Phil Spector Faces the Music

Legendary Wall of Sound producer Phil Spector has been found guilty of 2nd degree murder in the Lana Clarkson killing. Clarkson died of a fatal gun shot wound to the head after hooking up with Spector for the evening. She was found in the foyer of his palatial home.

During the investigation it emerged that Spector had a well known ‘gun fetish’. In fact he had a well known history of sticking loaded weapon into women’s bodily orifices. Witness after witness was produced to cooberate this. This was even written up in Vanity Fair by Dominick Dunne, & went unchallenged (though Dunne seemed pretty nervous when Spector was acquitted the 1st time round).

The first trial burned through Spector’s war chest as he hired a hire powered legal dream team including former John Gotti mob lawyer Bruce Culter. Culter didn’t hit it off with the rest of the team – West Coasters mostly, and so earned his substantial fees by sitting on his behind for much of the trial. When it was over Spector was seriously in the hole, with triple mortgages out on his home. I guess that this time around he couldn’t afford the same level of defense. Money just don’t buy what it used to in America.

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