having some trouble figuring out how the leash worked. That left the hapless animal dangling like a condemned man on a hangman’s noose while excited paparazzi captured the scene.
Nor are these the only animal related atrocities Ms Beckinsale has been involved it. She regaled late night TV audiences a year or so back with a tale of how she accidentally set a cat on fire while preparing for an awards banquet. Between the smell of burning cat fur and her half dozen ‘gay assistants’ trying to out the fire out Kate thought it was a scream.
Now an image can only withstand so much of that kind of damage no matter how pretty and savvy you are. So it might be time for Kate to consider some spin doctoring in the way of professional image management. A big glossy spread in Vanity Fair (remember when that used to be readable?) of her embracing various endangered species might do the trick. Then again any species around Beckinsale tends to get endangered. Maybe something with her hugging a tree would be safer?

Kate Beckinsale walks the dog yo yo style


Joe Namath’s Dog On Trial


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Kate Beckinsale Dog Abuser

Underworld actress reptilian nature exposed!

Celebrities are usually pretty good at faking personality but every once in awhile their lack of normal human emotion shows through. Sometimes it’s even caught on camera!

Kate gets the hang of walking the dog

That’s a dog, not a yoyo (In fact I believe it’s a shih tzu!). This woman is clearly as evil as Michael Vick! What’s not shown in the picture is that a few moments after hoisting the dog up by the leash she uses it to beat a baby seal!

Walk the Dog Yo-Yo Trick

This dog won’t hunt or need a license, but it will perform plenty of yo-yo tricks. At the end of the Walk the Dog trick, give a whistle and “call” your doggie home.

Step 1: To take your “doggie” for a walk, start by throwing a fast Sleeper.

Walk the Dog yo-yo trick steps 1 and 2.
Throw a fast Sleeper and let the spinning
motion pull the yo-yo along the ground.

Step 2:
Swing the yo-yo slightly forward and set it lightly on the ground. Let its spinning motion gently pull it along the ground. The yo-yo may snap back to your hand, but keep trying.

Walk the Dog yo-yo trick step 3.
While the yo-yo is still spinning, give it
a slight tug to bring “doggie” home.

Step 3: Before the yo-yo stops spinning, give a slight tug, and the “doggie” will return to your hand.

Be careful not to perform this trick on concrete surfaces, such as a sidewalk or a driveway. The rough surface can seriously damage the edge of your yo-yo. The best surface for this trick is a firm rug or carpet.

In the next section, you’ll build on the tricks you’ve learned so far. Ready to take a trip Around the World?


Jessica Simpson is in a dog fog!

Jessica Simpson has recently suffered a bereavement. Now I’m not talking about getting dumped by Tony Romo at an IHOP 2 hours from anywhere. This has to do with her beloved pet Maltese/’multi poo’ Daisy. Jessica recently tweeted that the pooch had been snatched away from under her eyes by a coyote. Jess then proceeded to post “missing” posters around her neighborhood. People wondered exactly what the girl with the (alleged) 160 IQ could be thinking. It’s not as if the coyote was holding Daisy for ransom. Now in fairness to Jess she didn’t offer a reward or anything, but she did post an email address. I guess she assumes that everyone in online now. If the road runner cartons are any indication, coyotes can be very tech savvy!

Well now it turns out that there’s more to the story. Seems that Daisy went missing while Jess was away for a week filming her reality TV show. Daisy was in the care of her mom Tina when things went wrong. According to the new official story Tina was minding the dog, and her own, out in her yard. Daisy spotted a squirrel and was off like a shot, around the back of the house and up the hill. Suddenly, and without warning, a dastardly varmint pops out from behind a tree and carries the hapless pooch away. So Daisy’s had one more dinner date then Jess has recently. The news just doesn’t get better for her does it? Jess nobly took the blame to spare her mother from taking the heat.

It was the least Jess could do. Her mother did spare Jess by keeping the news quiet until Jess got home. She didn’t want Jess to have a meltdown on the set (she is the family’s No 1 money maker). Meltdown is exactly what Jess did have when she got home and found out – she collapsed. So mom’s fears were justified. At least this hasn’t come to a 5150 hold!

Now some people may wonder why the family didn’t break it to her gently, since they had already taken the trouble of concealing the news for a week. Give them some credit. At least they didn’t concoct some sit com type scheme, and replace the dog with a look alike substitute. You can just imagine how that might’ve gone down. “Jessica, you know how things seems strange and unfamiliar when you’ve been away for a while – and on an unrelated note here’s your beloved pet dog Daisy!” The world doesn’t need Jessica Simpson tweeting about her dog being an impostor while gossip columnists speculate about whether she’s developing the cutest case of paranoid schizophrenia ever! On the other hand, if she can’t tell the difference between chicken and tuna, what are the chances that she would’ve caught on?

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